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How to Create a Simple Contact Form in WordPress

Do you want to add a contact form to your WordPress site? As a site owner, you need to give your readers an easy way to get in touch with you. With WPForms, we’ve made it easy to create a simple contact form in WordPress. When you’re a new website owner, you may wonder why […]

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How to Automatically Send Leads from WordPress Forms to Marketo

Do you want to automatically send leads from your WordPress forms to Marketo? With WPForms, you can easily integrate your online forms with Marketo, so you don’t have to add your customers manually, which can be a great time saver. In this article, we’ll explain how to automatically send leads from WordPress forms to Marketo. […]

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How to Add Tooltips to Your WordPress Forms

Do you want to add tooltips to your form? Tooltips are little boxes that pop up when you hover over an element without clicking it. Today, we’ll show you how to add tooltips to your WordPress form. Why Tooltips? Tooltips are hints or messages that pop up when your visitor hovers over or touches an […]

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