How to Allow Users to Choose a Payment Method on Your Form

Do you want to have different payment methods on your form? In this article, we’ll show you how to allow your users to choose to pay through either PayPal or Stripe in your forms.

Requirements: You’ll need the Pro level license or higher to use the PayPal and Stripe addons.

Before we get started, you’ll need to have already installed and activated the PayPal addon and the Stripe addon to use PayPal and Stripe in WPForms.

How to Display Payment Choices

To begin, create a new form or edit an existing form in WPForms to add the following fields to your form:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Credit Card

After you’ve added the fields to the form, you’ll need to edit the Multiple Choice field to show the available payment methods on your form. To do this, click on the Multiple Choice field to display the Field Options panel on the left.

In the Field Options panel, rename the Label to “Payment method” and the options in Choices to “PayPal” and “Stripe”. You can delete any unnecessary field under Choices by clicking on the  (minus) button next to it. Also, be sure to set this Payment Method field as Required.

Multiple choice field options

At this point, here’s how the form would look on the front end:

Order form

Next, you’ll need to apply conditional logic to the Credit Card field, so that it will only be shown to users who have selected Stripe as their payment method.

To do this, go to the Field Options panel for the Credit Card field, open the Conditionals section and check the Enable conditional logic option.

Then, set the conditional logic to: “Show this field if Payment method is Stripe“. Here’s how the setting would look in the form builder:

conditional logic credit card

How to Configure PayPal Settings

First, go to Payments tab, click on PayPal Standard option and select Enable PayPal Standard payments in the right panel.

Next, scroll down to select Enable conditional logic. Then, set the logic to “Process the payment if Payment method is PayPal“.

PayPal conditional logic

For the complete steps to setup the PayPal addon, check out our full tutorial.

How to Configure Stripe Settings

First, select the Stripe option under the Payments tab, and select Enable Stripe Payments.

Enable Stripe

Next, scroll down to select Conditional Logic. Then, set the logic to “Process payment if Payment method is Stripe“.

Enable Stripe conditional settings

To complete the setup for Stripe in WPForms, be sure to check out this tutorial.

That’s it! We hope this guide helped you to learn how to allow users to choose the payment method they prefer.

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