10 Coupon Marketing Strategy Tips (to Skyrocket Sales)

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Are you looking for ways to elevate your coupon marketing and skyrocket your sales?

Coupons offer discounts and incentives to potential customers, which can encourage them to make a purchase. But how do you use coupons effectively?

Keep reading to find out! In this article, we’re sharing our top 10 tips for your coupon marketing strategy.

What is the Psychology Behind Offering Discounts and Coupons?

Discounts and coupons create a perception of value in the minds of consumers. When people see that they can get a product at a reduced price or receive additional benefits, they perceive the deal as more valuable. So, this perception can stimulate purchase decisions.

Plus, people tend to fear losing out more than they desire to gain. Discounts and coupons can trigger loss aversion, as customers perceive the regular price as a potential loss if they don’t take advantage of the discount.

Finally, offering exclusive discounts to loyal customers can strengthen their connection to your brand. It creates a sense of appreciation and incentivizes repeat business.

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10 Coupon Marketing Strategy Tips (to Skyrocket Sales)

1. Creating a Promotional Calendar

The first marketing strategy tip we suggest is creating a promotional calendar.

A promotional calendar provides a structured schedule for discounts and promotions on your website. In turn, this consistency helps build customer anticipation and encourages repeat visits to your site.

Promotional calendar

With a promotional calendar, you can strategically time promotions for maximum impact, aligning them with holidays, special events, or seasons. You can create a bespoke timeline based on the events you want to focus on, whether it’s Boxing Day for customers in the UK, or Lunar New Year for your buyers in Asia.

This approach also reduces cart abandonment rates and integrates seamlessly with your email and social media marketing efforts! If you’re planning a Black Friday or Valentine’s Day sale, for example, be sure to provide discounts and coupon codes in users’ email addresses to promote your event.

Black Friday voucher code

Overall, a promotional calendar ensures a well-planned and customer-engaging approach to coupon marketing.

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2. Offering Coupons on Order Forms

Another marketing strategy to consider is offering coupons on your order forms.

Including coupons incentivizes immediate purchases, which can increase your conversion rates and reduce cart abandonment.

Adding coupon to order form

In fact, RetailMeNot reports that two-thirds of people claim they’d make a purchase if they had a coupon, regardless of whether they initially planned to buy something.

Plus, customers are more likely to complete a purchase when presented with a discount opportunity during the checkout process. This strategy not only boosts short-term sales but also encourages impulse buying.

Talk about psychology, right?

Coupons offered on order forms also provide a sense of exclusivity and reward for loyal customers, fostering brand loyalty and repeat business. Additionally, it can be a powerful tool for upselling or cross-selling related products at the point of purchase, ultimately driving revenue growth.

Looking for more guidance on coupons? Be sure to take a peek at our tutorial covering how to automatically apply a coupon on your payment forms.

3. Creating Custom Coupon Codes in WP

Creating custom coupon codes is another great way to enhance your coupon marketing strategy because the codes can reinforce your brand identity and increase recognition.

Since Sullie the Bear is part of the WPForms brand, for example, we could use some variation of that name in a coupon code.

And fortunately for WPForms users, it’s incredibly easy to create your own coupon codes, straight from your WordPress dashboard.

personalized coupon code

Custom coupon codes serve as a valuable marketing tool, offering a sense of exclusivity and personalization that resonates with customers, ultimately driving more sales and customer engagement.

They also make it easier to track the success of specific marketing campaigns and promotions, as you can identify the source of each code’s use.

So, when you’re creating codes to use with your coupons and discounts, be sure to get creative in your customization!

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4. Applying Coupon Codes From a Link in an Email

When customers receive a personalized email with a clickable coupon link, it simplifies the redemption process, reducing friction and making it more convenient for recipients.

Plus, you can add coupon links to all kinds of emails! Signup or subscription confirmation emails could include coupon codes, as well as promotional contact and other email marketing campaigns, like the email graphic from Knit Picks below.

Knit Picks email coupon

Delivering coupon codes by email also creates a sense of urgency, as customers may feel compelled to act immediately upon receiving the email, driving timely conversions.

Overall, applying coupon codes from email links streamlines the customer experience, provides valuable data, and enhances the overall effectiveness of your coupon marketing strategy.

Looking to create coupons and codes that are incredibly versatile? Check out our list of the best coupon code plugins for WordPress.

