15 Best Ways to Reward Loyal Customers for Their Continued Support

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Are you wondering how to reward loyal customers for their continued support to encourage repeat business and boost your revenue?

Fostering customer loyalty by praising and incentivizing their support is a great way to show gratitude and increase recurring sales.

In this guide, we’ll dive into the numerous strategies and ways you can use to reward your loyal customers and make them feel cherished!

Why Rewarding Loyal Customers Matters

Rewarding loyal customers isn’t just a goodwill gesture—it’s a strategic move that offers many benefits for businesses of all shapes and sizes, such as:

  • Enhanced Customer Lifetime Value: Loyal customers tend to spend more over time. By rewarding them, you further cultivate this relationship, paving the way for increased spending and profitability.
  • Word-of-Mouth Marketing: A satisfied, rewarded customer becomes your brand ambassador. Their genuine advocacy can influence others, making them more valuable than any paid advertisement.
  • Buffer Against Competition: A loyal customer base acts as a protective shield in a competitive landscape. They’re less likely to be swayed by competitors, ensuring consistent revenue flow.
  • Reduction in Marketing Costs: Acquiring a new customer can be up to five times more expensive than retaining an existing one. Rewards, in essence, become cost-saving mechanisms in the long run.
  • Valuable Feedback Channel: Loyal customers provide honest feedback. Their consistent interaction with your brand means they can offer insights to improve and innovate your products/services.

Coupons, discounts, loyalty, and reward programs are all excellent ways to create a  personalized touch that appeals to loyal customers. Let’s explore how to use them to make your supporters feel valued.

Creative Ways to Use WPForms to Reward Loyal Customers

Whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation, there are many creative ways you can use WPForms and its Coupons addon to reward loyal customers.

To get started, you must install WPForms and activate the Coupons addon. Please note that this addon is only available to Pro and Elite plan users.

After you’ve activated the Coupons addon, you can access it by going to WPForms » Payments and then clicking on the Coupons tab.

Add coupon option - WPForms

1. Personalized Coupons

Harnessing the power of personalization when creating coupon codes with WPForms can be your key to boosting customer loyalty.

One stellar approach? Create a coupon code inspired by your customer’s name, adding that customized touch to their shopping experience.

Let’s say you have a loyal customer, Sullie. Offering him a unique coupon creates an individualized touch while incentivizing him to make a purchase.

Personalized coupon

This strategy for creating a coupon code with WPForms beats the standard promotional gimmicks and resonates on a more personal level.

In essence, personalized coupons infuse trust, promote brand loyalty, and foster a sense of exclusivity, making your customers feel truly valued.

2. Single-Use Coupon

Let’s now imagine blending the charm of a personalized coupon code with the urgency of a limited offer that can only be used once.

With the one-time-only rule, customers are encouraged to fill up their shopping carts to get the most out of the offer before it ends.

Now, it’s easy to use WPForms to put this plan into action. After filling out all the details for your coupon, the last setting is for max uses.

single use coupon

Basically, this is the number of times each customer can redeem the coupon. To create a single-use coupon, set that number to 1.

This will create an experience that makes the customer want to make the most of the moment, which boosts sales and makes the customer more loyal.

3. Auto-Filling URL Coupon Code

Using forms with already inserted coupon codes is a powerful sales technique for your newsletters or email marketing campaigns.

If customers see the discount applied right away when they click the link to your payment form, they are less likely to abandon it.

You’ll basically need 3 things to construct a URL capable of auto-applying the coupon code with WPForms:

  • Form ID
  • Field ID
  • Coupon code

Auto-apply coupon code

With these components in hand, you can sculpt the special URL. If your base URL is “https://sulliesflowers.com/buy-shoes/,” tweak it to:

  • https://sulliesflowers.com/buy-shoes/?wpf[Form ID]_[Field ID]=[Coupon Code]
  • Plugging in our example values, it becomes: https://sulliesflowers.com/buy-shoes/?wpf67_6=30OFF.

If your consumers click on the link you provided, they will see that the discount coupon code has been applied automatically as soon as your form loads.

4. Percentage Discounts

Percentage discounts are one of the most common coupon types. For businesses, these discounts aren’t just sales gimmicks but strategic loyalty boosters.

When customers see a 10% or 20% reduction, it translates to direct savings, prompting positive emotions and a sense of being valued.

While setting up your coupon with WPForms, pivot the “amount” field to “percentage.” Choose your desired discount rate, and voila! That’s about it.

percentage discount coupon

This subtle nudge often leads to increased cart values. They give customers the power of choice — the more they spend, the more they save.

Regularly offering these discounts, especially to repeat customers, solidifies their bond with the brand, turning casual buyers into brand advocates.

5. Flat Rate Discounts

Instead of a variable rate like you get with percentage discounts, a straightforward monetary deduction provides transparency that customers cherish.

No calculations, no ambiguities. Customers instantly recognize the value they’re getting, enhancing their shopping experience.

The process is identical to setting up a percentage discount. Just make sure the dropdown menu in the Amount field is set to fixed amount ($).

flat rate discount

For those on a budget, knowing precisely how much they’ll save allows for smarter shopping decisions.

Reserve flat rate discounts for your most loyal customers. This makes them feel valued and reinforces their bond with the brand.

6. Free Shipping

The appeal of free shipping or shipping discounts cannot be underestimated, particularly in nurturing and maintaining customer loyalty.

Even if the product price includes the shipping cost indirectly, the psychological benefit of “free shipping” creates a sense of getting a deal.

You can set up a free shipping offer using the flat rate discount method above. Simply create a flat-rate offer that will cover the cost of shipping.

free shipping

You can offer free shipping to new customers as well to reduce cart abandonment, which is one of the unforeseen costs of shopping online.

