How to Bulk Add Choices for Multiple Choice, Checkbox, and Dropdown Fields

Do you want to quickly add a long list of items as options in your form? By using the Bulk Add option in the Dropdown, Multiple Choice, and Checkboxes fields, it’s easy to add a bunch of choices to your form all at the same time, instead of creating each choice individually.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use the Bulk Add tool for your own custom options, as well as how to include our pre-made lists for common options.

Creating a Form

To get started, you’ll either need to create a new form or edit an existing form.

Once you’ve opened the form builder, go ahead and add a selection field (this would be either a Multiple Choice, Checkboxes, or Dropdown field). For this example, we’ll use a Dropdown field.

If you click on the field you’ve just added, you’ll be able to see its Field Options. By default, there will be three placeholder options auto-generated for you. To add bulk add more options, you can click on the Bulk Add button.

Bulk Add Option for Dropdown

From here, you can choose between creating your own choices or adding preset choices.

Adding Custom Choices

If you’d like to bulk add a list of custom choices, you can type them right into the box. Just be sure to only put one option on each line.

Bulk add custom choices

If you have an existing list, you can even copy and paste that right into this box. Just remember to double-check that the options are formatted the way you want.

Once you’ve added all of the choices you want, you can just click the Add New Choices button. All choices will automatically be added to the list, below any existing choices.

Adding Preset Choices

If you’d like to add a pre-made list of choices, you can select the Show presets option.

Show presets for bulk add

Once you’ve click this, the following preset options will appear:

  • Countries: The full names of all countries
  • Countries Postal Code: The 2-letter code for all countries
  • States: The full names of all US states
  • States Postal Code: The 2-letter code for all US states
  • Months: The full name of all months of the year
  • Days: The full name of all days of the week

By clicking any of these preset options, the corresponding list will automatically be populated for you. Now you have the chance to make any changes to the list before the choices are actually added.

For our example, we’ll use the preset option to bulk add the full list of states to our dropdown.

Bulk add the preset months list

This list already looks just how we want, so we’re going to click the Add New Choices button.

Any choices that already existed will still be in place, and the new options will be added below those.

Removing Unwanted Choices

The last step is to remove any choices that you don’t want available. In our example, we want to remove the default choices.

To delete any choices you don’t want to keep, simply click the minus () button.

Delete dropdown options

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I allow users to search through options in a Dropdown?

Absolutely! You can add search functionality under Advanced Options and enabling the Modern style.

Here’s an example of how things would look on the front end of your site:

Searchable Dropdown in WPForms

That’s it! You can now bulk add choices to any Dropdown, Multiple Choice, or Checkboxes field.

Now that you probably have a long list of options, would you like to be able to display your Multiple Choice and Checkboxes fields in a more user-friendly layout? Check out our tutorial on how to arrange these choices in multiple columns.