5. Using Limited Time Deals

Speaking of urgency, creating limited-time deals on your website can significantly enhance your coupon marketing strategy by motivating customers and driving sales.

Create seasonal deals to correspond with major shopping events and holidays

When customers see that a discount or promotion has a set expiration date, they are more motivated to make a purchase promptly.

There’s that psychology at work, again!

So, you can align these deals with special occasions or events, such as holidays or seasonal sales, further increasing their appeal.

Limited-time deals are also an effective way to clear excess inventory or introduce new products, as customers are more inclined to take advantage of a discount within a specific time frame.

The best daily deal & coupon WordPress themes also smartly create a sense of urgency by letting you display details like coupon expiry so that more people can act.

In total, these deals add a layer of excitement and urgency to your coupon marketing strategy, leading to increased sales and improved customer engagement.

6. Offering New Customer Rewards

By providing exclusive discounts or perks to new customers, you incentivize them to make their initial purchase, helping to increase your customer base.

These rewards, like free shipping, can be prominently featured on your site’s homepage, effectively welcoming and encouraging visitors to explore your offerings. Plus, the promise of discounts or special offers can reduce hesitations and shopping cart abandonment, particularly among price-sensitive customers.

Use the flat rate discount to offer free shipping

What’s more? RetailMeNot reports that 80% of polled users admit they’d try a new brand if it offered them a discount. That’s a pretty good reason to incentivize new customers with discounts!

These incentives not only drive initial sales but also pave the way for customer loyalty. When new customers have a positive experience with their first purchase, they are more likely to return for repeat business.

Ultimately, offering new customer rewards helps you establish a strong customer base and boosts your coupon marketing strategy’s effectiveness.

7. Offering Repeat Customer Rewards

When you offer rewards, discounts, or exclusive perks to loyal customers, you not only encourage them to make additional purchases but also build a strong, lasting relationship with your brand.

Advanced Coupons Loyalty Program plugin

These rewards can be tailored to recognize and appreciate customer loyalty, showcasing your commitment to their satisfaction.

As a result, customers are more likely to choose your brand over competitors when they are offered special perks for their ongoing support.

Plus, data collected from repeat customer reward campaigns can provide insights into customer behavior and preferences, helping you tailor your marketing efforts more effectively.

Looking for more inspiration? Explore all of our suggested ways to reward loyal customers.

8. Offering Subscription Rewards

Offering subscription rewards on your website is another powerful driver of your coupon marketing strategy.

By providing special incentives or discounts to subscribers, you encourage more customers to join your subscription program.

Autumn promo code

These rewards can be exclusive to subscribers, giving them a sense of value and a reason to stay engaged with your brand over the long term. This enhances customer retention and loyalty, ultimately leading to increased sales.

Overall, offering subscription rewards can help solidify customer loyalty, boost revenue, and foster a committed subscriber base.

9. Using Popups

When strategically deployed, popups can capture visitors’ attention and entice them with exclusive discounts or promotions. So, they’re a great tool to utilize in your coupon marketing strategy.

PushEngage coupon code notification

Popups are another tool that create a sense of urgency, encouraging immediate action and reducing cart abandonment. These popups can be triggered by exit intent, time on the page, or specific user actions set by you.

They also serve as a reminder of available offers, which leads to driving sales and increasing conversion rates.

A live campaign popup

That’s why we recommend using popups as part of your coupon marketing strategy. With them, you can improve engagement, boost email sign-ups, reduce cart abandonment, and enhance the effectiveness of your promotions.

To learn how to create a coupon popup, check out our full write-up about it.

10. Writing Disclaimers and Sale Terms

The final tip to consider with your coupon marketing strategy has to do with your disclaimers and sale terms. You want them to be written well and visible!

Writing disclaimers and sale terms improves transparency, builds trust, and prevents misunderstandings with customers.

Screenshot of Forever 21 coupon with coupon wording examples

Clear terms and conditions help customers make informed decisions and reduce disputes, and they also protect your business from potential legal issues and mitigate risks associated with coupon redemptions.

Plus, having this information readily accessible on your website ensures easy customer access and promotes a positive customer experience.

Overall, well-crafted disclaimers and sale terms enhance transparency, trust, and compliance in your coupon marketing strategy.

Want even more disclaimer guidance? Check out the full article on how to write coupon disclaimers.

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