3 Ways to Qualify Leads With a Smart Quote Request Form

Are you getting all the wrong inquiries from your quote request form? Chances are your request a quote form is sending the wrong signals. In this article, we’ll show you how to attract only high-quality leads to fill out your form using a smart quote request form.

Why You Need to Qualify Your Leads

You might know that eliminating the number of form fields will encourage your visitors to submit your form. But did you know it may adversely affect the quality of your leads?

The quality of your leads is as important as the quantity. Unless your business attracts high-quality leads, it is not going to succeed in the long run. Below are a few reasons why you need to qualify your leads.

  • Unqualified leads will cost you a lot: Every lead is going to cost you especially if you’re building an email list. Some email marketing services will charge you based on the number of subscribers, so you don’t want to waste those fees on subscribers who will never convert.
  • Waste of time: Growing a huge list of unqualified leads is a waste of time because it is next to impossible to convince them to be your customers. You could be spending that time on more effective marketing strategies.

Using a Smart Request a Quote Form

Creating a smart request a quote form is an easiest yet effective way to qualify your leads. To create a smart request a quote form, all you need to do is to integrate your form with our smart conditional logic.

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Our smart conditional logic allows you to show or hide fields based on the selections the user makes while filling out your WordPress forms.

It also helps you to create smart dynamic forms that help you collect the most relevant information, which can later help you to send personalized followup emails.

smart quote form example

Now let’s take a look at how to attract the right clients by connecting our smart conditional logic with your form.

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1. Ask the Right Questions Upfront

Asking the right questions upfront is one of the best things you can do to qualify your leads. Of course, you’ll need to ask for the prospect’s name and email address but beyond that, you need to have a clear idea about what should and shouldn’t ask.

Below are a couple of ideas that might help you.

  • Budget: Asking the budget upfront is a common practice among agencies. The best thing is that it helps you to easily weed out clients who can’t afford you.
  • Service: If you provide more than one service, you can ask your prospects to choose a service they’re interested in. This way, you can get more relevant details about what your client is looking for by asking more questions (or even allowing file uploads) based on the service your prospect selected.

2. Hide Unnecessary Questions

Asking too many questions in a form can scare away your visitors. By using smart quote request form, you can reduce the number of form fields, in turn encouraging visitors to submit the form.

You can reduce the number of form fields by hiding entire questions if your customer doesn’t select a specific option.

In other words, this practice not only will help you to qualify your leads by asking relevant questions based on selection, but also you can boost the quantity as well by eliminating unwanted fields from the form.

For example, if your visitor wants to hire you for WordPress theme development, you can hide entire questions from the form that are not related to that specific service.

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3. Ask Specific Questions Based on Budget

With a smart quote request form, you can ask subquestions that fit the budget of your visitors. Some of the benefits of this approach are:

  • It helps you to upsell additional custom services tailored to the budget of your clients.
  • It helps your clients to set expectations about your service before you actually send a quote.

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For instance, if you’re offering blog migration service from one host to another, you can entice your customer to hire you for the custom blog theme development as well based on the budget.

upsell based on budget

Using our smart conditional logic has a lot more possibilities to qualify your leads, but these are just the tip of an iceberg.

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  1. Hi , i would like to know how to integrate with woocommerce , for example, change the “add to cart” to “request to quote”, then enter to your form, i checked the ”
    Woocommerce – Request a Quote” plugin, it just integrated “Gravity Forms” & Formidable Forms & ContactForm7, it does not integrated the “wpforms”, do you have any idea to integrate “wpforms” plugin of woocommerce, to achieve “click the request to quote button, then show your forms ”

    Thank you.



    1. Hi Lee,

      I apologize, but we don’t support any integration with WooCommerce, mainly because they’re heavily integrated with their own forms systems.

      If you need forms to work within WooCommerce, I’d suggest contacting the Woo team directly to be sure you can find an option that integrates properly with their system.


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