51+ Poll Questions to Boost Website Engagement

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Looking for ideas on great poll questions to ask people to increase engagement on your WordPress site?  Polls are one of the easiest and fastest ways to collect feedback from your site visitors.

In this article, we’ve put together an awesome list of ideas and inspiration for poll questions that will help get your audience more involved and interested with your site’s services and products.

Here’s a table of contents to help you navigate this list:

What Are Good Poll Questions to Ask?

Once you’ve made a poll on your WordPress website, the type of poll questions you ask will depend on what kind of audience you have.

For example, if you’re a blogger selling digital goods like ecourses through a membership site, you’ll want to have more casual questions that break the ice so your audience gets to know you and becomes comfortable with you.

But if you’re a small business that sells acoustic foam to other small businesses, you’ll want to better understand the needs of the customer…so you’ll probably want to ask some probing poll questions about the visitor so you can get to know their individual soundproofing needs.

These are just 2 examples out of a huge variety of types of websites that can use polls, and yours is probably unique! So, let’s break down these poll questions into categories so you can find the best fit for your website’s poll forms.

Motivation Poll Questions

Motivation poll questions are good for finding out why people are visiting your website. This is especially helpful if you run an eCommerce shop. After all, knowing what your customers are looking for while browsing your site is great so you can give them more of what they want.

These poll questions don’t have to relate to an online shop though. Just discovering what people expect to find once they land on your site can give you the data needed to make your site more inviting and help decrease bounce rates.

With WPForms, you can view all the results of the different types of polls and surveys in a beautiful and easy-to-read dashboard, too.

survey reports dashboard experience

So here are some of the best motivation poll questions to ask on your poll form, whether you want to ask one question or more:

1. What were you hoping to find on this site?

Dig into why they are there. You can learn a ton about the needs of visitors from this open-ended question.

2. How did you hear about us?

Motivating Poll Questions

3. What brings you to our website?

If you can understand what drives people to visit your site, you can improve your business model and provide more value for those who are looking for something specific.

Satisfaction Poll Questions

Just like knowing what drives people to your website can help you make the right changes, knowing what satisfies your site visitors can help too. You want to know what people like about your website, your blog content, your products and services, and even your customer service experiences.

So, a good poll question to ask might be:

4. Would you recommend our products/services to your friends and family?

Satisfaction Poll Questions

5. How did you enjoy your experience with our customer support team today?

A great follow-up if they’ve interacted with other members of your team.

6. Is there anything on our site that didn’t work the way you expected it to?

Instead of multiple choice questions, you can also try to do some open-ended polling questions, even though they’re more typically found in survey best practices.

Although all of these questions are good ones to ask, it’s important for those with online shops to consider asking the recommendation poll question. That’s because a person’s likelihood of recommending your products or services is a good indicator of whether your company can be expected to grow in the future.

And the great thing about using the WPForms plugin, is that you can enable conditional logic to reveal an open-ended question for those that answer “No” to the recommendation poll question.

This way, you can find out from customers themselves what you can do better to bet them to return and make a positive recommendation to others.

Satisfaction Poll Questions, Conditional Logic Example

After all, customers will jump at the chance to tell others about their experiences, whether positive or negative. You’ll want to use any negative experiences to help you become better moving forward and prevent those things from happening again.

Fear Poll Questions

The more trust you can gain from site visitors, the better. Luckily, using good poll questions to find out what your site visitors fear the most about becoming a customer can help you build a better relationship with them and convince them to go ahead and make a purchase.

People have fears, uncertainties, and doubts about many things when it comes to making an online purchase like:

  • The actual product won’t match the images
  • There’s no way to get in contact with you after a purchase has been made
  • The return process will be a hassle
  • An item won’t fit right
  • Package(s) will get lost in the mail
  • Doubt about whether there is a real need for an item
  • Worry there’s a better deal elsewhere
  • Fear about the level of security while making a purchase with a credit card

As you can see, there’s a lot stopping people from finalizing their purchases. However, by adding a poll form to your website for people abandoning their shopping cart to fill out, you can tap into those fears and make your site better at putting those fears to rest.

Not to mention, you can have people who have completed a purchase fill out your poll form too to see where you can do better.

Here are some good poll questions to ask for identifying people’s fears:

7. Is there anything about this checkout process you feel we should improve?

Great to ask after they’ve completed their purchase.

