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How to Create a Multi-Column Layout for Radio Buttons and Checkboxes

Multiple Choice and Checkbox fields are great for providing and displaying many options to your users.

The problem with those fields is if you have many choices to present to your users, the list can get long and increase the size of the field.

The screenshot below demonstrates how the field size can quickly grow as the number of options increase.

A WPForms field with many choices

To address this, Multiple Choice and Checkbox fields can be configured to display their options in two or three column formats.

Column layouts can be applied to a Multiple Choice or Checkbox field with a setting inside the field options. To find this setting, click the Advanced Options section to display additional options. Inside the Advanced Options, there is a dropdown item named “Choice Layout”.

WPForms choice layout field option

Changing the setting will update the form preview instantly. Saving the form will apply the columns to the form displayed on your site.

In our example field, if we configured it to use three columns, it would display similar to the screenshot below.

Radio button formatted with three column layout