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7 Customer Satisfaction Survey Examples [+TEMPLATE]

Are you looking for some customer satisfaction survey examples?

Customer satisfaction surveys provide beneficial insight into what your customers are thinking about everything from their in-store experience to prices and products, and everything in between. This information is valuable when determining how to make improvements to your business.

In this post, we’ve put together a list of customer satisfaction survey examples to show you how to create this survey on your WordPress site and ensure you get the best feedback possible.

What Questions Should I Ask in a Customer Survey?

customer satisfaction survey forms

When creating a customer survey,  be economical with your questions. Be sure the questions you’re asking are going to get you the most valuable information and insight.

With WordPress websites, the easiest way to do this is with the WPForms plugin, which has 400+ templates.

For this example, we’ll be using the customer satisfaction survey form template, which includes questions to gather customer feedback with a few clicks. We’ll use the form as-is, but you’ll definitely want to customize if you use it on your WordPress site. Check out our article on survey design if you need some more tips on that.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Examples

A good customer satisfaction survey can be as detailed as you want it to be, but a simple survey will often do the trick just fine. The key is knowing what kinds of questions to ask so that you’re able to glean the most information from the responses.

The questions below will help to establish whether a customer is new, how loyal they are to your brand, and whether or not they are likely to recommend your company and products.

1. How Long Have You Been a Customer?

Knowing how long a customer has been with you allows you to do one of 2 things:

  1. If they’re relatively new, their feedback in the survey gives you insight into what it will take to keep them coming back.
  2. If they’ve been with you for a while, their feedback can tell you what’s worked well to build that customer loyalty.

customer survey multiple choice field

The WPForms customer satisfaction survey template gives precise options for customer response. It’s also fully customizable. If you would rather group the response options in different chunks, you can do that by going into the Field Options.

This question uses the multiple choice form field. Not sure which kind of field to use for questions like this? Check out this article on radio buttons vs checkboxes for some tips.

Asking this as the first question helps you to better analyze the responses that follow.

2. Which of Our Products Have You Used?

Knowing whether a customer uses one or several of your products can help you build brand loyalty. If a brand new customer is only using one of your products, how can you make that a great experience so that they want to try more?

And if you have a customer who’s been with you for 3 years but has never tried anything beyond the original product choice, why? What can you do to keep that customer engaged and give them a reason to try other products too?

In addition to that insight, asking customers which products they use is another way to determine what’s most popular with your buyers.

customer survey checkbox field

This is one is a checklist field and you’ll definitely need to customize it in Field Options with your own products and services. If you have too many items to list individually, you can also list out the product categories (for example: makeup, skincare, hair care). Then use conditional logic to provide a more specific list of only the items that are relevant to the selection.

Conditional logic options on a checkbox field

The customer satisfaction survey form template uses conditional logic to let users provide their own detail, as well. When “Other” is selected, a box will open, prompting them to list which of your products they’ve used. This can be a good alternative to listing all of them out.

3. Did You Consider Similar Products During Your Research Prior to Purchasing?

Asking your customers if they considered similar products before purchasing yours is a good way to learn more about their process.

The Customer Satsifaction Survey template is set up with conditional formatting so that if the customer answers “yes” to this question, they’ll be prompted to note which similar products they considered.

conditional logic on a multiple choice field

Knowing what other products and services customers researched can also help you identify features they might want. If you want more detailed responses, you can edit this question to also ask why they considered those products.

4. How Satisfied Are You With…?

Now comes the point where you come right out and ask your customers how satisfied they are with their experience. For this, we’re using a Likert Scale for consistency.

customer satisfaction survey Likert Scale

You can ask your customers to rate their satisfaction with any aspect of your business. The Likert Scale is customizable. If it doesn’t make sense for you to ask about the ease of use but you want to know their thoughts on shipping or store cleanliness, you can adjust the form to suit.

Note that you’ll need to install the Survey and Polls add-on, which is available in WPForms Pro.

5. Have You Needed to Contact Customer Service?

Maybe you have a customer support number or a chat on your website. Maybe you’re just curious to know how the in-store customer service is with your employees. This is another question that can provide additional insight in the context of the customer’s other answers.

customer service contact checkbox field

When evaluating the response here, it’s important to determine if the customer is engaged. Maybe they’ve never contacted customer service because everything has gone exactly as expected. If so, you’d see that in their responses to the “Are You Satisfied With…?” question). Maybe they were immediately unhappy but never reached out for some reason.

If you wanted to add conditional logic to ask about reasons why they haven’t, you could customize it. That would give a better idea of whether their reasons for not reaching out were positive or negative if you find that information would be helpful to you.

Currently, the template uses conditional logic to ask customers about their experience only if they have contacted customer service.

Customer service conditional logic Likert Scale

The template is based on customer service by phone or online chat, so if you provide service in a different form, you’ll need to edit the Likert Scale to reflect your process.

6. How Likely Are You To…?

Likert Scales are great for gathering consistent ratings. That’s why they show up so often in surveys, including our customer satisfaction survey template.

Knowing how likely a customer is to give you repeat business or recommend you to friends and family is another strong indicator of customer satisfaction.

customer satisfaction survey Likert Scale

Again, if you find that you’d like the template to dig a little deeper, you can edit it and use conditional logic to ask them for more information if they’re unlikely to recommend you or your products. Satisfied customers make for strong brand ambassadors.

7. Additional Comments or Suggestions

Finish out the survey by asking customers to provide additional comments or suggestions. It gives them a way to cover anything that wasn’t specifically asked in the previous questions.

Maybe they have a great idea for a product feature. Perhaps they’ve identified a flaw that could be fixed. It’s possible they want to give just a little more information about their overall experience, in their own words.

customer satisfaction survey text field

The survey template caps responses at 300 characters. You can increase or decrease that number, or remove the limit altogether. Giving a character limit helps to keep feedback concise.

And that’s it! You’ve got a customer satisfaction survey that can be live on your WordPress site in a matter of minutes so that you can start collecting feedback.

Next, Dig Deeper With a Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Getting your NPS, or Net Promoter Score, is another way to measure how your customers are thinking and feeling about your brand.

You can create an NPS survey for your WordPress site in a matter of minutes with the WPForms Surveys and Polls add-on. To help you get started with this, here’s how to calculate a Net Promoter Score.

And to make your forms more user-friendly, consider using conversational forms that allow you to create surveys that show one question at a time.

Ready to build your customer satisfaction survey form? Get started today with the easiest WordPress form builder plugin. WPForms Pro includes lots of free templates and offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.

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