Valentine’s Day Marketing (+ Coupon Code) Ideas We Love for 2024

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At WPForms, we love helping you create the best forms for your website, like order forms with your own branding, prices, and coupons.

Offering coupons and discounts is a sweet way to incentivize your visitors to make a purchase, and it’s easy to do if you have a great order form!

So today, in anticipation of February 14th, we’re sharing some fun and festive Valentine’s Day marketing and coupon code ideas, and we’ll show you how to create them yourself.

Create Your Coupon Code Now

Valentine’s Day Marketing (+ Coupon Code) Ideas for 2024

First, Get WPForms

In this article, we’re showing you how to create coupons and customize order forms, so you’ll need to install WPForms and activate the Coupons addon.

Then, you can your access coupons by going to WPForms » Payments and clicking on the Coupons tab.

Add a coupon in WPForms Coupons addon

Now, let’s get started!

1. Be Mine Email Campaign

An email marketing campaign is a great way to notify customers, subscribers, and readers on your email list about your upcoming Valentine’s Day promotions. You could email the coupon code in the days leading up to the sales event, perhaps focusing on new and potentially new customers.

To do so, you’ll want to create the coupon Code first, over in the Coupons tab of WPForms. As you can see on our coupon, we created the coupon code BEMINE20.

Creating the coupon code

We used this combination of words and numbers because we want the coupon code to be relevant to the occasion while also simple enough to remember.

Then, the remaining details of this coupon just depend on how we’d like to set up our discount.

With our coupon, we’re offering 20% off of a purchase (hence the 20 in BEMINE20). Or, if we want, we could make the discount a fixed amount. Perhaps, $20. Then, depending on our preferences, we can fill in the rest of the coupon settings or leave them blank.

Creating the Be Mine coupon

These optional settings include the Start Date / Time and End Date / Time and the Max Uses for the coupon.

We’ll cover these settings in more examples below!

2. Loyalty is Love Reward

For your website users who have already made a purchase, subscribed, or engaged another way, consider offering a reward for their loyalty.

We’ll reward our hypothetical website customers with a discount on a purchase by using the coupon code LOYALTYLOVE. Like the first example, this coupon code could be emailed to your loyal customers and would apply either a percentage or fixed amount discount.

Creating the Loyalty Love coupon

For this reward, we’ll set the Start Date and End Date to run throughout February, and we’ll leave the Max Uses field blank so that loyal customers can use the discount multiple times.

Editing the coupon settings

But, if you’d like to make it a one-time use coupon, simply set the Max Uses to 1! Like the rest of the coupon settings, these preferences are up to you.

3. Celebrating Sweet 14

As for running Valentine’s Day-themed sales, you have a lot of creative options to play around with in your marketing strategy!

For example, a Sweet 14 Sale could be a fun sales event that targets the first two weeks of February, ending when February 14th comes to a close.

Creating a Sweet 14 coupon

Simply set the start and end dates to cover the days you want to run the sale!

4. Love is in the air… With a Sitewide Discount

Another type of discount to offer customers is one that is applied throughout your entire site.

Our sitewide discount is going to coordinate with a “Love is in the air” themed sales event, and offers 20% off everything in our example store. Since 20% off everything on the site is a pretty generous discount, we’re limiting the coupon to a one-time use.

Setting the max uses in coupon settings

Now, we’re ready to promote our fun, love-themed sales event.

5. One and Only Sale

Something else to consider is having a limited-time sale, or a sale on one day only. This could be called your “One and Only” sale, and fall on Valentine’s Day or whichever other sole date you choose.

Creating a One and Only sale coupon

In our coupon above, we’ve created the code “ONEANDONLY” for a discount amount of 20% off the user’s purchase.

And, since we’ve set the sales dates for one day only, we’ll allow the coupon to be used more than once by leaving the Max Uses field blank.

