14 Types of Surveys to Grow Your Business (+Examples)

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Are you looking for different types of surveys to use on your website to boost growth?

Using different types of surveys on your WordPress site can be a simple and effective way to get more leads, grow your business online, and increase your website income.

Types of Surveys to Grow Your Business

1. Job Satisfaction Survey

A job satisfaction survey is a great way to see if your employees are happy with their working environment.

You can let your team know in a meeting you’re sending these out, and hopefully get lots of people completing them (especially if you let people know they are anonymous).

employee satisfaction survey

Once you have an idea of how happy people are with their jobs, you can use their feedback to improve the atmosphere. Take a look at what scored low on the employee satisfaction survey and work on improving those things first.

2. Brand Awareness Survey

Does it feel like you’re spending a ton of time and money on your marketing efforts but you can’t really tell if they’re working? A great survey type to try on your website is a brand awareness survey.

brand awareness survey type

By conducting a brand awareness survey, you can find unknown associations people have with your brand. This can sometimes lead to new business opportunities for you!

You can also take the opportunity to ask about your logo and other branding pieces like your website’s look.

3. Matrix Question Survey

A matrix question survey is a type of survey that can help gather information with closed-ended questions. It uses columns and rows like this:

Multiple matrix question answers

Also, you can ask your visitors to rate different aspects of the customer service you provide on a scale from ‘Very Satisfied’ to ‘Very Dissatisfied’.

Check out these examples of great customer surveys to get some inspiration.

4. Poll Style Survey

Poll style surveys with closed-ended questions have great response rates. That’s because they are quick to fill out and don’t require much time commitment.

conversational poll form types of surveys

You can even conduct a poll survey without asking for an email address, so users can complete the survey in just a click.

5. Questionnaire Survey

A questionnaire survey type should give clear instructions, be brief, and be specific.

Example multiple choice question

An administered questionnaire can be done with a survey plugin like WPForms to gather a variety of different feedback from your customers and website visitors.

6. Customer Satisfaction Survey

One of the most popular online surveys you’ll come across when looking at survey types is the customer satisfaction survey. That’s because customers are crazy important to the success of any business.

Check out the survey example below made using conversational forms.

conversational forms demo

Or you can create a popup customer satisfaction survey with UserFeedback.


A customer satisfaction survey helps you understand your customers needs and wants, so that you can provide them with those things. And, hopefully this helps grow your business.

7. Exit Interview Survey

You may sometimes lose employees, it’s just a part of being a business owner. But many times, you can use the experience as a learning opportunity by conducting an exit interview survey.

Turnover can cost you quite a bit of money in your small business. So an exit interview survey can help you get ideas for improvements to keep employees around. And you might be surprised what you learn about what’s going on inside your business by asking people who are leaving.

Check out these examples of exit survey questions to get some inspiration.

8. Lead Generation Survey

A lead generation survey can be an incredibly powerful type of survey. It gathers contact info to add to your email marketing list plus help with your lead generation efforts.

At the same time, you can qualify and segment your leads by finding out which service they are interested in, and sending them to a different list based on their survey responses.

9. Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey


NPS surveys are a very useful type of survey you should definitely be using for your business. Using a score of 0 to 10, you can measure the willingness of customers to recommend your products or services to other people.

And, we suggest you set them up with conditional logic. So a paragraph text box will show up  asking for more details or for a testimonial based on the rating they give.

NPS survey

10. Market Research Survey

If you really want to dig into what consumers think about your products and services, a market research survey is a great choice.

You can get an idea about if your products and services are reasonably priced. Or, see how aware people actually are about your brand. Overall, you’ll discover strength and weaknesses on your products, so that way you can develop a course of action to make things better,

11. Likert Scale Survey

A really fantastic version of the matrix type of survey is a Likert scale survey.

A Likert scale is a rating scale used to measure people’s experiences or opinions. It gives users a balanced scale of choices on either side of a neutral option. That way, you can find out the degree of someone’s opinion on a specific question. This is helpful with data visualization, too.

Likert Scale field

12. Open-Ended Survey

Why not add paragraph text to your survey to keep things open-ended? Just remember, open-ended questions can be time consuming to read through and collect data on.

However, these types of surveys can still be a great way to gather specific details on your product or service from your audience.

open ended question example

13. Cancellation Survey

Keeping customers is just as important as finding new ones.

So it’s a smart business practice to create a customer cancellation survey in WordPress. This is the type of survey that’s like an exit interview, but instead of employees you’re asking customers why they’re cancelling a service with you.

cancellation survey form finished in wordpress

14. Anonymous Survey

If you’re looking for public opinion on your survey questions, sometimes it’s best to keep it anonymous!

It’s the anonymity factor that really helps boost people’s interest in taking these kinds of surveys. This increases engagement from people because they can contribute to the survey without having to give anything up except for their time.

It’s super important to create this type of survey so that you can try and gather and look into reasons why your services or products aren’t working out for people.

Bonus: Publishing Surveys in WordPress

You can use the gathered data from your survey questions to get a great idea of what your target audience likes and dislikes about your business so you can make changes.

The easiest way to do this on WordPress is with the WPForms Pro plugin. And WPForms Pro has tons of features you can use to create professional surveys for your website, including the Survey and Polls addon.

survey reports dashboard experience

The survey reporting feature is stunning and makes it simple to see your data on an easy-to-use reporting dashboard. The addon lets you create engaging surveys that your website visitors and customers will love to fill out.


    • Easy to Use — WPForms is the easiest to use survey form building plugin on the market. It makes adding all kinds of types of surveys quick and simple with a drag and drop builder.
    • Survey Templates — Includes free survey templates with or without conditional logic to make simple or advanced types of survey forms.
    • Customizable — The robust features of WPForms lets you add multiple fields to your forms for different functions. Easily include survey fields like text fields, dropdown fields, checkbox lists, radio buttons, star ratings, and more.
    • Many Uses — Everyone needs a contact form on their website. Good news, WPForms lets you make simple or advanced forms for all kinds of things on different types of surveys.
    • Email Notifications — You can send an email to the person completing the poll or survey form to confirm that their entry has been received, or even to yourself or business partners with Email Form Notifications.
    • Beautiful Reports — The survey reporting dashboard is gorgeous. It offers different chart types including lines, pie chart, and bar graphs, all easily accessible from your WordPress dashboard.
    • Conditional Logic — The smart Conditional Logic feature lets you hide or show questions based on previous answers, keeping your survey clutter-free and modern.

That’s it! Hopefully, this list helped show you the different types of surveys you can use to grow your business.

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