Best Coupon & Daily Deal WordPress Themes

9 Best Coupon & Daily Deal WordPress Themes (2024)

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Standing out in the coupon site space isn’t easy. It’s a crowded market, packed with tough competition.

You need a website that looks great and is easy to use if you want visitors to stay, explore, and take advantage of your deal promotions.

We explored a bunch of popular and some not-so-popular coupon and daily themes for WordPress and put together a list of our favorite ones.

Hopefully, you won’t have to do the grunt work of searching yourself after going through this list.

Theme 🎨 Pricing πŸ’° Key Features ⭐ Ideal For 🎯
WP Deal $59/yr Clean design, flexible for adding deals, multiple payment gateways Daily deal marketplaces (like Groupon)
WP Coupon by FameThemes $89/yr Helpful coupon usage tracking and statistics Affiliate coupon websites
Tripp $59/yr Dark mode supported,Β  affiliate link tracking Travel bloggers and agents
DailyDeal $59/yr Affiliate management, buil-in payment integrations Deals portals promoting affiliate offers
Clipper $69/yr Affiliate link cloaking, coupon bulk import Large coupon directory websites
ClipMyDeals $79 Barcode generator for physical coupons, Elementor compatibility Affiliate deals and coupon websites
Deals by Theme Junkie Free Rating-based coupon categorization Budget websites with good dev skills

Best Coupon & Daily Deal WordPress Themes

1. WP Deal

WP Deal Home

WP Deal immediately stood out during our testing because of its smooth and sleek design. The frontpage is among the cleanest designs that we’ve seen in a daily deal theme, and that’s our favorite attribute.

The centralized menus at the top allow for easy navigation, drawing attention to the most important deal pages without overwhelming the visitor.

We also particularly liked the “today’s deal” section that appears right under the top fold. It’s perfectly designed to highlight a deal you want more people to be seeing.

With pricing details calling attention to the original price and how much a visitor will be saving by getting the deal, it’s a powerful click-grabbing element for your daily deals.

Another thing that caught our eye is the countdown timer and progress bar attached to each deal. This is excellent for urging people to take action by getting a deal before it expires.

WP Deal coupon listings

The theme also has a prominently labeled Submit Deal option in the menu bar. This leads to the coupon submission form where vendors and store owners can submit their deals easily.

We really like the fact that the form allows vendors to add every relevant detail about their deal including the start date and end times, purchase limits, and so on.

And because you can never be too sure how your submitted deal will actually appear on the frontend, the form lets you preview your deal listing. That’s a fantastic functionality that we were really glad to see.

Our Favorite Features ⭐

  • User-friendly design and decent theme customization options
  • Easy ways to add different types of deals from WP admin
  • PayPal,, and other payment integrations are natively supported.

Who’s It For 🎯

We recommend WP Deal for businesses that want to create a daily deal marketplace site similar to Groupon for group buying.

2. WP Coupon by FameThemes

WP Coupon home

WP Coupon has the appearance of a more traditional coupon directory theme that you’d be more familiar with. While it’s not our favorite theme from a visual standpoint, that doesn’t stop us from appreciating its handy functionalities for showcasing daily deals.

This theme is better tailored for affiliate coupon code websites rather than a generic coupon and daily deal directory. There’s a dedicated store and category page where you can add all the stores you’re affiliated with.

WP Coupon - coupon listing

The coupons are grouped by stores and categories so visitors can easily find the deals their favorite brands are offering. It also supports link cloaking so you can create concise, relevant, and consistent referral links for your affiliates. No one really likes ugly and clumsy direct links that visitors may not even recognize as trustworthy.

One of the first things we noticed with this theme is that it gives you the ability to choose the expiration behavior of each deal you’re showcasing.

Need to remove a coupon entirely from your page once it’s expired? That’s easily taken care of with the theme’s expiry options. Or if you’d rather highlight an expired deal to reinforce the idea that visitors missed out on something great, that’s also easily handled.

Because it’s a coupon-focused theme rather than daily deals, it includes some great features to offer a better coupon usage experience. Unlike deals, coupons can be often invalid and misleading.

This theme addresses that issue by adding statistics for every coupon, highlighting success rate based on user votes, total usage statistics, and an AJAX comment section under every coupon listing which updates without the page reloading.

These features combine to deliver a solid coupon website experience that your visitors will enjoy.

Our Favorite Features ⭐

  • Coupon usage tracking and success statistics
  • Supports both printable coupons as well as digital codes
  • Good coupon expiry options for creating a sense of urgency.

Who’s It For 🎯

We think WP Coupon is great for affiliate coupon websites that prefer promoting both digital and physical coupons for specific brands.

3. Tripp

Tripp home

Tripp is the ideal theme for a travel website. Although it looks nothing like a daily deals or coupon site, you’ll have no problem creating coupons for your affiliates with this theme.

