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  1. Thanks for this article. I am currently using memberpress for my membership and I’m considering using wpforms for the sign ups instead of just the memberpress forms. Is it possible to integrate the payment methods, also the offline payment method memberpress offers, with the wpforms? And also integrate new users from wpforms and memberpress into the same Aweber Email list?

    1. Hi Joanna,

      We currently don’t have a way of integrating the payment methods from Memberpress with WPForms at this time so I apologize for the inconvenience. As for AWeber, we do offer an Aweber integration that will allow users to be added to your AWeber list once they submit a form. You should be able to integrate users from both WPForms and Memberpress into the same list.

      I hope this helps!

  2. Would this work if I need to have a WP page that has to unlock a new page every two weeks, but only that page? Page will have videos with text explanation that has to be mobile friendly.
    – Another version of subscription would have access to all of the locked workout pages.
    – Would also need a place to ask questions.
    – Needs to be on regular site with a link on site page.

    The article was really helpful. Thank you.

    1. Hi Paul – I apologize, but I’m familiar enough with all of Memberpress’s features to be able to provide a full answer here. But if you’d be willing to reach out to the Memberpress team (, they’d definitely be able to help you out! 🙂

  3. Hi There, is it possible for the registered member to post a custom post once they login. This is what I am looking for as each member can post a volunteer opportunity ( which is custom post) they will have and these posts they post can be visible on the website to everyone.


    1. Hi Praveen! Yes, with our Post Submission addon you can allow users to submit posts to your site.
      If you would like to allow this for logged in users only, then you can also use our Form Locker addon, which can restrict access to a form for logged in users only.
      I hope this helps.
      Have a good one 🙂

  4. Hi there, thank you for this article. It does simplifies the process nicely and gets the the important points nice and quick, but I am wondering of there is a way ( and how : ) to use WPForms for the registration forms rather then the base forms. I don’t need to have payment for this particular site, but would like to use some of the functions and the much nicer layout options within WPForms. I have seen something with another forms component but have always preferred WPForms 🙂 so thought I would ask. Please forgive me if there was info in this page, but I did read over and didn’t see anything.

    1. Hi Michael!
      Great question! You can absolutely create a registration form with WPForms and our User Registration addon, which is available with the Pro license level or higher.
      I hope this helps.
      Have a good one 🙂

  5. Hi, does this membership site allow you to use your own online payment gateway, ie your own bank, thanks

    1. Hi Rejane,
      In WPForms we only have PayPal, Stripe and payment options. I’m not aware of the payment options provided in the membership plugins, but you can check this with the plugin’s support team.
      I hope this helps.
      Have a good one 🙂

  6. Hello there, what are the steps to integrate MemberPress with wpforms? Can seem to find any information on there is a mention of it that it works with it but there is no Doc to how to accomplish this. Also what part does wpforms take care of and what part MemberPress handle? Especially collecting information from user / potential member and who will be handling payment? such as reoccurring payments ie monthly or yearly or give option to pay installment for yearly membership and also with the option if you have setup fee / registration fee also offering discount option to redue setup fee ie 50% disclount or a $ amount?

    1. Hi Ezekiel!
      We don’t have any direct integration with MemberPress. When you get a chance, could you please share more details, or possibly an example of what you’re looking to do?

      With WPForms you can create a registration form using our User Registration addon.
      Also, you can accept payments for the user registrations with the Stripe addon where you can set up recurring payments.
      However, WPForms doesn’t allow users to edit their user profile, this can be done on the MemberPress side.
      I hope this helps.
      Have a good one 🙂

  7. Hello, is it possible to have these set up and delegate access to certain premium contaents to certain members who satisfy certain requirements but not necessarily on-site payment? for example i have content i want specific group of people to see but these group of people are selected by certain criterias that does not include payment.

    1. Hey Sokki – Great question! I am afraid you will need to contact the plugin support for such insights. Contacting them might help because even if they don’t have any such feature, they might be able to suggest some workaround.

