1. Syed,

    Really looking forward to the Registration Add-on considering I moved form ProfilePress to WPForms!!


  2. I’m testing your form plugin, and it appears the confirmation email is not sending. Luckily the actual form submission is working. Any ideas?

    1. Hey Allison, due to hosts and email providers tightening the belts to fight spam, encountering email delivery issues is becoming fairly common. It can be resolved though by using an SMTP plugin/service. We have an article on that here

      My personal recommendation is SendGrid, which I use on all my own sites. Free, easy to setup, and fixes the issue 🙂

  3. Hi,

    is there any Option to send Email to user who filled the form. ?

    How to get email field of particular form ?

    1. Hi Ajay,

      Yes, it’s absolutely possible to send an email to the person who fills out a form. To set this up:

      1) Open the form builder and go to Settings > Notifications
      2) Look to the From Email field, then click Show Smart Tags to the right side of that
      3) This should open a dropdown that includes an Email option. If you click on this, it should add a Smart Tag for the email address that the user enters

      Here’s a screenshot as an example of how this should look. As shown in that screenshot, if you add more than one email address (or Smart Tag), be sure to put a comma between each.

      For more information on notifications, please check out our tutorial here.

      I hope that helps! 🙂

  4. Hi I love your plugin, thank you.
    The only issue I’m experiencing is that when I flag “automatically scroll to confirmation message” the plugin scrolls under the message, not stopping at the top of it (in fact the message is above the screen).
    You can find the form here:

    Thank you

    1. Hi Federico,

      I took a look at the URL you shared and submitted a test form, but it looks like you’ve disabled the scroll animation so I wasn’t able to replicate the issue. It sounds, though, like there’s a code conflict occurring (could potentially be with your theme, or with another plugin).

      If you’re willing, you could try these troubleshooting steps to locate the source of the issue.

      Or, if you’d like a faster/simpler option, you might consider replacing the Message-style confirmation with a Thank You page. That way, the user would be redirected to this other page and you wouldn’t need the scroll effect at all.

      If you’d like to learn more about how to set this up, as well as ideas on how to make an effective Thank You page, here’s our tutorial with all the details.

      I hope that helps! If you have any questions, please feel welcome to contact our support (here are the links to our Lite support and our paid version support).

      Thanks! 🙂

  5. Hi, I love Wpforms. I dont understand why I have never used it before.

    Currently, there is only one thing bothering me. I want to be able to easily manage the email notifications. Therefore, I went ahead and placed a full HTML/PHP file in a smart tag.

    ex: $myemail_template = file_get_contents(‘https://MYDOMAIN.COM/wp-content/themes/my-theme/emails/email-template.php’);

    However, this only works the first time but never again does it work.
    Do you have any idea how I can make this work? It would make the plugin even more powerful if this was possible.

    Thanks in advanced

  6. How to change style of text used in notification email sent, i want to make some text bold, some itali and underline something. but am not able to do so. I tried using HTML tags, but email comes with no change

    1. Hi Rosh,

      We don’t have an email template in quite the same sense as some other plugins, so to do what you describe requires a slightly different approach for our notifications. You can add inline CSS right into your form notification body as described here. you’ll see that that specific code is meant to change the background to white (rather than the default grey), but you can change any styles here you’d like. There are also instructions at the very top of the code for where to put it in your site’s files.

      I hope this helps! 🙂

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