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12 Best Bulk Email Plugins for WordPress (Tested & Reviewed)

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Are you looking for the best WordPress bulk email plugin to send subscribers mass announcements, newsletters, product updates, or sales promotions emails?

A bulk email service is crucial for sending emails to a large audience while enabling you to monitor the performance and nurture your leads.

This can help you make informed, data-driven decisions based on what attracts your email lists and what strategies result in increased conversions.

If you want to leverage such marketing automation, look no further. I’ve done the research and shortlisted these best bulk email services for you!

12 Best Bulk Email Services in 2024

Based on my analysis, these are some of the best bulk email services that help you reach a wider target audience and help communicate with subscribers on a larger scale:

1. WP Mail SMTP

The WP Mail SMTP homepage

What’s the use of sending bulk emails if your subscribers don’t get them or they get marked as spam? So, the first plugin I suggest looking into is WP Mail SMTP, which replaces the default wp_mail() function to improve email deliverability.

WP Mail SMTP Lite is also the most popular SMTP service in the WordPress plugin repository, which allows you to connect an email server instead of your web host to send emails. It has 3+ million active installations.

A graphic showing how WP Mail SMTP works

Meanwhile, paid versions offer a setting that allows you to queue emails and send them over a longer period of time. This can help you to get around limits imposed by your email provider or SMTP server. Isn’t that amazing?

My Experience

WP Mail SMTP was easy for me to install, and I quickly integrated it with a bulk email sender for my WordPress website, thanks to its intuitive setup wizard. I also appreciated the Force Name and Force Email features, which immediately helped fix any conflicts of email addresses from other plugins on my WordPress site.

Setting the From Name and From Email in WP Mail SMTP

To handle bulk emails more responsibly, I also loved the ability to set up additional connections and use different mailers for different types of emails. Not to mention, I could also select a Backup Connection to resend emails automatically in circumstances where the Primary Connection fails.

Setting up a backup connection in WP Mail SMTP

If that weren’t enough, WP Mail SMTP also gave access to many advanced email logging and tracking features. At times when I was busy, the Weekly Summaries proved incredibly handy. I could also easily track open and click-through rates, access logs for every email sent, and check their delivery status.

What I Liked

  • Numerous Mailers: WP Mail SMTP supports a huge list of mailer services, many of which are also included in this list of bulk email plugins.
  • Additional Connections: You can set up different emails, aliases, and mailers to send bulk emails for different marketing or transactional needs.
  • Backup Connections: If your primary connection fails, you can use the backup connection to resend emails instantly as a failsafe measure.
  • Detailed Email Logs: Forget about emails going amiss with WP Mail SMTP. You can access detailed email logs directly within the WordPress dashboard.
  • Open and Click Tracking: You can analyze the performance of each email by seeing if your emails were opened and links inside them clicked.
  • Delivery Status Tracking: When sending bulk emails, it’s vital to know whether or not your mail is being delivered, and WP Mail SMTP excels in tracking this status.

WP Mail SMTP report dashboard widget

How Much Does WP Mail SMTP Cost?

The best SMTP plugin, WP Mail SMTP Lite, is 100% free forever. However, if you want to access advanced features and integrations, the Pro versions start at $49.50/year, which is a worthwhile investment for businesses that want to maximize their email conversions and customer engagement.

Get started with WP Mail SMTP today!

2. HubSpot’s Email Marketing Tool

hubspots email marketing tool landing page

As one of the best CRM platforms out there, next up on my list of bulk email services is HubSpot’s Email Marketing tool, which you can use to create, customize, and manage bulk emails without any coding knowledge.

If you’re just starting a business and looking for a free tool to explore, I believe HubSpot’s Email Marketing Tool is an excellent option. It allows users to send up to 2,000 emails monthly, which doesn’t include test emails to analyze deliverability and functionality.

My Experience

My hands-on experience with HubSpot’s Email Marketing Tool was incredibly positive, thanks to the easy setup process and the ability to integrate bulk email sending and management directly into my site via the WordPress plugin.

hubspot wordpress plugin

Since HubSpot is a CRM tool, I also appreciated the ability to segment my audience based on different stages of the sales funnel and send them tailored emails, which helped increase my conversions and figure out what’s working and not.