8. Do you have questions before completing a purchase?

You can easily put this question in a popup form on your checkout page.

9. What prevented you from completing your purchase with us today?

The more you learn about why people aren’t converting, the more you can change for the better. As a result, you’ll see more satisfied customers than ever before. And all because you added a poll form to your website to see what your site visitors needed from you.

Ice Breaker Poll Questions

Want to keep it casual and get to know your audience better on a personal level? Ice breaker poll questions are a good way to loosen up your visitor while also gathering some important info about them. This will help you make better business decisions moving forward, too!

10. Where are you from?

You can also use the Geolocation addon if you’d like to find this out yourself through your forms.

11. What are you hoping to learn today?

Great to use if you’re about to host a webinar and want to get to know your audience.

12. Which languages do you speak?

This question is eye-opening to ask. You can find where a lot of people are from. Not everyone lives where a language is spoken though, keep in mind.

13. What’s your age group?

You might be surprised to learn there’s a huge age range in your audience! Or, this question might show you that your brand is attracting a certain group.

14. How are you feeling today?

If you want to dig into your visitor’s questions later on like in a webinar, you can always bring their answers about how they’re feeling back up. Or, use this question as a way to get them talking about their day.

15. What superpower would you like to have?

You can easily add an ‘other’ box to get some really fun answers to a poll question like this.

Would You Rather Poll Questions

Although they can easily be considered to be on the ice breaker poll questions side of things, Would You Rather is another great category of poll questions to engage your audience with.

16. Pop or Indie music?

Most people are eager and willing to answer quick questions like these. Something universal like music preferences is a great question to ask.

17. Air travel or road trips?

This fun type of question can remind people about a time when they were doing something fun like traveling. Hopefully, this can help open them up a bit to be more honest in other questions that require more thought.

18. Sunrises or Sunsets?

Another simple, colorful question if you’re trying to break the ice could be to ask about sunrises or sunsets. And hey, this can give you insight into if you’re attracting morning people or night owls. There’s a significant psychological difference between the two!

19. Oceans or Rivers?

Here’s another casual, easy-to-answer question you could use.

20. The Office or Parks and Rec?

This question should put a smile on the face of your user if they’re a TV lover.

21. A Big Party or a Quiet Book?

Another good one to ask if something like this that gauges personality. You can find out a lot about a person from a simple question like this.

22. Animated Film or Crime Documentary?

The above question is simple, but you can always ask for more details. Someone may be willing to provide more info about why they like one thing over another, giving you more insight.

23. Coke or Pepsi?

Here’s a silly, easy question to throw out to break the ice.

Funny Poll Questions

Humor can help relax people, so don’t shy away from it on your poll questions. Here are some great ideas for a funny poll question to try and get a laugh out of your audience while also engaging them on your website.

24. Be Honest – Are You Wearing Your Pjs Right Now?

A super fun and conversational question. Make sure to only ask something like this if it matches your brand’s tone.

25. Which Harry Potter House Do You Belong In?

You can always leave an option of ‘I Don’t Know’ for people that aren’t familiar with pop culture references.

26. Early Bird or Night Owl?

You could ask this question directly if you want to know. You could easily adjust this poll question product related – the example above may be good for a company that sells pillows and is sleep related.

27. Would You Choose to Live Forever?

You can ask a variation of a question like this, but this one is a fun option.

28. Would You Quit Your Job if You Won a Mega Lottery?

You may not need to know the answer to this to help build your business. However, a question that makes your visitors picture themselves with tons of money could be a great place to guide them mentally. And this can’t hurt if you’re selling something on your site.

29. Who Did the Best Acting Job as the Joker?

A totally silly question that can spark interest in pop-culture fans that may be taking your poll.

There are so many variations of funny poll questions. Feel free to make them your own and show a little bit of your brand’s personality in them.

Probing Poll Questions

To really get to know your audience’s needs in a long-term sense that can help your product or services, you’ll want to dig in with some probing, informative questions to find out more about their personal needs.

30. What’s your biggest business need right now?

This fantastic question can really reveal how you can help your customers.

31. Tell us a huge pain point for your business.

This question is another way to ask how you can help. When you know what customers struggle with, you can focus on building a high-demand product that can meet their needs.

