52 Feedback Form Questions to Ask on Customer Surveys

Asking yourself what questions should I ask in a feedback form? Sending a survey to customers and getting their feedback is vital to learning where opportunities for growth are within your website and small business. So in this post, we’ve listed some ideas of fantastic feedback form questions you can ask on your customer surveys. […]

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Track Form Submission in GA

NEW! How to Set Up WordPress Form Tracking in Google Analytics

Do you want to track your WordPress forms submissions as events in Google Analytics? Form submission tracking can help you figure out where your users are coming from. In this article, we’ll show you you how to use Google Analytics to track form submissions in WordPress. We’ll also show you how you can use a […]

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11 Perfect Thank You Page Examples (You Need to See Now)

Want to be inspired for your own website by some great thank you page examples? When set up correctly, a good thank you page can help you track form submissions while also impressing your leads. So in this post, we’ll show you some of the best thank you page examples out there that you can […]

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How to Enable WooCommerce Maintenance Mode

How to Enable Maintenance Mode for WooCommerce

Do you need to put your WooCommerce store into maintenance mode? It’s important to always have a maintenance page ready in case you need to work on your store. In this article, we’ll show you the fastest way to set up a WooCommerce maintenance mode page. Create Your WordPress Contact Form Now How Do You […]

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8 Tips to Boost Donation Form Conversions (Get People to Donate Money)

Looking for ways to get people to donate money to your charity? Whether you’re struggling to meet its online fundraising goals or you’re doing great with donations, you could always use help making your online donations forms better. Chances are your donation form isn’t fully optimized to boost conversion. So in this post, we’ve listed […]

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