WordPress business form templates

9 Business Form Templates for WordPress

Are you looking for essential business form templates for WordPress? Our templates have been carefully created so you can have any type of business form within just a few clicks and have it fully functional on your website in minutes. Each WPForms template is fully customizable too. Our drag and drop form builder makes it […]

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How to take over an existing wordpress website

How to Take Over an Existing WordPress Website + Domain

Are you ready to take over an existing WordPress site? Taking ownership of a new website can be daunting because there are so many parts to the whole process. But the process becomes far easier if you know exactly what to look for. during a takeover. For this post, we’ve put together a checklist outlining […]

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Best transactional email services

5+ Best Transactional Email Services in 2022

Do you want to get the best transactional email service for your website? There are various transactional email services on the market, but not all of these may be the right fit for your business or nonprofit. In this post, we’re going to list our top recommendations for transactional email services and discuss their main […]

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Best demographic questions for online surveys

15 Best Demographic Questions for Online Surveys

Do you want demographic questions for your surveys? Demographics are population characteristics, and, in turn, demographic questions aim to gather in-depth background information on survey participants. We’ll outline the most critical demographic questions and why we ask them below. Why Do We Ask Demographic Questions? Demographic questions aim to gather specific information on survey participants […]

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9 CRM Best Practices + Actionable Pro Tips for 2022

Are you following CRM best practices to provide the best possible customer experience? If you’re not, then you might be falling behind your product or service’s true conversion potential. CRM research suggests that as much as 52% of customers prefer purchasing from brands delivering a higher standard of customer experience, even if it means spending […]

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Best activity log plugins for WordPress

11 Best Activity Log Plugins for WordPress [Free + Paid]

Do you want to track users with the best activity log plugins for WordPress? There are various plugins out there that allow you to track backend activity and also the frontend behavior of your WordPress users. We’ll take a look at the best WordPress activity log plugins that you can use to gain valuable insights […]

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