The HubSpot Email Marketing Tool also allows you to configure automated workflows based on specific actions and triggers taken by email recipients, which are incredibly handy when sending bulk emails.

hubspot automated workflow

What I Liked

  • Goal-Based Email Templates: It’s incredibly easy to create professionally-looking emails, thanks to the range of available goal-based (and FREE) templates!
  • Add Smart Rules: I loved the ability to automatically serve customers with different subject links, attachments, and CTAs based on specific actions and triggers.
  • A/B Testing: Analyze the effectiveness of your subject lines and email content to learn what drives increased engagement and sales for your email marketing strategy.
  • AI Email Writer: HubSpot’s adoption of AI helps create attractive copy for your newsletters, announcements, and more with simple prompts.
  • Drag-and-Drop Builder: Crafting attractive-looking emails that are optimized for different devices is no longer a chore, thanks to the drag-and-drop builder.

How Much Does HubSpot’s Email Marketing Tool Cost?

HubSpot’s Email Marketing Tool can be used for free, and the plugin can easily be downloaded from the WordPress plugin repository. However, you may have to subscribe to a premium plan to increase your monthly email-sending limits as your business expands and attracts a larger audience.

Get started with HubSpot today!

3. Brevo (formerly Sendinblue)

the brevo homepage

For my third pick, I’ve added Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) to the list of the best bulk emails because it is a comprehensive CRM platform with several features for sending and managing emails (300 emails/day).

Like HubSpot’s Email Marketing Tool, Brevo can be used for free. This makes it a suitable option for those businesses starting with their email marketing and wanting to explore different services before making a financial commitment.

My Experience

When I decided to try Brevo to send out bulk emails, I was immediately impressed by the straightforward setup process. From choosing a free, customizable template to adding contacts (unlimited, by the way), the tool is simply amazing!

brevo email templates

I also loved that I didn’t have to provide my credit card details to sign up for the free plan, which made the process more straightforward. I was setting up automated campaigns for marketing and transactional emails within no time.

The drag-and-drop builder for emails was also quite easy to use and intuitive and made it very simple to craft professionally-looking templates for different email-sending needs. The plugin’s email deliverability is also incredible!

brevo drag and drop email builder

What I Liked

  • Audience Segmentation: As a full-fledged CRM platform, you can use Brevo to segment and manage your email subscribers with ease.
  • High Deliverability: Bulk emails sent through Brevo have a high deliverability, ensuring all emails reach your subscribers’ inboxes and not the spam folder.
  • Advanced Automation: Similar to HubSpot, you can use Brevo to set up automated workflows based on user preferences and behaviors.
  • Transactional Emails: You can easily set up transactional emails for password resets, order confirmations, etc, through a list of custom-made templates.
  • Real-Time Analytics: Premium plans give you access to basic reporting and analytics features for tracking the performance of your email campaigns.
  • Integration with WP Mail SMTP: You can easily integrate Brevo with WP Mail SMTP to take advantage of email logs, open/click tracking, and more!

How Much Does Brevo Cost?

You can use Brevo’s 100% free service to send up to 300 emails daily, manage unlimited contacts, and even create SMS and WhatsApp campaigns. If you want to take advantage of higher sending limits of 20,000+, along with features like no Brevo logo in emails, basic reporting, and analytics, premium plans start at $25/month.

Get started with Brevo today!

4. SendLayer

the sendlayer homepage

Compared to HubSpot and Brevo (which also offer free plans), SendLayer is the best-paid service for sending out bulk emails, especially for those in the marketplace looking for a tool that doesn’t have a steep or complicated learning curve.

SendLayer is incredibly easy to use and set up, thanks to its user-friendly interface that places simplicity at the forefront. The starter plan allows you to send approximately 1,000 emails monthly and gives access to other advanced features.

