10 St. Patrick’s Day Marketing + Coupon Ideas for 2024

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Are you looking for some fun and festive ways to incorporate St. Patrick’s Day with your marketing plans and sales?

Then it’s your lucky day!

I’m sharing my top 10 St. Patrick’s Day marketing and coupon ideas for 2024. So, keep reading. Because these ideas are as good as gold!

10 St. Patrick’s Day Marketing + Coupon Ideas for 2024

First, Get the Coupons Addon

If you want to offer coupons and discounts but don’t utilize a major eCommerce platform on your website, then the WPForms Coupons addon is exactly what you need.

Coupons addon ready

Make sure that the addon is activated in your WordPress dashboard, and then let’s get started!

1. Create St. Patrick’s Day Coupon Codes

For any sales you run or discounts you offer, it’s important to stick to a theme with the coupon codes that your customers will apply to their purchases.

To create a new coupon (where you’ll make the code), go to WPForms » Payments and click on the Coupons tab.

Add a coupon in WPForms Coupons addon

As for the St. Patrick’s Day theme, coupon codes like LUCKYDAY or GOLDCOIN are unique to the occasion while also easy for your customers to remember and spell.

And if you want, you might add the last two numbers of the year or some other number relevant to the discount or holiday, too.

Creating coupon code

Other fun and festive coupon codes you could promote for St. Patrick’s Day might include:






Looking for even more promo code ideas? Check out the extensive list of promo codes that I’ve come up with for every holiday of the year!

Create Your Coupon Codes Now

2. Send Out an Email Campaign

As for your sale itself, share the news with your mailing list in a St. Patrick’s Day-themed email campaign.

With this email campaign, be sure to play up the St. Patrick’s Day occasion in your email’s subject lines, the images you include, and the page copy of your message.

St. Patrick's Day coupon promotion

Your subject line could read something like, “It’s your lucky day!” and correspond with a graphic included in the email. Graphics and images should be green, of course, and might feature shamrocks, gold coins, horseshoes, and rainbows.

Be sure to get creative with your play on words in the message, too, and don’t miss out on clever opportunities like associating green with monetary savings or implying that your customers are in luck.

3. Offer a One-Time-Only Discount

When you’re configuring the finer details of your St. Patrick’s Day sales, consider making certain discounts extra special by allowing them to be applied only once.

You can customize this setting with the Max Uses field in the Coupons tab.

St. Patrick's Day coupon max uses field

Notice how I left the Start Date / Time and End Date / Time blank on my coupon above. So, my customers can use this coupon whenever they want, but can only use it once.

While the first three fields on this page are required, you can leave the start and end dates and max uses blank, if you choose. Though, keep in mind that it would basically make this coupon have unlimited use.

4. Run a St. Patrick’s Day Flash Sale

Luck can come and go in a flash, so why not offer a bit of it to your customers with a flash sale?

St. Patrick's Day flash sale promotion

Your sale would likely be one day only, and the “flash” part of the sale means that the specific discounts you’re offering will be valid for short periods.

For example, you might create coupon codes that are limited to one hour each.

St. Patrick's Day flash sale coupon

Then, you can embed your coupons into a popup on your site that your customers will see when the sale is active.

5. Retarget Previous Customers

Retargeting means that you run ads to customers who already visited your site, but didn’t make a purchase. These could be ads via social media, email campaigns, or other means of communicating with your shoppers.

Since your potential customers showed an interest in what you sell, you’re more likely to be able to bring them back for another look.

St. Patrick's Day special offer ad

And if you offer them a special St. Patrick’s Day discount, that could be all the incentive they need to make a purchase on their second visit to your site.

Especially if it’s a major deal!

6. Promote an Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is a great way for you to reach a new target audience and in turn, gain new customers.

And luckily, it’s incredibly easy to create St. Patrick’s Day affiliate coupons in WPForms!

St. Patrick's Day affiliate coupon

So, when customers place an order, they’ll use the code the affiliate gave them. This is usually some combination of the affiliate’s name or business and the discount or sale.

Then, through order reports and tracking — which can be automated with Google Sheets — you can track how many times each affiliate’s coupon has been used and configure their payout.

When it’s that easy, there’s no reason not to include an affiliate program in your marketing strategy!

7. Reward Loyal Customers

As for your customers who have made a purchase, subscribed, or completed some other call to action, consider offering a reward for their loyalty.

St. Patrick's Day gift voucher

I’d suggest honing in on specific customers and offering them big discounts that will encourage repeat purchases.

With your St. Patrick’s Day sales, you could offer one type of coupon for loyal customers and a separate one for new shoppers.

That way, you can tailor the discount amount according to the audience that you find is the most valuable to your business.

Creating a coupon for loyal customers

Be sure to also check out our full write-up on how to reward loyal customers to discover even more thoughtful ways to show your customers that their loyalty is golden.

8. Host a Lucky Day Giveaway

Another St. Patrick’s Day marketing idea to consider is hosting a giveaway on your site. This giveaway could accompany the sale you’re running, and might even help its success.

For example, we ran a giveaway here at WPForms to promote our Black Friday sale, and we were blown away by the results! Our giveaway item was a new laptop, and we ended up breaking our record number of entries.

Black Friday giveaway idea

So, when hosting your event, choose a must-have item to give away that any customer would be happy to have. This way, your participants have a chance to win a great item, and it allows you to get some viral traffic while your sale is running.

For our own giveaways, we like to use RafflePress to create and promote the event. We appreciate how we can easily add different actions to the giveaway, and can reward these “actions” with entries to our giveaway based on what we want participants to do.

RafflePress giveaway

Then, RafflePress will pick the winner of the giveaway, so any tough decision-making is removed and things are kept fair.

Basically, the plugin does the managing for you!

Want to compare the best giveaway plugins on the market before deciding on one? Check out the full list of plugins we suggest.

9. Promote on Social Media

When you have your sale and coupon codes ready to go, share and promote your event on social media.

St. Patrick's Day social media promotion

You could share a simple graphic like this on your social media to cover all the details.

The large text announces the sale, the coupon code is provided, and the button calls on the viewer to start shopping.

10. Track Your Results

While all of the fun stuff is happening, behind the scenes, it’s imperative to keep tabs on your sale metrics. This way, you can visually understand what works and doesn’t work so that each sale is improved from the last.

WPForms makes it easy to track sales during and after the event, and you can even see which coupons were most successful.

View your coupon data from the Payments page

So, which of these marketing ideas will you try out on your website? The sky’s the limit with the suggestions covered here.

Best of luck with your St. Patrick’s Day sales!

Create Your Coupon Codes Now

Which Parts of the World Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

St. Patrick’s Day is primarily celebrated in Ireland, where it holds religious and cultural significance as a day to honor St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.

However, the celebration is widely observed in various parts of the world, particularly in countries with a significant Irish population.

In the United States, Canada, Australia, and parts of the United Kingdom, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated with parades, festivals, and green clothing to symbolize Irish heritage. Many cities across Europe also join in the festivities, and put on events featuring Irish music, dance, and traditional food.

Want even more holiday marketing strategies? Be sure to explore all the coupon code ideas I cover in my Mother’s Day post, too!

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