The theme looks a lot like an Instagram feed and we think that’s a great design choice for a travel-oriented theme. You can play around with different layouts quite easily and changing colors along with deeper customizations is a breeze with no coding required.

We love the fact that the theme supports dark mode, which looks fantastic. You’d be surprised how many themes in the present day still don’t have a dark mode!

When it comes to coupons, you can create both digital coupon codes that can be clicked to copy or deals with a CTA redirecting to your affiliate. The deals and coupons appear as a section inside each travel destination page.

Tripp Coupon page

You can easily promote coupons and deals for car rentals, rooms, tickets, and so on for the destinations listed on your site. So if you were looking for ways to monetize your posts with affiliate deals in a way that looks super slick and natural, this theme does a fantastic job of it.

It’s also nice to see that the theme supports ThirstyAffiliates, so you can create trackable referral links for the affiliates whose deals and coupons you’re promoting.

The theme covers pretty much every aspect of a travel magazine or blog. It even comes with WooCommerce to sell your own travel-related merchandise.

That’s a great feature to have that travel businesses with multiple revenue streams (affiliate deals and coupons, and an online store of their own) would surely love.

Our Favorite Features ⭐

  • Outstanding design with various types of media thumbnails supported
  • Travel coupons and deals with affiliate tracking
  • Excellent post layouts and flexible customization options.

Who’s It For 🎯

We think websites operating in the travel industry (solo bloggers, travel magazines, travel agencies, and the like) will love Tripp.

4. DailyDeal

Daily Deal

DailyDeal is very similar to WP Deal, which is understandable as they’re both developed by Templatic. However, WP Deal is more customizable with a modern aesthetic, while we found DailyDeal’s style a bit more traditional.

The homepage immediately stands out in this theme, with a great “today’s deal” section that allows you to highlight your best deal for the day. You can take advantage of this to draw more attention to the affiliate deals offering you the best commissions.

Every deal includes useful information about the price, discounts, and expiry details. You can also choose between a list layout or a grid layout for your deal pages, and we think they both look pretty good!

The deal submission form has exactly the same kind of fields and steps as WP Deal, though the form here has a more outdated feel as compared to WP Deal.

In terms of backend functionality, DailyDeal has pretty much all the useful features for managing deals and customizing your deals website.

It’s also payments-ready with PayPal, 2Checkout,, and several other options integrated with the theme right out of the box. So you can easily make money with every deal submitted to your site by your affiliates.

Our Favorite Features ⭐

  • Customizable home page and great page layout options
  • Built-in payment integrations mean you don’t need third-party tools
  • Backend affiliate area makes it easy to track deals by affiliates.

Who’s It For 🎯

We think DailyDeal is a decent theme for people looking to create a deals portal to promote affiliate partner offers.

5. Clipper


Clipper is a good old-fashioned coupon theme. It looks very much like a generic coupon website from 2008 so we weren’t really impressed with it from a design point of view.

That said, we can’t deny that it’s a very convenient theme to get started with thanks to its helpful built-in features.

The homepage includes a carousel of coupons at the top, which is a smart way of featuring coupons most profitable for you. The main section on the home page lists the coupons that can be clicked to copy and redirect to the store’s website in a single action – we’d give full points for speed and prioritizing user experience there!

The coupon listings also display important stats like total views, the success rate of the coupon, and easy voting icons to enable user feedback about the validity of the coupon.

The functionalities that stood out for us are the integrated payments, link cloaking tools, and coupon import. If your monetization strategy includes charging vendors for submitting their coupons on your site, the integrated payment will be perfect for you.

And for your affiliate commissions, the link cloaking tool with the theme is super handy. You can use it to add affiliate links when you’re adding a new store to your site.

Overall, Clipper is a great theme despite its outdated design. You likely won’t be needing too many external plugins with this theme.

Our Favorite Features ⭐

  • Built-in payment system supporting Stripe and PayPal
  • Link cloaking tool bundled with the theme
  • Coupon import tool to add coupons in bulk from CSV file.

Who’s It For 🎯 

We think Clipper is a great theme if you prioritize integrated functionalities more than style. Coupon directory websites that want a comprehensive bundle of affiliate coupon management features will likely enjoy this theme.

6. ClipMyDeals

ClipMyDeals Home

ClipMyDeals isn’t ideal for a few reasons. It has a very outdated feel and is the kind of theme that can make visitors feel overwhelmed with tons of distracting elements.

That said, it does offer a few features that we can’t help but admire. For one, it’s quite customizable. You can use the default WordPress customizer or plugins like Elementor to edit your pages. And we liked the various grid setting options for the coupon pages, supporting up to a 4-column grid layout.

However, we expect most users would require a lot of customization to make this theme look its best. That’s because the default styles really don’t look good in the modern day and will definitely not lead to the best user experience if used as-is.

As can be expected, the theme lets you add coupons as well as deals, and a search feature to find deals by store, category, and location.

