Introducing the Webhooks Addon for WPForms

If you want to connect your WordPress forms with external services, we want to make sure you can.

And that’s why we’re so excited to announce the release of the Webhooks addon.

Here’s a breakdown of exactly what this new feature can do for you and your small business website.

Powerful Flexibility With Integrations

You can now automatically send data from your WordPress forms to other tools and apps using Webhooks whenever someone fills out your form. It’s a fantastic choice if there’s an integration you need, but no direct integration option available.

This power-user feature will help save time and money by letting you skip the use of 3rd party connectors, without writing code.

By turning on Webhooks in a form’s setting panel, you’ll be able to trigger an event that notifies other services someone filled out a form, and send the data automatically to those services.

Enable Webhooks in WPForms

Previously, the Zapier addon was the only option for form integration within WPForms. And while this is still a fantastic pick for non-technical users, our advanced users asked for a tool that let them integrate web services themselves.

So for users that are on the technical side, the Webhooks addon can be a great alternative. Webhooks lets you use APIs to call form data from WPForms directly to many different external tools.

That way, you can automate your forms and small business marketing strategy.

Efficient + Cost Effective Connections

We’re especially thrilled to give you even more control of your forms. With this addon, there are no monthly limits to how many times you can send form data to certain integrations.

So if you’re a tech-savvy user and want to use Webhooks to connect forms to other tools outside of WordPress, you can make your forms even smarter while keeping your costs low.

Smart Forms With Conditional Logic

While you’re skipping using the connector service, you can also make your Webhooks extra intuitive by setting them up with smart Conditional Logic.

Use this feature to trigger a Webhook action based on a user’s choice within a form. For example, you could set up Conditional Logic on your Webhooks action to send a message to Slack if a user’s text in a form contains the word ‘Help’.

webhooks conditional logic

That way, you can stay on top of important incoming requests. This is just one instance of the power of the WPForms Webhooks addon.

Check out exactly how to use and install the WPForms Webhooks addon, with or without Conditional Logic.

The Webhooks addon is available with the Elite license of WPForms.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it for our newest release featuring the Webhooks addon!

We sincerely hope you love using the Webhooks addon and find it useful. We’d love to hear from you if you have any thoughts about it.

Don’t have an WPForms Elite license yet? Click here to get started today and experience the power WPForms.

As always, thank you for your continued support of WPForms. We look forward to bringing you more awesome new releases and great addons soon!

Lisa and the WPForms team


  1. This a great move if we can do the same thing for contact and donate form where we can just plug our email address to receive the data that would be greater

    1. Clement, if you’re suggesting an easy way to email donation information such as credit card details, that’s a very bad idea that can get you in a lot of trouble. Sending ANYTHING over basic email is not secure and sending any personal information related to credit cards is a violation of PCI compliance.

      WPForms has PayPal and Stripe integrations that can be used for securely receiving payments.

      1. Hey Ty – Thanks for chiming in! You are absolutely correct that it is not a good idea to get those sensitive details via email. In our Stripe addon, all sensitive details from the Credit Card field are sent straight to Stripe without ever touching your own site’s database, this takes care of PCI compliance requirement.

        Thanks 🙂

  2. This sounds like something I could really use but I’m not very tech savvy as far as WPForms goes yet. Could you give some examples of how this might be useful?

  3. I would like the data coming in through WPforms extract and integrate in google docs list… is that possible with that webhooks?

    1. Hey Bea – Yes, that is possible but depending on the service, the effort required will vary. Some services are easy to integrate while some might take a lot of technicalities. We are working on tutorials/guides to provide walkthrough steps for various services. That documentation is still work in progress and should be available in the future. For now, you can refer to this example we have published already to connect WPForms to Slack.

      Have a good one 🙂

  4. I’ve been waiting YEARS for this basic feature that so many other plugins already have. I was excited to see the announcement, but VERY DISAPPOINTED to find it’s only available with the top-level license.

    “This power-user feature will help save time and money by letting you skip the use of 3rd party connectors, without writing code.”

    Well, forcing me to buy the “Elite” license at $300 EVERY YEAR removes any cost savings…and, at least for me, it’s not about cost savings but about integration with existing services I’m using.

    Now I regret letting my subscription auto-renew last month.

    1. Hey Ty – I am sorry to hear that you are not too happy with the pricing for Elite license. Currently, it is available with Elite license only but I will definitely make sure to pass on your feedback to our management team if they want to consider something on this.

      Thanks 🙂

  5. Hey Abhishek – congrats on this release. I use WP Forms and run a technology called Gatsby that many clients integrate with their existing registration and popup forms to identify social data and customer influencers. Perhaps we should have a chat? We integrate with webhooks as well.

    1. Hey Brett – Glad to hear you are using webhooks to integrate with your technology. For any related inquiry, I would suggest dropping a message here and you can get it in touch with the relevant person in the team. Please make sure to elaborate on your requirement/vision as much in detail.


    1. Hey Anar – I am afraid, currently Google sheet tutorial is not available. We are working on some tutorials to be published soon, at the moment only this tutorial for webhooks is available.

      I apologize for the inconvenience!

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