How to Customize the Multiple Choice Field in WPForms

Would you like to change the appearance or functionality of your form’s Multiple Choice fields? In WPForms, there are plenty of options available to help you adapt this field type to your specific needs.

In this tutorial, we’ll share all the different ways you can customize a Multiple Choice field.

Before you continue on to the tutorial, make sure WPForms is installed and activated on your site. Then you can create a new form or edit an existing one to access the form builder.

Next, add a Multiple Choice field to your form if you haven’t done so already. You can click on this option under Standard Fields or drag and drop it into the preview area.

Adding a Multiple Choice field to a form.

To access all the options for your Multiple Choice field, click on it in the preview area to open the Field Options panel.

Note: Want more details on all the customization options available in WPForms? See our complete guide to field options for additional tips.

Editing the Field Label and Description

First, you can change the field label and description.

Changing the Field Label

By default, the field label will be “Multiple Choice.” You can change this to whatever you’d like by entering custom text in the Label field.

Changing the label of a Multiple Choice field

Adding a Description

Adding a field description is a great way to give users instructions or other information on how to fill out your Multiple Choice field. You can enter your custom text in the Description field.

Adding a description to a Multiple Choice field

Note: Looking for more ways to include instructions or other information in your forms? Check out our tutorial on adding extra text in WPForms for details.

Editing, Adding, and Removing Choices

Your Multiple Choice field’s choices are naturally one of its most important features. You can customize these items in the Field Options panel.

Editing Multiple Choice Choices

To change the label of any existing choice, just type your desired text into the field provided.

Editing the label for a Multiple Choice item

To reorder your choices, simply drag and drop them into the order in which you want them to appear.

Finally, if you would like to preselect an option, click on the radio button to the left of its label.

Preselecting a Multiple Choice item

Note: For more information on preselecting choices, see our tutorial on adding default values to fields in WPForms.

Adding and Removing Multiple Choice Choices

To add a new choice to your field, click on the blue plus (+) button next to any existing option.

Adding a Multiple Choice item

The new choice will appear immediately below the one whose plus (+) button you click.

If you want to add multiple choices all at once, click on Bulk Add.

Opening the Bulk Add option for a Multiple Choice field

Then enter each of your new choices on its own line in the field provided. Once you’re done, click on Add New Choices.

All of your bulk choices will be added to the end of your list of choices.

Note: Need help adding choices to your Multiple Choice field? Our full tutorial on the Bulk Add feature has more details.

If you would like to remove a choice from your field, just click on the red minus (-) button next to it in the Field Options panel.

Removing a Multiple Choice item

Using Image Choices

The Multiple Choice field also enables you to add images to your choices. To do so, toggle on the Use image choices option.

Enabling image choices for a Multiple Choice field

When this option is on, each choice will have its own Upload Image button. Click on it to select a file from your Media Library or computer.

The Upload Image buttons for Multiple Choice image choices

Note: Image choices are not cropped or resized when added to your form. For the best look, use images that are 250px square or smaller, and make sure all of your images are the same size.

After you upload your image file, you’ll see a preview of it in the Field Options panel.

A Multiple Choice image choice preview

Note: Want more guidance on using image choices? Check out our tutorial on how to add image choices in WPForms for step-by-step instructions.

Requiring the Field

If you want to ensure users have to make a selection from your Multiple Choice field before they submit your form, you need to make it required.

Just toggle on the Required option to do so.

Making a Multiple Choice field required

When you publish your form, users will see a message that reads, “This field is required” if they try to submit your form without selecting a choice.

The required field validation message for a Multiple Choice field

Note: Want to customize the validation messages that appear for required fields in your forms? Our tutorial on changing validation messages has all the details.

Randomizing Choices

Loading your Multiple Choice items in a random order each time can prevent order bias in your entries. You can enable this feature in the advanced field options.

To access these settings, click on Advanced at the top of the Field Options panel.

Accessing the advanced field options for a Multiple Choice field

Then toggle on the option labeled Randomize Choices.

Randomizing Multiple Choice items

Note: For a detailed guide to randomizing choices for selection fields, see our full tutorial on this option.

Choosing a Multiple Choice Image Choices Style

If you’re using image choices for your Multiple Choice field, you can choose from 3 different styles: Modern, Classic, or None.

Modern Image Choices Style

The Modern image choices style features a wide white border around each choice.

The Multiple Choice Modern image choice style

Additionally, selected choices are identified by a green checkmark.

A Modern Multiple Choice image choice with a selected item

Classic Image Choices Style

Classic image choices have narrower white borders than Modern image choices.

A Multiple Choice field with the Classic image choice style

And selected Classic image choices are indicated with a thin gray border.

A Classic Multiple Choice image choice field with an item selected

No Image Choices Style (None)

The last style option is None, which will feature the standard radio buttons Multiple Choice fields use with the images above them.

A Multiple Choice field with no image choice styling

Displaying Choices in a Multi-Column Layout

Organizing your Multiple Choice items in a multi-column layout condenses the amount of space the field takes up. Especially if your Multiple Choice field has a lot of options for users to select from, this can be quite helpful.

Using the Choice Layout dropdown, you can create a 1, 2, or 3-column layout for your choices.

The Choice Layout dropdown

You can also choose the Inline layout, which will put as many choices as possible in a single row. If you have more choices than can fit in one row, they will wrap into another one like so.

A Multiple Choice field with an inline choice layout

Note: For more details on creating multi-column layouts for Multiple Choice options, see our full tutorial on this option.

Using Multiple Choice Dynamic Choices

WPForms enables you to pull data, such as taxonomies or post titles, from your WordPress site to use as choices in your selection fields. As you update this information elsewhere on your site, it will update in your forms, too.

To set this up, select either Taxonomy or Post Type from the Dynamic Choices dropdown.

Enabling dynamic choices

Note: Need some more help setting up your dynamic choices? Check out our complete guide to dynamic choices for all the details.

Hiding the Field Label

Finally, if you would like to prevent the field label from appearing on the frontend, you can hide it by toggling on the option at the bottom of the advanced field options.

Hiding the field label for a Multiple Choice field

Note: Even if you hide the field label, we recommend entering one in the general field options. This will ensure this field is still labeled in your form’s entries so you can identify it.

That’s it! Now you know how to customize the field options for Multiple Choice fields in WPForms.

Next, would you like to learn how to hide or show your Multiple Choice field based on users’ input or selections? Check out our tutorial on how to use WPForms conditional logic.