My Experience

When I review a service, what matters the most to me is how easy the plugin is to use. After all, a lot of us using these plugins are beginners. Brevo shines incredibly bright in this area, making setting up emails with its API and SMTP a breeze.

sendlayer smtp connection

I also appreciated its ability to integrate with WP Mail SMTP to improve email deliverability further while gaining access to other advanced features like Suppression Management, Open & Click Tracking, Bounce Management, and more!

If you’re running an eCommerce store, you’ll also love the fact that SendLayer supports integration with popular plugins like WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento through the WP Mail SMTP plugin.

WP Mail SMTP mailers

What I Liked

  • Send with API or SMTP Relay: You can set up SendLayer for your transactional and marketing emails via both an API and SMTP Relay process.
  • Suppression Management: Identify addresses that shouldn’t receive emails due to user preference (e.g., unsubscribe), hard bounces, or reasons like spam complaints.
  • Blocklist Management: This feature from SendLayer automatically identifies addresses to which sending emails could harm the sender’s reputation.
  • Event-Based Webhooks: Create event-based webhooks easily for when emails are sent, delivered, opened, clicked, or bounced.
  • Integration with WP Mail SMTP: Pair SendLayer with WP Mail SMTP for bulk email needs where setting up additional or backup connections is crucial.

How Much Does SendLayer Cost?

SendLayer doesn’t offer customers a free version or trial. Still, at a starting price of $5/ month (billed annually), it is a complete solution for sending bulk emails, managing user preferences, accessing insightful analytics, and taking advantage of numerous anti-spam measures for your email deliverability performance.

Get started with SendLayer today!

5. Mailchimp

the mailchimp homepage

Mailchimp is probably one of the most popular email marketing and sending plugins used by many novice and expert users, thanks to its streamlined interface, dashboards, and numerous email reporting features.

It follows a freemium pricing model, which makes it a suitable option for startups and large businesses alike. On the free plan, you can send 1,000 emails per month and add up to 500 unique contacts, which is quite reasonable, to stay the least,

My Experience

As far as experience goes, I really love Mailchimp because I’ve personally used it myself for over 3 years. It may not be as easy to use as SendLayer, but it gets all the basics right and can be a great platform to begin your email marketing journey.

Setting it up on WordPress is also incredibly easy, thanks to the MC4WP plugin available on the official WordPress repository. From creating forms to using custom email templates, there’s a lot you can do with Mailchimp.

mc4wp email editor tool

What I probably like the most about Mailchimp, though, is the Customer Journey Builder feature, which provides a checklist-style campaign builder for adding contacts, choosing triggers and actions, and designing the content all in one go!

What I Liked

  • Detailed Analytics: Whether you access reporting and analytics via the plugin or the website, acquiring actionable insights about open/click-through rates is very easy.
  • Seamless Integration: You can easily connect Mailchimp to your WordPress website, which is why it is a great option for novice users.
  • Email Automation: Mailchimp makes it super easy to customize email actions and triggers based on browsing and purchasing data.
  • Generative AI: Similar to HubSpot, Mailchimp also offers a generative AI tool for creating engaging email content that converts.
  • Audience Management: You can target customers based on advanced logic like spending amounts, buying behavior, and predicted attributes.

How Much Does Mailchimp Cost?

Mailchimp offers a free plan that allows you to send 1,000 emails and add up to 500 contacts. If you want access to advanced features like up to 4 journey points, 3 audiences, and monthly email sends of over 5,000, paid plans start at $6.50/month.

Get started with Mailchimp today!

6. Drip

the drip homepage

Next on my list of bulk email services is Drip, which is famously recommended as an alternative to Mailchimp by many marketers. Many brands use the platform to engage their audiences and grow their revenue.

What sets it apart from the competition is that it offers a 14-day free trial to test the service, and as a starting point, it allows users to send unlimited emails and add over 2,500 people to an email list. Yes, you heard that right!

