Our Favorite New Year Marketing + Coupon Ideas for 2024

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Are you looking for great marketing and coupon ideas to inspire your New Year campaigns?

At WPForms, we love coming up with creative ways to feature coupons and order forms that convert. So, keep reading!

In this article, we’re sharing our favorite New Year marketing and coupon ideas, and we’ll walk you through how to incorporate each of these ideas on your website.

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Our Favorite New Year Marketing + Coupon Ideas for 2024

First, Set Up Your Coupon

To access all of the Coupons possibilities, first things first – make sure you’ve got WPForms installed and the addon activated. Keep in mind, too, that the Coupons addon is available with our Pro and Elite licenses.

Once you’ve got it all set up, just head over to WPForms » Payments, and there it is – the Coupons tab, ready for action!

Add a coupon in WPForms Coupons addon

From here, you can create all of the coupons we cover in this article. Let’s get started!

1. End-of-Season Sale

You can do a lot with an end-of-season sale to play up the celebration at the end of the year. Consider incorporating the season’s end in your coupon promo codes and limited sale dates, for starters.

For example, the coupon Code utilized in the sale could include the year coming to an end, like ENDOF2023, or SEASONSALE23, which play on both the season and the year.

Generate coupon code

Then, for the Start Date and End Date when you’ll run the sale, you can set them for a specific, limited time at the end of the year.

Coupon start date and end date

Since we’re calling this an end-of-season sale, we can set the dates to run the sale for the entire month of December.

But, like the other details of your coupon, these customization options are completely up to you!

2. One-Day Only Sale

Another way to use the Start Date and End Date with your coupons and discounts is to limit them to a one-day sale.

Within your Coupon settings, you just have to once again customize these dates as part of the setup process.

Coupon start date and end date

Now, your sale has a sense of urgency to it, and it may encourage your site visitors to go ahead and make a purchase.

3. 20% Off Purchase

Percentage discounts rank among the most widely embraced coupon deals, and they’re surprisingly easy to configure, too.

While creating your coupon in WPForms, you just need to make sure the Amount field is set to a percentage. From there, you can specify your desired percentage rate.

Coupon percentage discount

As for the amount of your discount, you could get creative with numbers here, too.

Perhaps, since 20% is a fairly common percentage to offer as a discount, and the number is part of the years 2023 and 2024, that would be a good discount to offer with New Year’s sale.

Which means that 2025 is going to be a great year for creative coupons!

4. $10 Discount

On the flipside (of the percentage off discount), you could offer a fixed amount discount. The setup process is very similar to the setup for a percentage discount.

You’ll create the coupon’s Code and can set the Start Date and End Date if you like. But this time, you’ll confirm in the dropdown menu that the Amount field is set to a fixed amount for cash, rather than a percentage.

Coupon fixed amount discount

This means a fixed dollar amount is deducted from the purchase. Compared to percentage discounts, which vary by price, a fixed discount remains constant for every customer who uses the offer.

Fixed-amount discounts are great for when customers reach a specific minimum purchase. For instance, you could promote a $10 discount for purchases of $100 or more throughout the season, or during various holiday sales across your promotional calendar.

And to celebrate the New Year, be sure to play up the countdown from “10” in your marketing strategy.

5. One-Time Use Coupon

Another great way to feature the New Year’s holiday is with the one-time-only coupons you offer. And, creating this coupon in WPForms is a breeze.

Once you’ve nailed down all the coupon details, the final touch is the Max Uses setting. This is the number of times a customer can cash in that coupon. So, to make it a one-time deal just set that number to 1.

Coupon max uses

And that’s it!

This type of coupon adds a bit of excitement since customers can only snag the deal once, which sort of nudges them to buy more, so they can get the ultimate savings.

6. New Year, New Customer Discount

As a way to reward new customers at the end of the holiday season, you can again utilize the one-time use coupon for a New Year, New Customer Discount.

New customer coupon

This promo code could be offered to potential customers through an email campaign or on a sales page, encouraging them to make their first purchase.

Then, the one-time discount is entered on their order form, and you now have a new customer!

7. Coupons on Categories

WPForms makes it simple to provide a coupon exclusively for specific categories of items within your online store.

When creating your coupon Code and it’s time to choose the forms where you’ll use the code, just opt for the specific categories you intend to include in the sale.

Create category coupon deals in WPForms

Your sale category could be based on the season, the holiday, the item, or anything else you’d like to feature!

WPForms makes it easier than ever to fully customize your coupons and order forms to facilitate your sale.

8. NYE Themed Affiliate Coupons

Another way to highlight the New Year’s holiday with your marketing strategy is to generate themed Codes for users with a referral program.

Affiliates can then distribute these Codes, directing shoppers back to the products featured on your site.

In our coupon above, Sullie shares his Code with his audience and every time someone uses it, they save 20% on their order. Upon completing the order form, customers simply apply the code provided by the affiliate.

You can set this up as a one-time use coupon, too, so it’s applied to the first order only if you like.

Then, by tapping into order reports and tracking–a process that can be conveniently automated to Google Sheets for streamlined organization–you can monitor the frequency of use for each affiliate’s coupon.

9. Flash Sale

With all of the excitement surrounding New Year’s celebrations, it’s a perfect time to host and promote a “flash” sale.

A fun idea would be to have a flash sale of hourly and daily deals with coupons that pop onto your site user’s screen.

You would simply need to create your coupon or coupons that are set to much shorter time limits, and then integrate them with a popup you create in WordPress.

And, surprisingly, creating a popup coupon in WordPress might not be as difficult as it sounds. Check out our full tutorial to learn how!

10. Shareable Promo Codes

For every coupon you create with your marketing strategy, be sure to make them sharable among your website users and social media followers.

And that shareable part is the coupon’s Code! So, when coming up with the coupon Code, keep it simple, relevant, and easy to remember.

Want even more ideas for these codes? Check out our full list of 50+ promo code ideas to use throughout the holidays!

So, which New Year’s coupon ideas will you put into action on your site? With WPForms and the Coupons addon, your options are virtually endless! Don’t miss out on the benefits that come with incorporating these valuable tools with your holiday marketing strategy.

How Do I Announce a New Year Sale?

By reaching out to your audience! Start by crafting a compelling email campaign that highlights the exclusive discounts, special offers, or unique promotions you’re providing for the New Year celebration.

Then, utilize your social media platforms to generate excitement by teasing the upcoming sale and counting down the days. (This is where those holiday promo codes come into play!)

Finally, engage your audience by creating interactive content, such as contests or giveaways tied to the New Year sale, to build anticipation and boost participation.


These are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about New Year marketing ideas:

What are effective New Year marketing ideas for my business?

Consider incorporating special New Year promotions, creating festive-themed content, leveraging email marketing campaigns, hosting countdown events on social media, and offering exclusive discounts to attract and engage your audience.

Are there specific trends or themes to consider for New Year marketing?

Yes! Staying updated on current trends is crucial. Some popular New Year marketing themes include resolutions and goal-setting, fresh starts and new beginnings, celebration of achievements, and embracing positive changes.

These trends may include interactive content, user-generated campaigns, and sustainability initiatives.

Should I offer New Year discounts, and how can I promote them effectively?

Offering New Year discounts is a great way to attract customers. Promote these discounts through email campaigns, social media announcements, website banners, and collaborations with influencers or affiliates.

You should also create a sense of urgency by emphasizing limited-time offers or exclusive deals to encourage prompt action from your audience.

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