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20 Best Survey Data Visualization Tools (With Images)

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Looking for the best survey Data Visualization Tools so you can see your survey results in a graph?

Survey Data Visualization Tools help you understand the valuable survey results to make data-driven decisions to grow you business online.

In this guide, we’ll show you the very best Survey Data Visualization Tools out there by testing them ourselves!

Best Survey Data Visualization Tool for WordPress

There are tons of Data Visualization Tools that let you make survey forms and view reports so you can visualize your survey data. But not all of them let you embed your forms into WordPress.

To get the most out of your website surveys and all the info they collect, you’ll want to make sure you have the best tool for your business needs. So here are some of the best Data Visualization Tools that will help you see your survey results:

survey data visualization tools

1. WPForms

If you’ve ever asked yourself how do I make a chart for survey results or how to summarize survey results, you’ll love WPForms because the WordPress plugin will do all that for you automatically. With the Surveys and Polls Addon, you can get some of the same benefits of expensive enterprise software without the price tag.

how to graphically display survey data

2. RafflePress

RafflePress is a simple but effective way to conduct surveys and boost your online growth while hosting a giveaway on your WordPress site. You can encourage engagement by giving visitors extra entries for completing your survey or poll.

That way,  you can get valuable insights you need to grow your business while also using one of the best giveaway plugins around.Plus, the data visualization interface is straightforward and easy to understand.

rafflepress surveys

3. Visualizer

Visualizer is a table and charts manager plugin that’s fantastic for data visualization on your WordPress website. You can make responsive, customizable charts, tables, and graphs that can be edited in real time right on your posts. Plus, you can import existing data from Google Spreadsheets or CSV files.


4. Salesforce

Although you may need to use a Salesforce Administrator to help set things up, Salesforce’s enterprise-level, robust reporting features let you view survey results easily using Salesforce Surveys.

ll find salesforce survey data visualization tools

5. Zoho Survey

This software lets you customize your reports so you can check out response trends. They also have mobile-friendly survey reports. Zoho Survey is a well-known tool and it can be used in both big businesses and with small business owners as well.

feature rich data sources

6. Tableau

Tableau is known for its visual data analysis, and that definitely includes survey results. It’s popular for large companies to use, but they also offer a personal license called Tableau Creator and a completely free version called Tableau Public. Plus, one of the coolest features in Tableau is the instant geocoding that turns location data into interactive maps.

tableau dashboard with a lot of data

7. Sisense

When it comes to visualizing survey data, Sisense is definitely one of the best tools. The survey analytics dashboard from Sisense is super in-depth. They’re known as a powerful reporting software that lets users easily transform data into interactive reports.

survey chart types sisense

8. Venngage

If you’re looking for a data visualization tool that lets you design engaging reports with customized fonts, colors, icons and images, Venngage is worth checking out. You’ll have to copy and paste your data from a spreadsheet directly into the software. But, if you’re looking for an impressive way to display your data for meetings, Venngage has got you covered.

best data visualization tools

9. PiktoChart

For digital brands, a viral infographic can be a great way to get targeted visitors to your website. PiktoChart helps you put together a visual story without needing much design knowledge. You can even send it to your email list to keep them engaged and boost your email marketing efforts.

best data visualization tools wide range

10. eSurveysPro

This software has a simple interface and provides easy, straightforward reporting. In addition, they offer a free version that lets you access 14 different survey question types. Plus, the upgraded versions of eSurveysPro lets you filter your reports so you can customize the way you view your data.

visualizing survey data

11. SurveyPlanet

SurveyPlanet is a simple and straightforward way to visualize your survey data. It’s easy to use and has a clean and organized interface. It’s important to note you can’t change the design of the surveys, but the basic reporting is a great way to take an uncomplicated look into your data.

data sources tools for surveys

12. Microsoft Power BI

Another powerhouse on our list of Data Visualization Tools is Microsoft Power BI. You can create all kinds of reports with this software to visualize your data. Plus, you can view and interact with your data on any mobile device by using the Power BI Mobile app available in the AppStore, Google Play or the Microsoft Store.

