11 Memorial Day Coupon Code + Marketing Ideas for 2024

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Do you need some coupon codes and marketing ideas for Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is a popular American holiday that honors fallen service members, and it also marks the beginning of the summer season.

So, if you’re looking for ideas to inspire your 2024 campaigns, keep reading. In this article, I’m sharing 11 creative ways to incorporate Memorial Day into your marketing strategy.

11 Memorial Day Coupon Code + Marketing Ideas for 2024


Before we get started, take note that you’ll need the Coupons addon that comes with a WPForms Pro license.

Coupons addon ready

Once you have these 2 tools installed and activated, navigate to the Payments tab within WPForms. Here, you can create the coupons that I’ll feature in this article.

1. Keep it Respectful

Memorial Day is known for being a somewhat somber holiday, so be sure to keep your marketing campaigns and promotions respectful.

The holiday is a time to recognize the selflessness of soldiers, service members, and other active members of the community, more so than promoting your brand.

So, for the messaging you utilize throughout your site, pay attention to the tone you use. If you aren’t targeting the start of summer as part of your sales campaigns, then you should probably keep the high-energy and celebratory tone to a minimum.

2. Make Memorial Day Coupon Codes

For any sales you run or discounts you offer, you’ll need to create corresponding coupon codes.

These are the codes that your customers will enter on your order forms to receive a discount, and they can be a mix of words, letters, and numbers. WPForms will generate the coupon code for you, or you can create the code yourself.

Creating the Memorial Day coupon code in WPForms

Keeping an appropriate tone in mind, you might create coupon codes such as:

  • HONOR24
  • VALOR24

These codes are simple enough to spell and are fairly easy to remember. The codes are also relevant to the Memorial Day holiday, and any numbers included refer to the current year or discount offered.

Create Your Coupon Codes Now

3. Honor the Red, White, and Blue

Something else to consider with the messaging and appearance of your campaign is the color scheme you might use.

Using a color scheme with Memorial Day Marketing

For Memorial Day, it’s best to use the well-known colors of red, white, and blue. The American flag should be heavily featured throughout your styling, of course, and you might include imagery of stars, fireworks, or candles.

And if you’re feeling extra creative, you could even apply these colors to your logo and use the flag throughout your website.

4. Make it a Weekend-Only Sale

As for the types of coupons and discounts you’ll offer, it makes sense to run a sale throughout the weekend.

Memorial Day is always observed on the last Monday in May, and the preceding Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are usually included with the “Memorial Day Weekend” holiday.

So, you could set the Start Date / Time to begin that Friday, with the End Date / Time being at the end of Monday.

Now, in my coupon example above, customers can get a 20% discount when the coupon code MEMORIALDAY24 is applied, but the discount is only valid through Memorial Day weekend.

5. Run an Email Campaign

Once you have your sales planned, coupons ready, and theme styled, it’s time to let your audience know about your Memorial Day promotions.

The best way to directly reach your potential customers would be through an email campaign.

Memorial Day email marketing campaign

All you need to do is combine the steps above!

A simple image or graphic with a little bit of copy will do the trick. You might mention that the discounts you’re offering are a way to thank our service members, and you’ll probably want to include a coupon code in your message, too.

After all, you need to get the coupon codes to your shoppers somehow.

6. Offer a Loyalty Discount

Since the theme of loyalty isn’t too far removed from the Memorial Day premise, offering a discount to your loyal customers would be relevant to the occasion.

Creating a discount for loyal customers

And since this is meant to reward these shoppers, you might leave the start and end dates blank. This way, your most loyal customers can get their discount whenever they want.

7. Run a Fireworks Flash Sale

With fireworks usually set off during Memorial Day, you could include some of this festive imagery with a flash sale promotion.

A flash sale means that the discounts offered are valid for a very short time — sometimes only hours or minutes.

To create a flash sale with your own coupons, you simply set the Start Date / Time and End Date / Time much closer together.

Creating a Memorial Day flash sale coupon

And with WPForms, you can create as many coupons as you want, running consecutively together across multiple forms.

You could run a flash sale on certain items or categories, for example, while offering other discounts throughout your entire site.

8. Showcase Veterans’ Voices

Another way to recognize service members that Memorial Day honors is to showcase their voices and stories on your website or social media.

You could collect feedback from your site visitors who are veterans and service members themselves, or from those who wish to share their gratitude.

Using a feedback form to gather veteran stories

Then, with the content you’ve gathered from your audience, you might highlight the meaningful feedback in creative ways leading up to or throughout the holiday.

And to make it even easier for you to do something like this on your site, WPForms offers a slew of feedback form templates that would be perfect for this type of project.

In fact, you can access the exact feedback form template I used above straight from our gallery.

9. Offer Discounts for Service Members

Those who sacrifice their time and their selves for the community are at the heart of the Memorial Day holiday, so you might consider offering a hefty discount to verified service members.

Creating a Memorial Day discount for service members

These service members could include nurses, doctors, military personnel, educators, and firefighters, and how you verify them would be up to you.

Perhaps through surveys, polls, and other methods of data collection your site utilizes, you might already have some designations of your customers.

Just be sure to honor these members of your audience, specifically.

10. Give to Nonprofits

Memorial Day is a way to celebrate acts of service, so it’s a great time for your business to donate to your nonprofit charity of choice — perhaps something veteran-centered.

At WPForms, we honor nonprofits every day by offering our Pro plan at $99/year, which is 75% off normal pricing, and our Elite plan at $199/year — 66% off normal pricing.

WPForms offers discounts to nonprofits

It’s our own way of contributing an act of service to the community, and we’re happy to do it!

11. Share on Social Media

I’ve already mentioned how you should notify your audience about your Memorial Day plans via email. But don’t forget to share, share, share on social media, too.

Like your email campaign, social media posts related to your sales should be relevant while respectful, and should also include the coupon codes that you’ve created.

Sharing your Memorial Day sales information on social media

Your various social media platforms are also great places to promote other elements of your Memorial Day campaigns.

This is where you might showcase the veterans’ voices I touched on earlier, or where you could share information about the charitable contributions you’re making in honor of the holiday.

And with that, you’re all set to plan out the best Memorial Day marketing strategy yet!

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What is the Difference Between Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day?

Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day are both important days of remembrance in the United States, but they serve different purposes.

Memorial Day honors and remembers military personnel who died in service to their country. On the other hand, Veteran’s Day celebrates and honors all military veterans who have served in the United States Armed Forces — living and deceased — regardless of the period or branch of service.

While both days recognize the contributions of military personnel, Memorial Day specifically commemorates those who have lost their lives in service, while Veteran’s Day acknowledges the service and sacrifice of all veterans.

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