Offering free or discounted shipping can drastically reduce this metric while strengthening the customer bond.

7. Sitewide Discounts

Offering sitewide discounts helps boost customer loyalty while at the same time encouraging new buyers to purchase something from you.

Regardless of preferences, every shopper finds value. The discount will apply to all items, and as such, will cater to a broader audience of buyers.

sitewide discount

The knowledge that every product comes with a discount often triggers additional, unplanned purchases.

Not to mention, the sitewide discount also becomes a gateway to familiarize new customers with the brand’s entirety.

8. Affiliate Coupon Codes

Affiliate codes often come from trusted influencers or reviewers. When customers use these referral codes, it’s an affirmation of trust.

This exclusivity from affiliate codes adds a layer of magnetism, making customers feel they’re part of a privileged circle.

affiliate coupon

In this example of a referral program, an Affiliate shares their code, and every time someone uses it, they save a whopping 50% on their order.

If you like, you may also make this a one-time-use coupon, which would allow the customer to get a discount on their initial purchase only.

9. Seasonal & Flash Sales

The excitement of a limited-time offer is hard to replicate. Seasonal and Flash Sales tap into this hunger, creating a sense of urgency in customers.

By being time-bound, these sales instill a ‘now or never’ sentiment, prompting customers to act swiftly and make a purchase from your form.

Create a flash sale in WPForms

This particular example shows that the discount code for the hour-long flash sale is only valid between 10 and 11 a.m.

For this kind of sale to work, you need to make sure it gets a lot of attention. Make sure buyers are ready to go to your site as soon as the sale starts and start buying.

Beyond Coupons: Additional Ways to Reward Loyal Customers

If you’re looking for more creative ideas to reward loyal customers, then you might want think beyond coupons.

The following strategies not only help establish long-term relationships with existing customers but also promote engagement with new buyers.

10. Hourly or Daily Deals

Hourly or daily deals are among the most popular ways for marketers to entice new and existing customers to buy products from their websites.

By creating a sense of urgency, hourly or daily deals encourage customers to seize the moment and avail a special discount on their carts.

One of the methods to introduce hourly or daily deals to customers is to use OptinMonster to create countdown timers.

hourly or daily deals

This will create a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out), where customers are motivated to decide quickly when adding a product to their cart.

Ultimately, this results in loyal customers returning to your website frequently to buy new products at a bargain!

11. Mystery Savings Discount Wheel

Want customers to enagage on your website or perform a certain action that ultimately leads to them making a purchase?

Nothing can be more appealing and attention-grabbing than an intelligently designed spin wheel with amazing discounts.

mystery savings discount wheel

You can use OptinMonster to embed a Mystery Savings Discount Wheel on any page to captivate, reward, and retain your loyal customer base.

Customers who know they can spin the wheel on their next visit are more likely to come back in the future in the hopes of winning the big prize.

12. Upsell After the Purchase

When it comes to offering upsells, it’s pretty common to find them featured on product or pricing pages. However, there are more places to offer an upsell.

One of the best and most effective places is to offer an upsell deal right after the customer makes a purchase on your website.

upsell after purchase

You can use OptinMonster to craft compelling offers and pop-ups with enticing deals to enhance the user experience and loyalty.

Presenting relevant products post-purchase with a discount can provide the customer a sense of exclusivity, reinforcing their bond with the brand.

13. BOGO Sales and Deals

Another great strategy to reward loyal customers while urging them to make a purchase on your website is to offer them a buy-one-get-one (BOGO) deal.

Customers inherently perceive BOGO deals as higher value compared to other discounts, leading to an increased desire to capitalize on the deal.

buy one get one free

The appeal of getting something ‘extra’ for the same price instills a positive purchasing experience further boosting customer loyalty.

While it typically benefits customers, BOGO can also aid businesses and retailers in clearing stock and introducing new products seamlessly.

14. Surprise Checkout Discount

A sudden, unexpected reduction in the final price, known as a surprise discount, may make an ordinary shopping experience memorable.

Such delightful customer experiences often translate into stories shared with friends and family, boosting organic brand promotion.

surprise checkout discount

The hope, or even just the possibility, of another surprise discount can lure loyal customers back, increasing repeat purchases and visits.

15. Loyalty and Reward Programs

Customer loyalty programs for repeat customers operate on a simple principle; the more customers engage, the more they avail.

Advanced Coupons Loyalty Program plugin

This reciprocation for their brand loyalty feels like a genuine appreciation and adds a layer of excitment to the conventional shopping journey.

Early access to sales, exclusive products, or special events can make your best customers feel like VIPs, further improving customer retention.

More Questions on How to Reward Loyal Customers

Learning how to reward customers is a popular topic of interest among our readers. Here are answers to some common questions about them.

How do you reward existing customers?

Rewarding existing customers can be achieved through personalized offers, exclusive access to new products, loyalty rewards, and occasional thank-you notes or gifts, ensuring they feel valued and appreciated for their sustained patronage.

What is a satisfied loyal customer?

A satisfied loyal customer is one who consistently chooses a particular brand or service due to positive past experiences, trust in the brand’s value, and a belief that they receive superior treatment or benefits compared to non-loyal customers.

What are the 4 types of customer loyalty?

The four types of customer loyalty are:

  • Cognitive Loyalty: Based on the belief that a brand is superior.
  • Affective Loyalty: Rooted in an emotional connection to the brand.
  • Conative Loyalty: Reflects a strong intent to repurchase in the future.
  • Action Loyalty: Demonstrated when a customer consistently purchases and advocates for the brand.

What is the key to customer loyalty?

The key to customer loyalty lies in delivering consistent, positive experiences, understanding and meeting customer needs, building genuine relationships, and ensuring that customers feel recognized, valued, and important to the brand.

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