My Experience

I can safely say that if you’re looking for a paid service with unlimited email sending, Drip is the best option in the marketplace. With its custom-made templates, creating emails for different needs of your website is incredibly easy.

drip email templates

Similar to other tools in the list, it also comes equipped with powerful audience segmentation and automation tools, which allow you to schedule emails with ease, based on user behavior and preferences.

Configuring manual triggers is also a breeze, and I personally enjoyed the suggestions provided by Drip to automate my workflow. You can also integrate Drip with eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, and more.

What I Liked

  • Pre-Made Templates: For transaction emails like order confirmations, password resets, order cancellations, etc., you have a ton of templates from which to choose.
  • Audience Segmentation: Connect with audiences based on specific traits and send them tailored marketing emails to boost your conversions.
  • Multichannel Automation: The trigger options available are vast and greatly assist in executing a multichannel approach to your marketing needs.
  • Detailed Insights: You can dive deep into the performance of your emails through comprehensive dashboards and reports.
  • 150+ Integrations: The scope of integrations available with Drip allows it to complement your existing tools and send bulk emails seamlessly.

How Much Does Drip Cost?

Drip offers a 14-day free trial to users (without having to provide your credit card details). The pricing starts at $39/month, which is quite reasonable, especially if you consider that you can add over 2,500 contacts to an email list and send unlimited emails through Drip for transactional and marketing emails!

Get started with Drip today!

7. Constant Contact

the constant contact homepage

With a set of features made just for businesses wanting to improve their email marketing, Constant Contact stands out as a powerful tool for sending bulk emails. It boasts a high email deliverability rate, ensuring all emails land in subscribers’ inboxes.

Depending on the email plan you select, you can send emails up to 10, 12, or even 24 times the highest number of contacts during a given billing cycle. For instance, if you can add 500 contacts according to your plan, you can send 5,000 emails.

My Experience

From the get-go, the ease of use of Constant Contact stood out, allowing me to quickly get up to speed with creating and sending out bulk emails.

A drag-and-drop tool and customizable templates make campaign creation a breeze. Drip campaigns and A/B testing of different subject lines and email content are two of the advanced marketing automation options it offers.

constant contact email builder

Similar to Mailchimp and HubSpot, it also offers an AI assistant to help with the content creation of your emails, whether that be for marketing or transactional purposes. You can give this assistant a few keywords, and it will return content almost instantly.

What I Liked

  • Powerful Automation: From welcome emails to triggered series based on user actions, automation saves time and personalizes the customer experience.
  • Pre-Made Templates: There’s a template for nearly every occasion and industry, making it simple to start and customize emails.
  • User-Friendly Design: Creating visually appealing and responsive emails for all devices is a breeze, thanks to the drag-and-drop email editor.
  • SMS Marketing: On higher tier plans, you can also use Constant Contact to set up SMS marketing campaigns that open up a new revenue channel.
  • Lead Nurturing: Automate the email workflow and send targeted emails to customers based on different stages of the sales lifecycle.

How Much Does Constant Contact Cost?

Similar to Drip, Constant Contact offers users a 14-day free trial to test their service out for sending bulk emails. Once the trial expires, there are pricing plans that start at $12/month, giving you access to add up to 500 contacts and send approximately 5,000 emails during a given billing cycle.

Get started with Constant Contact today!

8. GetResponse

the getresponse homepage

GetResponse is another great service to send bulk emails that allows you to collect contacts, nurture subscribers, retain customers with marketing automation, and increase sales and revenue with audience segmentation.

The best part of all: it follows a freemium pricing model. This means, you can sign up for free (without entering your credit card details) and send approximately 2,500 emails monthly (notification emails are not included in this limit)!

My Experience

After testing GetResponse for sending bulk emails, it became clear that the platform is quite user-friendly. Creating email campaigns is very easy, and you can even use it to create landing pages, signup forms, popup forms, and more.

Just like other services in this list, it also comes equipped with powerful audience segmentation and automation features, which allow you to create customized campaigns for different audiences based on their preferences and specific actions.

