Introducing WPForms 1.7.7 the new layout field is here

Introducing WPForms 1.7.7 – The NEW Layout Field Is Here

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We’re releasing version 1.7.7 of WPForms today, and with it, we’re super excited to launch one of the most exciting changes of the entire year.

Introducing the brand new Layout field!

In WPForms Pro, you can now create multi-column forms using only the simple drag-and-drop actions you’re familiar with. No CSS or HTML required!

Let’s take a look at how the Layout field can help you design more compact forms that fit into your page layout perfectly.

Simple and Powerful Form Layout Controls

The layout of your forms is one of the most important factors affecting user experience.

That’s why the Layout field is going to be such a game-changer!

In many cases, it’s easier to fill out a complex form if it’s organized into columns instead of one long list of fields. The new Layout field gives you the power to create complex layouts with up to 4 columns.

form layout field

Like any WPForms field, you can drag and drop the Layout field anywhere and create multiple columns. You’ll see containers that allow you to drag other fields inside it.

You can add up to 4 columns in a single click.

layout field added

To build your form inside your new columns,  drag and drop the fields you need into the columns you created.

fields in two columns

Quick and neat, right?

To speed up the process of using columns, we also added a tool that lets you select an active column.

This lets you click on fields to quickly add them to the column you’ve selected, rather than dragging them individually.

The active column is marked by an upward arrow.

set column active

Once you’ve built a layout, you can also duplicate the Layout field to create an exact copy of the same group of fields. This is perfect for building order forms or any other form where you want to repeat the same fields several times.

See our doc on using the Layout field for a detailed guide.

But there’s more! We have another feature that will make form creation faster.

Layout Presets

To make advanced form design as easy as possible, we’ve included 8 different types of layouts that you can choose from.

Just select your preset and the layout will be created for you.

form layout presets

As always, the WPForms form builder will display a live preview of your selected layout so you can instantly see if your fields are perfectly fitting into the layout.

There will be cases where having two equal-sized columns would work perfectly from a design standpoint.

right column populated

And there are going to be cases where having one column wider than the other might lead to a better user experience.

column 2 wider

Layout presets make it easy to create forms for any scenario without the hassle of building different layouts.

We’ve also made sure that your forms will always remain responsive no matter the size of the screen they’re viewed on. For smaller mobile devices, your multi-column form fields will automatically collapse into a single column to maintain the best user experience for all of your visitors.

Many of our customers have been enjoying higher form completion rates by using our earlier features like Save and Resume and multi-page forms. We’re confident that the new form layout controls will add another tool to your arsenal for improving user experience and boosting form conversions.

Our Next Release Is Just Around the Corner…

As ever, when we release a new feature, we’re always busy working on the next one. We’re excited to reveal even more features very soon.

Until then, we really hope that you’ll try out the Layouts field to level up your form design game!

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Don’t forget to share your thoughts on WPForms 1.7.7 with us. We think you’ll love it!

– Jared


  1. Now that’s a very welcome addition.
    If we now get the ability to show the submit button based on conditions (sometimes you don’t want to show it until…) and some kind of text field (like a text section block) to explain certain aspects inside a form it gets even better.
    And if there was also the ability to use calculations then I could create simple calculators on the site for added value.
    But this is already one great extension of what was possible and makes life certainly easier. Thank you for that.

    1. Hey Sebastian, Unfortunately we don’t have a way to hide submit button based on conditional but you can implement some custom code as outline here.

      Regarding the calculation feature, our forms do not have the ability to run the calculations. I do agree it would be super helpful, though, and it’s certainly on our radar as we plan out our roadmap for the future. I’ve added your email to the request.


  2. We want to purchase it but first, we want to know that after the redirection process a message mail should send to the subscribed customer or not

    1. Hi there,

      You can absolutely send a notification email to the user who submitted the form by setting the email field’s Smart Tag in the Send To Email Address field of the notification setting. Here’s a quick screencast that shows how to do that.

      Please check here for a step-by-step guide on how to set this up.

      And in case you are sending one email notification to multiple email addresses, please separate them with a comma (,).

      Hope this helps! 🙂

  3. I set these forms up initially for my WP website but pretty soon changed my mind and deleted the website.
    However for some reason I still continue to get emails (from my own email address) on the forms that I have not set up and no longer need. I have tried all options to get them to stop but no way can I stop them.
    The wpforms emails do not have an ‘unsubscibe’ option. I go to the website and it does not recognise either of my email addresses so I can’t log in there to diable them. WT am I supposed to do?

    1. Hi Kathi- Sorry to hear about the frustration you are facing here. Looks like the plugin is not uninstalled from your site completely.

      Could you please reach out to our support team and share the screenshot of the email that you are receiving? and they’ll help you get this sorted 🙂

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