32. What’s your ideal monthly income from your site?

Similar to the lottery question, this one is a great way to put your visitors in a state of mind where they can picture themselves meeting a goal. And then you can tell them how you can help them get there.

33. What do you love about our website?

Find out what you can do more of and keep doing on your site.

34. What could be better about this website?

Here’s an easy way to figure out what you can fix on your website.

35. How long have you been using our services?

The longer someone has been with you, the more they may know about your offerings (hopefully!).

36. How long have you been visiting this site?

Someone may have been with you for a long time, but never come to your website. That’s important to know! It can show you it may be time to step up your digital marketing game and create a killer newsletter.

37. What’s your current job role?

Find out if the person is a solopreneur, executive, or entry-level to see if they are a decision maker.

38. How long have you been in this role?

It’s wise to use conditional logic here to display another box for a previous role if the user answers they haven’t been in their current one for long.

39. What’s your income bracket?

Make sure to give users a chance not to answer sensitive questions like these. You don’t want to offend them, but if they’re willing to offer the information then that’s great.

40. What’s the best product/service we offer?

You’ll hopefully find out with this question what product you make/offer that people love, so you can focus on making it even better.

41. Would you be interested in joining our newsletter?

Don’t forget to offer anyone on your site a way to sign up for a newsletter so they return.

Likert Scale Poll Questions

A Likert scale poll question measures how much someone agrees or disagrees with something. Here are some examples.

42. How happy are you with the way support handled your needs?

It’s always important for you to know if your support team is meeting customers expectations.

43. How satisfied are you with our service?

Likert Scale field

This is a variation of asking if a customer’s needs were met, but breaking it down into multiple options for deeper insight.

44. How happy are you with our prices?

If a customer feels something is a great product, they’re more likely to be satisfied with the price they’re paying in most cases. So, this is a great question to ask to gauge satisfaction with the product overall.

45. How important to you is product price?

You can follow-up the last question with one like this, to help find out more about the priorities of your customers.

46. How likely are you to recommend our product?

You definitely want to ask this question, because recommendations are super important to growing your business.

47. This website is easy to navigate.

Make sure to use a strongly agree to strongly disagree scale on this type of question.

Yes/No Poll Questions

Yes/No poll questions can be whatever you want them to be – from fun, to informative, or to get to know your audience on an even deeper level.

48. Do you use social media?

Here’s a question that’s also a great opportunity to plug your own channels and link to them.

49. Can you work with music playing?

Here’s a fun yes/no question to make your audience feel like you want to get to know them.

50. Would you buy this item?

You can try an image poll and have questions with images.

51. Does marketing your business make your head hurt?

Putting customers in a headspace where they are thinking about how hard a task is is especially helpful if you’re selling something that will help ease that frustration.

52. Do you need help getting more leads?

A great poll question that can lead to a form landing page to promote a service that can help.

Getting Started With Your 1st Poll

Ready to start using polls on your WordPress website?

The first thing you’ll need to do is install and activate the WPForms plugin. For more details, follow this step by step guide on installing a plugin in WordPress.

Next, you’ll need to install and activate the Surveys & Polls addon (available with WPForms Pro) so you can access the poll form template. If you need help with this, check out this step by step tutorial on how to use the Surveys & Polls addon.

Add Your Poll Questions

Now that you have your poll form created, it’s time to add poll questions.

Now, usually polls only have one multiple choice question for people to answer. In fact, that’s one of the things that make poll questions different from survey forms. That’s because multiple choice polls are usually used to get immediate information from people.

Take for instance this Amazon poll seen at the end of a product review:

Quick Poll Example - Amazon

However, you can ask your site visitors more than one question on your poll form if you want. And since they’re so easy to answer, the chances your site visitors will abandon your poll form are low.

Plus, if you add image choices to any of your poll questions, people will really be drawn to them and want to answer them even more!

Poll Form Image Choices

Final Thoughts

And that’s it for today! Hopefully, these specific poll questions gave you some great inspiration so you can start collecting feedback from your most vital asset – your site visitors.

Also, if you’re searching for another way to find out how your site visitors feel about anything and everything related to your brand, be sure to check out this post on NPS survey questions to take full advantage of the Survey and Polls addon.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with the most powerful WordPress forms plugin today. WPForms Pro comes with free survey and poll templates for you to use on your site to boost engagement right away.

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