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7 Best WhatsApp Plugins for WordPress

Looking for plugins to help you connect WhatsApp to WordPress? Fortunately, there are plenty of options that can help you stay in touch with users via the popular messaging platform. In this post, we share the top WhatsApp plugins for WordPress and show you how they can add messaging or chat functionality to your site.
Best WhatsApp plugins

How to Take Google Pay Payments in WordPress

Want to enable Google Pay on your WordPress site? Digital wallet payment methods like Google Pay and Apple Pay make it easy for customers to complete their purchases on your site. In this tutorial, we show you how to set up Google Pay for WordPress using WPForms and the Stripe addon.
How to Take Google Pay Payments in WordPress

36 Best WooCommerce Plugins for Your Store [2023]

Are you trying to find the best WooCommerce plugins to take your online store to the next level? There are tons of plugins out there to extend WooCommerce and help you build the perfect digital business. In this post, we share our top picks to narrow down the options for you.
Best WooCommerce Plugins

7+ Best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress [2023]

Looking for the best Google Analytics WordPress plugin for your site? Adding Google Analytics to WordPress helps you track your site visitors and get detailed information about them. That way, you can make better business decisions. In this article, we'll compare the best Google Analytics tools for WordPress. We'll also help you to choose the best one for your needs.

Radio Button vs Checkbox: Which One to Use (And Why)

Are you comparing radio buttons vs checkboxes for your forms? Radio buttons and checkboxes are both online form elements for making selections. As a common practice, there are used interchangeably and thus sometimes incorrectly. Though they both display a list of options for users to select, they are different in appearance and use. In this article, we will compare radio buttons vs checkboxes so your forms are professional looking and spot-on.
Radio buttons vs checkboxes

How to Make a User Review Form to Add to Your WordPress Website

Collecting user reviews online is important so you can sell more products. You can use testimonials on different pages on your website, and make it simple for leads to learn more about your product by reading reviews. We'll show you how to make a user review form on your WordPress website using our Rich Text field.
How to Make a User Review Form in WordPress
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