      Have a good one:)

  8. Very helpful article. So I am looking for a solution for my membership site. I want to add affiliate program for my membership as well, can we integrate with any third party to execute this? Plus how to add the member’s email directly to the email list (I am using Mailerlite). Thanks

    1. Hey Joy – I apologize, I am not fully aware if MemberPress allows integrating with some third party affiliate plugin and Mailerlite. I’d recommend reaching out to the Memberpress support team for further assistance regarding this.

      Have a good one 🙂

      1. Thankd for such a clear and useful article. I am looking for a suitable plugin for membership rgistration by which the members be able to fill in their namae, emaile, country and password so that only me be authorised to give members the password. Without my engaging should be impossible to see the content of my website. Would please help me to do this in WordPress? Thanks a lot,

      2. Hey Ramaat – I apologize as you would need a full-blown membership site from the description. For a more comprehensive membership website plugin, you should use MemberPress.

        I hope this helps!

    1. Hi Hakan, I apologize but our plugin doesn’t have the functionality that you’re looking for, nor are we aware of where you might be able to get it from. The website that you provided as an example though seems to be utilizing BigCommerce.

      I’m sorry I wasn’t able to provide you with a direct answer, but I hope this helped!

  9. Is there anyway to max out membership to 80 and have the rest be on a wait-list to be notified when there is a opening? Also I need to have where Members can book on a calendar. Thanks.

    1. Hi there, thanks for reaching out to us.

      Great question! However, I am afraid you will need to contact the plugin support for such insights. Contacting them might help because even if they don’t have any such feature, they might be able to suggest some workaround.

      Thanks and have a good one!

  10. HI Team,

    Loved this tutorial and exactly what I was looking for.

    Quick question, on the pricing table, how can you change the page type and the look and feel of it??

    Many thanks

    1. Hey there, I apologize as you would need the User Registration addon which is available with the Pro or higher license in order to create registration forms to let your visitors register for a WordPress account easily. However, for a more comprehensive membership website plugin, you should use MemberPress.

      I hope this helps!

  11. Hi there. How many members can this plugin take/ usual membership backend plugins take? i.e what is the limit?

    Im building a MVP for a health-Tech app where users can login and upload their health data in basic excel, visuals and text.

    My main query; Nameheros hosting said the limit for “EP” is 100

  12. Sorry I pressed Enter too early in the previous comment

    Names Aly, a amateur Product-UX/ mid level marketer .

    TL DR: We’re building a Health Tech App (2 actually)

    1 – Cosmetic Dentistry Service For Dentists- to log their 1% Premium cases, dental dashboard , follow up etc

    But the key part is for Patients and Dentists to *login* and see their data (Patient seems their cosmetic treatment scans /details) and Dentists login to track their patients/ follow up etc.

    What’s the best WordPress plugin/Elementor stack (or No Code Stack in this case via Zapier/Airtable etc?) to build this?

    2- Similar to Apples My Health App but for Dentistry- for patients to login, upload their past /current treatment data and take control of their Dental Data . Graphics, text, function to upload their *Full* Dental Health history here (Scans/excel file
    Integrated with a dental medical library (similar to My Fitness Pal) but for Dental health (A basic content library is fine for the MVP)

    MVP – Need 100-500 logins and up to 1000 before any major development (bespoke) is done.
    What WordPress Stack/No Code stack would you recommend?

    I’ve posted this on indie hackers but really need urgent help.

    And definitely will be using forms for sign ups so WPForms will be on that list for both Startup Projects.

    Any help is much appreciated

    Thank you awesome people

  13. Why combine WPForms and MemberPress on this page; when WPForms doesn’t integrate with MemberPress. It hasn’t since 2019, and and now in 2023, still isn’t.

    Is the WPForms planning on integration?

    1. Hi Harry,

      Currently, we do not have any built-in integration with MemberPress. However, I agree it would be super helpful; I have gone ahead and added your vote to consider this as a feature request.


  14. Thank you for the article very insightful. What is the best way to enable the members of the member portal to monitor their used and unused member benefits?

    1. Hi Toni – I apologize, but I’m not familiar enough with all of MemberPress’s features to be able to provide the answer to your question. But if you’d be willing to reach out to the Memberpress team, they’d definitely be able to help you out! 🙂


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