Assessing the impact of your emails is also incredibly simple, since GetResponse offers detailed analytics in the form of intuitive tables and graphs that help you gauge open rates, click-through rates, deliverability percentages, and more.

getresponse email analytics

What I Liked

  • User-Friendly Interface: Makes navigation and operation straightforward for users of all skill levels.
  • Drag-and-Drop Email Editor: Simplifies the email creation process, making it accessible to users without design experience.
  • Advanced Segmentation: Enhances the relevance of emails for recipients, leading to better engagement.
  • Automated Email Sequences: Saves time and increases efficiency by sending out emails based on predefined triggers.
  • Detailed analytics and reporting: Offers valuable insights into campaign performance, facilitating informed decision-making.

How Much Does GetResponse Cost?

GetResponse offers a free plan that allows you to send 2,500 emails per month (not including notification emails). If you want access to more advanced features like increased list size of 1,000 contacts, AI email and campaign generator, signups forms and popups, plans start at $15.58/mo (billed every year).

Get started with GetResponse today!

9. ConvertKit

the convertkit homepage

Next up on my list is ConvertKit, a platform that is specifically recommended for creators and influencers who want to expand their online presence organically and send marketable material to their email lists regularly.

ConvertKit offers a free plan to those starting out with their platform (no credit card required). Similar to Drip, you can use it to send unlimited emails, albeit you can only add up to 1,000 contacts to your email list.

My Experience

My experience with ConvertKit was extremely refreshing because it manages to do exactly what it says: help creators from all walks of life. The platform is a great choice for authors, podcasters, and artists.

That said, the interface is also designed in a way that’s quite different from all the tools I’ve explored and tends to be much more user-friendly. Setting up email campaigns is also incredibly simple, thanks to the customizable templates available.

convertkit email templates

The drag-and-drop email editor is also very easy to use and provides useful recommendations on designing an email that looks professional-looking and gets the point across in a straightforward manner. Overall, I really loved using ConvertKit!

What I Liked

  • Effortless Email Creation: The drag-and-drop email builder truly helps you design emails like a pro and allows you to personalize templates to your needs.
  • Advanced Segmentation: Similar to other tools, ConvertKit offers advanced segmentation features that segment your subscribers based on their actions.
  • Automated Workflows: Everything from setting up welcome emails and additional tips to keep users engaged to offering special discounts can be set up automatically.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: With detailed reports for measuring open rates, click-through rates, conversions, and more, you can make data-driven decisions easily.
  • Opt-In Form Creation: You can also use ConvertKit to create opt-in forms to encourage interested visitors to join your email list.

How Much Does ConvertKit Cost?

ConvertKit offers a free plan that allows users to send unlimited emails to up to 1,000 contacts. Once your list passes that limit, you’ll be prompted to sign up for their Creator Plan, which starts at $9/month (billed annually). The pricing, however, for this plan is dynamic and based on the number of email subscribers you have!

Get started with ConvertKit today!

10. Campaign Monitor

the campaign monitor homepage

Campaign Monitor is another service that excels in sending bulk emails to subscribers, offering a huge list of features that cater to businesses that want to expand their business and boost their email marketing efforts.

It is a paid service, but you can sign up for a free trial, which gives you access to most of the platform’s premium features, such as email sending limits of 2,500 emails and the ability to add up to 500 contacts.

My Experience

My experience with Campaign Monitor was transformative for my email marketing campaigns. From the get-go, the ease of use stood out, as I was able to navigate through the platform’s features effortlessly.

Crafting emails is an enjoyable task with Campaign Monitor, thanks to the drag-and-drop email builder and the wide array of templates that cater to various themes and purposes, helping kick things off.

campaign monitor email templates

The segmentation and automation features also significantly improved my ability to reach my target audience with messages that resonated with them on a personal level. The real-time analytics is also quite impressive.

What I Liked

  • A/B Testing: Facilitates the testing of different email versions to see what performs best with your audience.
  • Dynamic Content: Offers the ability to personalize emails with content that changes based on the recipient’s data.
  • Comprehensive Analytics: Provides deep insights into campaign performance, helping to fine-tune future strategies.
  • Drag-and-Drop Builder: Simplifies the email creation process, enabling the design of custom emails without needing coding skills.
  • Robust Segmentation: Allows for precise targeting by segmenting your audience based on their behavior and preferences.