survey analytics bi

13. Chartio

This data visualization tool is known as being very powerful. Chartio is feature rich and can show you not only your survey results, but also tons of other things like KPI dashboards for operations teams. In addition, Chartio has a drag and drop builder and also lets you write SQL which is great for advanced users.

data visualization tools comparison

14. Qualtrics

With this well-known software, you can share and collaborate on survey reports that automatically update in real-time, so everyone in your organization has the latest insights. You can also use it to connect with outside data sources. In addition, you can use heat map visualization if you’re gathering the location of your audience in your surveys.

survey visualization tools graphs

15. SurveyGizmo

SurveyGizmo is easy to use and lets you create surveys as well as generate basic reports to visualize your data sets. Although the user interface is a bit dated, they offer a free version with access to some features to let you check out basic parts the software.

surveygizmo dashboard data visualization

16. Domo

Domo, a cloud-based Business Intelligence software, definitely has the ability to let you visualize your survey data. It has a lot more features than some of the others on this list including the ability to connect with tons of other survey software, making it an extremely robust data visualization tool.

domo integrations

17. Google Charts

Although very basic, another simple data visualization tool to check out is the Google Charts tool. It comes with interactive charts and data tools for visualization if you’ve already got the data that you need and just want to see it visually. Plus, it’s open-source and completely free.

survey data visualization tools completely free

18. KeySurvey

KeySurvey has a straightforward and customizable dashboard for you to view your survey results, with a lot of different chart types. It’s got a bit of a learning curve, though. Once you’ve figured out how to use the software, you’ll likely find that it’s incredibly helpful.

dashboard data visualization

19. QuestionPro

QuestionPro offers a Real-Time Summary that gives you a quick overview of data that’s happening right now. They’re also known for having fantastic customer service and for being super user-friendly. This tool also lets you post surveys directly to social media since they integrate with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

data sources great tools

20. Metabase

Metabase is a powerful, open-source business intelligence tool known for its user-friendly interface. Metabase setup is quick and simple, and it’s easy to use, even for those without technical knowledge. The tool supports a range of visualizations, from basic charts to more complex graphs.


What is the Best Data Visualization Tool?

With WPForms, you can run surveys on your own website without relying on 3rd-party servers or spending a ton of money.

And with the powerful Surveys and Polls Addon, you can easily create surveys on your website in minutes.

On top of that, WPForms is a fantastic data visualization tool that automatically builds beautiful reports from your survey data.

Take a peek at the video below to see it in action.

The WPForms Survey and Polls Addon includes:

  • Powerful drag and drop form builder to create surveys
  • Smart survey fields like Rating, Likert Scale, and others
  • Support for Net Promoter Score (NPS) Surveys
  • Conditional logic to display different survey fields based on user input
  • Gorgeous interactive survey reports with bars, graphs, charts, and tables
  • Export survey graphs as JPEG, PDF, or Print Formats
  • Export survey results as CSV to use elsewhere

So there you have it! We hope this list of the best data visualization tools helps you find the best tool for you.

FAQs about the Best Survey Data Visualization Tools

Looking for answers to your questions? Here are some common queries we get asked about the best survey data visualization tools!

What is data visualization?

Data Visualization is a way to help people understand the meaning and impact of their text-based data by placing it into a visual context, such as a pie chart or a bar graph.

Using data visualization in business aims to expose and recognize data trends and patterns with data visualization tools, which can lead to more effective decision-making.

Data Visualization Tools can range from complex Business Intelligence (BI) software suites for huge companies to simple and user-friendly website plugins like WPForms.

How do you Visualise survey data?

To visualize survey data effectively, start by choosing the right type of chart for your data. Use pie charts for percentage distributions, bar charts to compare different groups, and line charts to show changes over time.

Tools like Google Sheets, Excel, and more advanced platforms like Tableau or Power BI can help you create these visualizations. Remember to keep your charts simple and clear for easy interpretation.

What is the best data visualization for distribution?

The best data visualization for showing distribution depends on your data type and what you want to communicate. Histograms are ideal for showing the distribution of numerical data, allowing you to see patterns, skewness, and outliers.

Box plots are great for comparing distributions between several groups or datasets. Both visualization types provide clear insights into your data’s distribution, helping identify trends and anomalies.

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