How to show Stripe refund status updates in WordPress

How to Show Stripe Refund Status Updates in WordPress

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Wondering how to monitor your Stripe refund status in WordPress to stay in the loop regarding every transaction?

With WPForms’ native Stripe integration and webhook support, you can easily view those critical refund status updates in WordPress.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to monitor your Stripe refund statuses directly from your WordPress dashboard.

View Stripe Refund Status in WordPress

How to View Stripe Refund Status in WordPress

You can easily view Stripe refund statuses in WordPress using WPForms’ native Stripe and webhook integration. Follow the steps below to get started:

1. Get WPForms Up and Running

WPForms is your key to effortless form building in WordPress. It pairs perfectly with Stripe and other payment platforms.

Opt for the basic WPForms Lite to connect your order forms with Stripe. While it’s free, remember there’s a 3% transaction fee on top of Stripe’s usual rates.

Want to avoid the extra charges? Think about upgrading to WPForms Pro. You’ll not only save cash but also get access to many cool features.

With any WPForms version, you get the benefit of using webhooks. This connects WPForms and Stripe, giving you a detailed record of every refund.

The WPForms homepage

Once you’ve picked your WPForms subscription, go ahead and download and activate it on your WordPress website.

Awesome! Now, let’s connect Stripe with WPForms and enable Stripe webhooks to view refund statuses directly in WordPress.

2. Connect Stripe to Your WordPress

Head to WPForms » Settings on your WordPress menu. Then, select the Payments tab.

WPForms payments tab

Want to change your site’s transaction currency? Just choose your preferred one from the dropdown Currency list.

Payment currency

To connect Stripe payment forms to your WordPress store, scroll a bit and hit the blue Connect with Stripe button.

Connect with Stripe

Now, Stripe will ask for your login details to connect with WPForms. Don’t have an account? It’s quick to make one.

WPForms Stripe account

Finished with Stripe Connect? Head back to WPForms » Settings » Payments and look for a green tick. It means you’re successfully connected.

Stripe connection status

Now, to manage your Stripe payments all in one place, activate the two-way connection with webhooks.

3. Switch on Stripe Webhook in Payments Settings

Once WPForms connects to Stripe, you’ll see a handy Enable Webhooks switch. Toggle it to ON.

Use the toggle to enable webhooks for Stripe

Note: After you’ve connected WPForms to Stripe, it’ll automatically set the webhook.

But sometimes, there might be hiccups. If there are, WPForms will guide you to set it manually.

Setting up the Stripe webhook manually means creating an endpoint via the Stripe dashboard and then copying the config keys to WPForms.

Webhooks fields

Note: There are separate configurations for Live and Test modes. The Webhooks Test ID and Webhooks Test Secret fields are for Test Mode.

Meanwhile, the Webhooks Live ID and Webhooks Live Secret fields are for Live Mode. Double-check that your site mode matches Stripe’s setup.

You can then change between the Live and Test modes using the link: *domain*/wp-admin/admin.php?page=wpforms-settings&view=payments&webhooks_settings.

4. Access Stripe Payment Reports and More

With WPForms and Stripe connected, you can manage numerous tasks without accessing the Stripe dashboard.

Curious about all your WPForms payments? Go to WPForms » Payments and click on the Overview tab.

Tapping options under the graph lets you modify its display with information you’re interested in, such as:

  • Total Payments
  • Total Sales
  • Total Refunded
  • New Subscriptions
  • Subscription Renewals
  • Coupons Used

WPForms payments summary graph

Plus, the dropdowns atop the payments table let you filter through the payments. Options include:

  • All types: Covers single-time and recurring payments.
  • All gateways: Displays the transaction mode like PayPal, Stripe, etc.
  • All subscriptions: Shows the present subscription status – Active, Cancelled, or Not Synced.

WPForms payment filter options

Note: The All gateways filter in WPForms works only if you’ve got multiple payment gateways active.

To go deeper into a payment, click the payer’s name or email. This takes you to a detailed page of that specific payment.

click individual payment

Now, you’ll have the convenience of accessing all the essential details or performing specific actions about that payment on its very own page.

individual payments page

In the next step, we’ll show you how to perform refund, cancellations and access Stripe refund status reports.

5. Perform Refunds and Access Status Reports

Once you’re on the page of a specific payment, you can click on View in Stripe if you need to see the payment info from the Stripe website.

view in stripe

If you need to perform a refund, you can click on the Refund button to start the process directly from within WordPress.

refund payment

Similarly, if you want to cancel a subscription permanently, you have the option of doing so by clicking the Cancel button.

cancel subscription

Once you hit the Refund or Cancel button, the relevant entry and payment status will automatically be updated in the payments table.

Stripe refund status

This means, you never have to navigate away from your WordPress dashboard to manage your Stripe payments and refunds!

More Questions about WordPress Stripe Refund Status

Viewing Stripe refund status in WordPress is a popular topic among our readers. Here are answers to some common queries about it.

How long does it take Stripe to refund money?

Stripe usually processes refunds in 5-10 business days. However, the exact timing might vary based on the bank. To easily track refund updates on your WordPress site, consider using WPForms with its native Stripe integration.

Can Stripe cancel a refund?

Once a refund starts in Stripe, it can’t be stopped or canceled. To keep tabs on transactions and refunds in a user-friendly way, integrate Stripe with WPForms on your WordPress website.

How do I check the status of my refund on Stripe?

You can check your refund status directly in your Stripe dashboard. But for a smoother experience on WordPress, WPForms offers native Stripe integration and webhook support. This lets you view refund statuses right from your website’s backend.

When can I see the refund status?

Refund status usually appears soon after initiating it in the Stripe dashboard. To make this process even simpler and more efficient on WordPress, use WPForms with its Stripe integration and webhook support for real-time updates.

Next, Learn How to Enable Stripe Test Mode in WordPress

Would you like to test your WordPress Stripe payments before accepting actual payments? Before launching your form to accept payments, you can verify your checkout process and address any errors by testing the payment integration.

View Stripe Refund Status in WordPress

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