One really cool feature is the barcode generator. This can be used to create printable coupons if you have any affiliate partners offering sales in their physical stores.

We only recommend this theme if you’re looking for a nostalgic feel for your site with a design that’s no longer considered ideal.

Our Favorite Features ⭐

  • Decent customization options and layout choices
  • Compatible with Elementor
  • Offers barcode generator for printable coupons.

Who’s It For 🎯

We think ClipyMyDeals can be a potential candidate as a theme for affiliate deals and coupon websites that aren’t particular about using the most modern styles for their site.

7. Deals by Theme Junkie

Deals by Theme Junkie

This Theme Junkie theme is our least favorite theme on this list. With a design very similar to Clipper, it’s the kind of theme that won’t really amaze anyone with how it looks.

But hey, it’s a free theme. We don’t like complaining about free stuff, and this theme actually gives you more features than you might expect from a free theme.

When it comes to customizations, the theme is fairly limited. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing – if you’re looking for something easy and straightforward, the limited options can be a blessing.

You can choose from 4 different color schemes, apply different layouts, and comprehensively manage your deals and coupons.

Although it also includes a user rating system, it’s not as powerful as Clipper’s. That’s because it will only display the aggregate number of upvotes and downvotes rather than calculating an overall success score which is a lot more intuitive and effective from a conversion optimization standpoint.

Again, it’s nice to have a rating system in place than to not have it at all.

We were disappointed to find that the theme relies on backend customizations if you want to change your logo, page layouts, and most other elements.

As a result, it’s not the most intuitive coupon theme out there compared to some of the alternatives. But that’s often the tradeoff with free themes.

Our Favorite Features ⭐

  • A separate section for “unreliable coupons” helps add credibility to the site
  • Free of cost

Who’s It For 🎯 

We think Deals by Theme Junkie can only be a good option if you’re comfortable with backend customizations versus using a visual editor and are looking for a simple coupon theme with a limited range of options.

Bonus Coupon Plugins & Themes

While ready-made themes are great if you want to get started ASAP and your business is entirely focused on affiliate deals and coupons, there are scenarios where installing a pre-built theme may not be ideal for you.

In those cases, you may want to look elsewhere. Below, we’ll take a look at some useful options you can consider.

8. SeedProd

SeedProd theme select

While SeedProd is primarily known as a plugin for adding a Coming Soon or Maintenance page with a single click on your site, it also has a fantastic and user-friendly theme builder.

With the ability to build your own theme using an easy drag and drop editor, SeedProd gives you more flexibility than you can imagine with any pre-made theme.

You can start with a base template and then customize your theme by parts including the headers, footers, posts, pages, categories, products, sidebars, and more.

Add theme template seedprod

If you want to create a daily deal or coupon portal theme, you can combine SeedProd with WooCommerce to achieve this. Using WooCommerce, you can create a separate product category for discounted products and then use SeedProd to fully customize the styles for that page without having to edit any theme files by code.

You can learn more about creating themes with SeedProd here.

Our Favorite Features ⭐

  • Intuitive theme customization by components (headers, posts, pages, etc.)
  • Highly flexible designs enable the creation of unique themes
  • Native integrations let you connect your theme with marketing services

Who’s It For 🎯

We recommend SeedProd for businesses that want to step outside the generic themes in use and want to create a unique theme for their coupons and daily deals website without working with any code.

9. WPForms

WPForms coupons

In certain cases, coupon themes may not be the best fit for you. Suppose you’re having a sale on your website and you want to sell your own custom order form (as opposed to promoting affiliate partners).

In these scenarios, it’s not practical to install a whole new coupon-focused theme on your site. Instead, you can save yourself much hassle and time by simply taking advantage of WPForms’ Coupon features.

With WPForms, it’s easy to build an order form with the capability to accept coupons.

Applying a coupon in WPForms

You can create an evergreen coupon or expiring coupons restricted by time and maximum number of usage. The coupons can either offer a flat discount by your specified amount or by percentage. You have all the controls!

Most themes offer only basic coupon usage tracking. But with WPForms, things become much more visual as you can view a chart summarizing your redeemed coupons over a period of time.

Track coupon sales

So if you’re looking for a way to use coupons to boost sales on your own products and services, we recommend trying WPForms Pro for a user-friendly coupon management and tracking solution.

Our Favorite Features ⭐

  • Ready-made order form templates with coupon fields
  • Intuitive payments dashboard for tracking sales and coupon usage
  • Highly configurable coupon expiry options.

Who’s It For 🎯

We think WPForms is ideal for small businesses with cartless checkout systems running sales on their own sites using order forms. But if you’re an affiliate promoting deals and coupons for partners, a coupon or daily deal theme would be better suited for your needs.

Get WPForms Pro Now

And that’s all of our favorite coupon and daily deal themes and solutions. We hope this list will help you find the perfect theme for your business.

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