How Much Does Campaign Monitor Cost?

Campaign Monitor offers a free trial, but there’s not much you can do, as you will be prompted to upgrade your plan once you attempt to send an email campaign to more than five people. If you decide to upgrade, the basic plan starts at $10/month and can allow you to send 2,500 emails monthly to around 500 contacts.

Get started with Campaign Monitor today!

11. MailerLite

the mailerlite homepage

From creating landing pages and sign-up forms to email marketing campaigns, there’s a lot you can do with MailerLite. The platform boosts your digital marketing to help increase your revenue and profits from different channels.

If you’re running a business on a budget, MailerLite offers a free plan that allows you to send 12,000 monthly emails to about 1,000 contacts, which is quite reasonable to say the least, since you don’t have to pay a single penny!

My Experience

I enjoyed using MailerLite because it makes creating landing pages, signup forms, and custom emails incredibly easy, thanks to its huge variety of templates for different industries and use cases that can be customized to fit your business model.

It has a beautiful user interface and drag-and-drop builder, which offers plenty of customization features to help design campaigns that match the aesthetics of your brand and its overall appearance.

mailerlite email builder

The best part is that MailterLite successfully integrates with eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify. You can even configure automation workflows that send emails based on user behavior and actions.

What I Liked

  • Drag & Drop Editor: This feature allows users to easily create engaging and visually appealing emails without coding knowledge.
  • Automation: MailerLite’s automation tools enable users to set up email sequences that trigger based on subscriber actions, saving time.
  • Segmentation: With segmentation, users can group their subscribers based on specific criteria, such as behavior or demographics.
  • A/B Testing: This feature allows users to test different versions of their emails to see which one performs better, helping to improve open rates and engagement.
  • Landing Pages: Users can design and publish landing pages without web development skills, complementing their email campaigns.

How Much Does MailerLite Cost?

MailerLite offers a free plan that allows you to send 12,000 monthly emails to about 1,000 contacts. If you want to leverage other advanced features and unlimited monthly emails, pricing plans start at $9.00 / month (billed yearly).

Get started with MailerLite today!

12. Mailjet

the mailjet homepage

Mailjet stands out as a powerful tool for sending bulk emails at once. It can meet the needs of many businesses that want to streamline their email marketing efforts. The platform’s emphasis on deliverability ensures that emails reach their intended inboxes.

It offers a free plan to users that allows them to add up to 1,500 contacts and send up to 6,000 emails monthly (200 emails per day), along with an advanced email editor to create attractive copy, subject lines, and templates for your email campaigns.

My Experience

Throughout my experience with Mailjet, I found its features remarkably user-friendly and efficient. Crafting emails became a seamless task thanks to the platform’s drag-and-drop editor, which allowed me to design visually appealing messages easily.

The ability to segment my audience and personalize emails significantly boosted my engagement rates, making my campaigns more effective. Moreover, Mailjet’s automation features enabled me to send timely and relevant emails to my subscribers.

mailjet automation workflow

What I Liked

  • Drag-and-Drop Email Editor: This feature allows you to create beautiful, responsive emails without any coding knowledge easily.
  • Real-Time Collaboration: Collaborate with team members in real-time on email design and content, streamlining the email creation process.
  • Email Segmentation: Segment your email list based on subscriber behavior or demographic information to send more personalized and effective emails.
  • Email Personalization: Personalize emails with recipient-specific data to increase engagement and open rates.
  • Automation: Set up automated emails triggered by subscriber actions, saving time while maintaining engagement.

How Much Does Mailjet Cost?

You can sign up to Mailjet for free and send 6,000 emails to around 1,500 contacts monthly. To add unlimited contacts and send up to 15,000 emails monthly, you will need to upgrade to their Essential plan, which costs around $15/month.

Get started with Mailjet today!