6. Love Can Happen in a Flash Sale

Love — and a sale — can happen in a flash! To cash in on this concept, you might offer flash sales that take place throughout the day or even every hour.

So, when making the coupon, you’ll simply set the start and end times to be much closer than what we’ve set for the coupons we’ve covered.

Setting the start and end dates for flash sale

Now, your specific discount and sale will truly happen in a flash!

7. “We Ship That” Discount

What sorts of pairings do you ship? In the world of modern romance, “shipping” means creating a romantic link between two things that aren’t otherwise paired.

So, there’s no better way to market a Valentine’s Day shipping discount! When creating your coupon for the discount, this is where the fixed amount setting shines.

Setting the fixed amount in coupon settings

All you need to do is decide on a flat-rate amount that would cover the cost of shipping, and make sure that the fixed amount (indicated by $) is toggled.

And now you have a shipping discount to offer that customers will love!

8. Galentine’s Day Discounts

The Valentine’s season is also a time when many people are celebrating friendships, so it’s a perfect opportunity to offer Galentine’s Day Discounts on your site.

For example, you might celebrate Galentine’s Day by offering a discount when a user “becomes your friend” by subscribing to your blog. Simply share the coupon code with them through your signup form confirmation message!

Writing the signup form confirmation message

Other great discounts to consider for Galentine’s Day could include fun, sharable coupon codes, discounts on certain categories, and rewards for new or returning customers. The options are virtually endless with WPForms!

And to celebrate another gal-friendly holiday your customers will love, be sure to check out my article on Mother’s Day marketing and coupon ideas, too.

9. Second Chance at Love Discount

Another festive way to share the coupon code in the confirmation is to include it on your order form.

You could refer to this discount as the customer’s “second chance at love” and offer a discount on their next purchase.

Writing the order form confirmation message

Just be sure to share the same coupon code on your order forms that you created in your WPForms Payment settings! For a refresher on adding coupons to order forms, check out our full tutorial.

10. Sharing the Love Affiliate Coupons

If you use a  referral program on your website, it’s easier than ever to create codes for your affiliates right in WPForms. Your affiliates can then share these codes and direct people back to the products on your site.

Then, when shoppers place an order through the form on your site, they can apply the code from the affiliate to get a discount on their purchase.

Creating the affiliate coupon

For example, we’ve set up the coupon above for our affiliate, Sullie. Then, Sullie shares the code and when someone uses it, they get 20% off their order. But, they can only use it once, most likely on their first order.

Affiliate coupons are a great addition to your marketing campaign and social media presence, so don’t miss out on this fun idea.

11. Red Alert Clearance Sale

Finally, when the celebration is over, you could host a clearance sale on your site to clear out any Valentine’s or winter-related items. All it takes is a few clicks in WPForms.

Once you’ve created your coupon and you need to select the forms where the coupon code will apply, just click on the categories you want to include in your clearance sale.

Create category coupon deals in WPForms

That’s it! You now know how to customize your coupons, forms, and messaging with the Valentine’s-themed ideas we’ve shared here.

What you create is completely up to you!

And don’t forget, St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, so be sure to check out my article covering marketing and coupon tips for the lucky Irish holiday.

Why Should I Base My Marketing Around Valentine’s Day?

Playing into the current season or holiday is a fun way to engage with your audience and turn leads into customers. People are on the lookout for thoughtful gifts, date ideas, and sweet gestures to celebrate loved ones, and that’s where your marketing magic can shine.

Whether you’re selling flowers, chocolates, or clothing, aligning your brand with Valentine’s Day creates a connection with shoppers who are celebrating the occasion!

Create Your Coupon Code Now

Next, Add Your Sale to Your Promotional Calendar

Now that you’re all set with ideas for a Valentine’s-themed sale, it’s time to add your event to your promotional calendar.

A promotional calendar is a marketing tool that helps you plan, organize, and execute campaigns related to your specific event. It’s an essential part of your marketing toolkit, so be sure to give the article a look!

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