send an automatic Slack invite from WordPress form

How To Send a Slack Auto Invite From a WordPress Form

Do you want to send an Slack auto invite to anyone who submits your form?

Slack is an instant messaging platform that allows you to communicate and share information with your team. In this article, we’ll show you how to send a Slack invite from a WordPress form automatically.

Why Use a WordPress Form to Send Slack Invites?

Sending invitations manually to everyone who wants to join your Slack channel can be a tiring job.

Let’s assume that you have a large remote team and you want to connect with each other with the help of Slack.

Instead of inviting everyone individually, you can start a WordPress website and add a form (or a password protected form) to it. And once that form is connected to Slack, you can send automatic invites via email to anyone who submits the form to save your time and energy.

slack email invitation to set up slack auto invite

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Again, you may use Slack to create a community for like-minded people.

And to grow your community, you can share your form page so that people can join your Slack channel automatically instead of waiting for you to invite them manually.

The above examples are just two cases to show why you need to use WordPress forms to send automatic Slack invitations.

How To Send a Slack Auto Invite From a WordPress Form

So without further ado, here’s the step by step process on how to send an automatic Slack invitation from your WordPress form.

Step 1: Get Started

First of all, you need to create a WordPress form to get things started. And we’ll be using the WPForms plugin for creating our form. It’s the best form plugin in the market and allows you to build different types of forms using its drag and drop interface.

WPForms WordPress Plugin

So go ahead to install and activate the WPForms plugin. You can check out the guide on how to install a WordPress plugin in case you need any help.

You can also install the Form Templates Pack addon to get 100+ additional form templates.

Next, go to WPForms » Add New to create a new form. You can use any form of your choice as long as your form has an email field. Otherwise, you won’t be able to send an email invitation.

Let’s use the employee information form as an example. You can search for it in the Additional Templates section.

additional templates employee information form for slack auto invite

To customize the form, you can add or remove fields by simply dragging and dropping them. You can also click on each field to make changes to that field.

Finally, you can go to the form settings to change the notification and confirmation settings of this form. And do not forget to click on the Save button, present in the top-right corner, to save the changes.

If you need any help, you can check out our step by step guide on how to create an employee information form.

Step 2: Add Test Entry to Your Form

Once your form is created, you need to add at least one test entry to your form. Why? We’ll use it to test the connection between WPForms and Slack to make sure everything is working properly to set up your Slack auto invite.

To do that, you can embed your form to any post, page, or the sidebar of your site.

However, we’ll use the preview option of the form to create the test entry. Let’s show you how to do it.

Go to WPForms » All Forms. Here you’ll see all your forms including the newly created one. Hover the mouse cursor over the title of your form to get the form options. Once you find the Preview link, click on it.

employee information form preview link for slack auto invite

This will open your form in a new page. Just fill in the form and click on the Submit button to create a test entry. As simple as that!

Step 3: Install Zapier Addon

The next step to get your Slack auto invite set up is to install the Zapier addon.

But why do we need Zapier? We’ll be using Zapier to connect WPForms and Slack. And this will allow us to send Slack invitations from our form.

Not only that, but you can use Zapier to integrate WPForms to over 2,000 apps and do automated tasks.

For example, you can:

So head over to WPForms » Addons, search for the Zapier addon and install the addon once you find it.

zapier addon to set up slack auto invite

Next, go to WPForms » Settings and click on the Integrations tab. Here you can manage the integrations with popular service providers including Constant Contact and Zapier.

Now click on the Zapier icon to see the Zapier API key for your site. Keep this page open as we’ll be using this API key to connect Zapier to WPForms.

WPForms Zapier integration api key to make slack auto invite

Step 4: Create a New Zap

Zapier allows you to create Zaps, which you’ll need to do to set up your Slack auto invite. Wait! What is a Zap?

A Zap is an automatic task that runs between 2 or more apps, again and again, to make life easy for you. And it needs two things: a trigger and an action.

In our case, the trigger is when someone submits the form and the action is to send Slack invitation to that person.

So head over to the Zapier website and log in to your account. If you don’t have an account, you can create a Zapier account for free.

Now click on the Make a Zap! button present in the top-right corner. This will start the configuration wizard to set up the trigger app.

make a zap

Step 5: Configure the Trigger

In this step, we’ll set up WPForms as our trigger app.

Use the Choose a Trigger App search box to find WPForms and click on it to go to the next step.

choose a trigger app

Next, you’ll have to choose a trigger option. WPForms offers New Form Entry as the only trigger option. So select it and click on Save + Continue.

new form entry

Now you’ll have to connect Zapier to your WPForms account. You may skip this part if your WPForms account is already connected to Zapier.

Next, click on Connect an Account button to start the process.

A popup window will open up asking you to enter your website URL and the Zapier API key. Go back to step 3 to understand how to get the Zapier API key for your site.

allow access to Zapier

Once done, click on Yes, Continue to connect WPForms to Zapier. You may test the connection between the 2 apps by clicking on the Test button.

test connection

If you see a success message, click on Save + Continue to proceed.

Zapier will now fetch all the forms of your website. Choose the employee information form from the dropdown box and click on Continue.

select employee information form from dropdown

Here Zapier will show you the entries of your form.

Select any one of the form entries and click Continue. This will be required for testing our Zap. And that’s why we created a test entry in step 2.

select form entry

Great! We have set up our trigger. Let’s move to the next step to configure the action and set up your Slack auto invite.

Step 6: Configure an Action

Now it’s time to set up Slack as our action app. So search for Slack using the Choose an Action App search box and click on it once you find it.

choose Slack as action app

Next, you’ll have to select an action that you want to happen when someone submits your form.

Slack offers many options to choose from. Since we want to send an automatic Slack invite, so select Invite New User and click on Save + Continue.

select Slack action

Just like WPForms, you’ll have to connect your Slack account to Zapier.

So click on Connect an Account to open a popup window. And click on the Authorize button to give permission to Zapier to access your Slack account and perform different actions.

Your Slack account will be added to Zapier now. You can click on the Test button to check the connection between the two apps. And then, click on Save + Continue to proceed.

test Zapier to Slack connection

Next, you’ll have to configure the Slack new user invitation template. Let’s show you how to do it.

First of all, we need to set up the email textbox. This will be the email address of the user who submits the form. And they’ll receive the invitation to join your Slack workspace in that email.

So click on the Insert a Field icon, search for the email field, and select it. Simple, isn’t it?

template slack auto invite

Next, we need the Slack Legacy Token. This is similar to the Zapier API key. We need the legacy token to connect our Slack workspace.

To get the legacy token, click on this link and you’ll be directed to the Slack custom integrations page. Here you’ll see your Slack workspace under the Legacy token generator section.

Slack legacy token generator

Click on the Create token button to generate a legacy token. Now copy that code, go back to the Zapier action setup page, and paste the code in the Legacy Token textbox. Once done, click Continue.

Finally, click on Send Test to Slack to check whether you’ve configured your zap correctly. You can check your email to confirm whether you received an invitation email to join your workspace or not.

If everything is working as desired, click on Finish to complete the action app setup process.

WPForms to Slack zap for slack auto invite

You need to do one last thing. Turn your Zap to ON to make sure whenever someone submits your form, they’ll receive a Slack invite from your side. You can also give your Zap a name of your choice.

That’s it! You’ve successfully connected your WordPress form to Slack to send automatic invitations.

Final Thoughts on Slack Auto Invite

We hope this article helped you to understand how to send a Slack auto invite from your WordPress form automatically.

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If you are not using WPForms, get started with the best WordPress form plugin today!

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