FAQs about WordPress Bulk Email Plugins

Bulk email plugins are a popular topic of interest among our readers. Here are answers to some common queries about it:

What is a bulk email service?

A bulk email service is a tool that lets businesses send email messages to many people at once. It’s used a lot for marketing and keeping in touch with customers.

This service helps you send newsletters, promotions, or updates to all your subscribers without sending emails individually.

One key feature of a bulk email service is managing your contacts list. This means you can organize your subscribers, add new ones, and remove those who don’t want to receive your mass emails anymore.

It’s important because it helps you follow email rules and ensures people who get your emails really want them.

What are some reasons to send bulk emails?

Sending bulk emails can be a powerful way for businesses to connect with many people quickly and effectively. Here are some important reasons to send bulk emails:

  • To Share News and Updates: When your company has something new or important to share, bulk emails ensure everyone gets the news simultaneously. This could be about new products, company news, or service updates.
  • For Marketing and Promotions: Bulk emails are great for telling customers about sales, discounts, or special offers. They can help increase sales and bring attention to specific products or services.
  • To Send Newsletters: Many organizations use bulk emails to send regular newsletters. This keeps subscribers informed and engaged with what’s happening, such as upcoming events, industry news, or tips related to your field.
  • To Educate Your Audience: Bulk emails can be used to send educational content that adds value to your subscribers. This could be how-to guides, industry insights, or resources that help them understand your products better.
  • Customer Engagement: Sending personalized messages or greetings on special occasions (like birthdays or anniversaries) can make your customers feel valued and strengthen their connection to your brand.
  • Feedback and Surveys: When you need opinions or feedback from your audience, bulk emails can distribute surveys or feedback forms. This helps you gather valuable information to improve your products or services.

What features should I look for in a bulk email service?

When you’re looking for a bulk email service, it’s important to pick one that fits your needs. Here are some key features to keep an eye out for:

  • Easy-to-Use Email Editor: A service that offers a drag-and-drop editor makes it simple to create attractive emails without needing to know how to code.
  • List Management Tools: It should be easy to add, remove, segment, and manage your subscribers. This helps you send the right messages to the right people.
  • Automation and Scheduling: Look for the ability to send emails automatically based on actions like signing up to a list or scheduling them to go out at a certain time.
  • Templates and Design Options: Having a variety of templates and design options helps you make emails that look good and match your brand.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Seeing how your emails perform, like how many people open them and click on links, helps you understand what works and doesn’t.
  • Deliverability Support: A good service will have features in place to help make sure your emails actually get to your subscribers’ inboxes and not into the spam folder.
  • Customer Support: When you need help, it’s important to have access to good customer support, whether it’s through chat, email, or phone.

Is there a free bulk email service I can use?

Yes, there are many free bulk email services you can use. Some paid services even offer a free trial to test their service out. To help you with the decision-making process, I’ve included a list of free bulk email services below, along with their monthly sending limits:

  • MailerLite: 12,000 emails (monthly)
  • Brevo (formerly Sendinblue): 300 emails (per day)
  • Mailjet: 6,000 emails (monthly)
  • GetResponse: 2,500 emails (monthly)
  • HubSpot 2,000 emails (monthly)
  • SendLayer: 1,000 emails (monthly)
  • Mailchimp: 1,000 emails (monthly)
  • ConvertKit: 1,000 emails (monthly)

How much does it cost to send 100000 emails?

The cost to send 100,000 emails can vary greatly depending on the bulk email service you choose and the specific plan you’re on. Generally, email marketing services offer several pricing models, including pay-as-you-go, monthly subscriptions, or even custom pricing for high-volume senders.

For pay-as-you-go plans, prices typically range from $0.000 to $0.005 per email, meaning sending 100,000 emails could cost anywhere from $0 to $500. Some services offer monthly subscriptions, where the cost can be lower if you’re sending emails regularly.

These subscriptions might start from as low as $20 per month for up to 10,000 emails and can go up significantly depending on the service provider and the volume of emails.  For 100,000 emails per month, you might expect to pay between $100 to $500, depending on the level of service and features included.

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