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[Case Study] 6 Ways WPBeginner Uses WPForms to Grow Their Business

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Aside from making smart forms easy, one of the things that make WPForms the best drag & drop WordPress form builder is our focus on empowering business owners to grow their business.

Every feature that we build is results driven. In this case study, I will share how WPBeginner is using WPForms to grow their blog traffic and revenue.

Meet WPBeginner

WPBeginner is the largest free WordPress resource site for beginners.

WPBeginner Screenshot

Note: I’m also the founder of WPBeginner, and I had our team build WPForms, so we can have more business focused form features that were lacking in other WordPress plugins.

Here are 6 ways we’re using WPForms on WPBeginner to increase our blog traffic and revenue.

1. Contact Form

Every website needs a contact form. It allows your website visitors an easy way to get in touch with you.

Since WPBeginner get millions of visitors every month, it’s important for us to have a contact form that’s not only reliable, but has a way to block spam.

WPForms comes with multiple built-in spam protection solutions: anti-spam tokens, hCaptcha, Google reCAPTCHA, and custom questions CAPTCHA.

WPBeginner website uses the combination of invisible anti-spam protection and Google reCAPTCHA which blocks out all spam.

WPBeginner Contact Form

You can also setup reCAPTCHA on your WordPress forms to reduce spam form submissions.

2. Grow Email List

Every industry expert knows that more than 70% of people leaving your website will never return.

At WPBeginner, it’s important for us to convert as many website visitors into email subscribers, so we can continue to grow our website traffic and revenue.

WPForms comes with built-in email marketing integrations for Constant Contact, Mailchimp, Drip, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor, and more. It also connects to other services and plugins using Uncanny Automator.

WPBeginner website uses WPForms native email marketing integration combined with smart conditional logic to turn all of our contact forms into newsletter signup forms.

In each form, we add a checkbox field that asks users if they want to receive weekly WordPress tutorials and updates from WPBeginner.

WPBeginner Contact Form Optin

We use the conditional logic feature of WPForms to automatically subscribe any user who checks the box to our weekly email newsletter.

WPForms Conditional Newsletter Signup Form

3. Reduce Form Abandonment

Form abandonment is a real problem.

WPBeginner uses the form abandonment feature of WPForms to capture partial form submissions on our important business inquiry forms. This helps the team close more partnership deals.

WPForms Form Abandonment addon settings

Although it’s not live yet, WPBeginner team is also planning to use WPForms’ distraction-free form landing pages to reduce form abandonment on some of their lead forms.

4. Reader Surveys

WPBeginner team regularly conducts reader surveys to gather feedback and make data-driven decisions to grow the website.

They use WPForms’ powerful survey and polls addon to create smart survey forms, so they can get real-time insights from WPForms interactive survey reports.

Graph option in WPForms survey report

Since some of the surveys require more granular permissions & access control, WPBeginner team uses the form locker addon by WPForms to limit the number of total submissions, password-protect forms, and automatically closing submissions after specific date.

form locker settings

In the future, they are planning to use WPForms brand new conversational forms addon to improve form completion rate with an awesome conversational contact form.

Click here to see Conversational Form Demo

5. Get New Blog Post Ideas

Aside from reader surveys, WPBeginner also has a Make a Suggestion page where users can submit blog post ideas.

WPBeginner Make a Suggestion Form

WPBeginner team uses the responses from this form to plan their blog calendar.

If you’re a blogger or even a regular business, you should definitely consider creating a Make a Suggestion page. You will be surprised how many great ideas will come from it.

6. Collect Payments

WPForms allows you to create simple order forms to accept payments right on your WordPress site.

WPBeginner team uses WPForms to create simple payment forms that makes it easy for users to purchase support services.

Although this is not a big chunk of revenue for WPBeginner since they do their best to offer free support, on rare occasions they may ask for a payment to solve a more complicated WordPress problem for a reader.

Final Thoughts

WPForms plays a very important role in growing WPBeginner traffic and revenue. Even though WPBeginner team does not use all of WPForms powerful features, they’re using several important features to streamline their workflow and grow the overall business.

How are you using WPForms on your website? Leave a comment and let us know.

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  1. It’s odd I’ve been receiving emails from WPBeginer since I started using WordPress, about 4 years now. Only this month did I purchase WPforms Basic version mainly because a customer needed the specific features offered. I looked at several others including Contact Form 7 which seems to have high popularity each with its own learning curve. There were a few challenges but the support was very good

  2. I have subscribed to your Basic package, but the admission form which I have created is uploading documents in Media Library, however I didn’t find a way to upload files with identifying usernames and in a user specific folder. Also an ability of the user to see uploaded files.

    1. Hi Syed! You can choose to have file uploads go to your WordPress Media Library, or to your site’s upload folder. Details on how to choose between the two can be found here. We don’t have any feature that would attach identifying usernames to the file directly, or to specify custom folders for where it gets uploaded to, but you can include a field in your form to include identifying information, which would be available in your form’s entry. We also do not have an option to allow your users to see the uploaded files directly, though you could grant your users access to your site so that they can access the Media Gallery as well, or you could have a Notification Email sent to your users which can include the link to the files they’ve uploaded. They can view the files they’ve uploaded in this way. For more details about setting up Notifications, please see this article.

      I hope this helps to clarify 🙂 If you have any further questions about this, please contact us if you have an active subscription. If you do not, don’t hesitate to drop us some questions in our support forums.

  3. My current customer requires long and detailed forms that can be securely emailed to a dedicated inbox. The forms should NOT be stored in any database. Do you have an option for this? If not, I will have to return to the Simfatic form builder.

    1. Hey Terrence, you can definitely prevent entries from being stored on your site. To do this, you’ll just need to open the form builder and go to Settings > General. On this screen, you should see a checkbox labeled Disable storing entry information in WordPress shown in this screenshot.

      Having said that, in order to make sure we answer your question as thoroughly as possible, could you please contact our team with some additional details about what you’re looking to do?


  4. Wanted to know if I create and send a form that asks for a text response related to four or five different topics can I ultimately create a report that aggregates all of the topic 1 responses together and so on? This will let the sender see the input of all respondents by topic. Far easier than going form by form looking at each responder’s topics and trying to keep a tally.

    1. Hi there,

      Currently, we do not have an automated system that aggregates the responses and displays them to the sender. I agree it would be a great feature request for future enhancements! I have added your vote for the same.

      Thanks for the great suggestion 🙂

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