how to calculate a net promoter score (NPS)

How to Calculate a Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Net Promoter Score (NPS) measures how likely your customers are to recommend you to others. In this post, we’ll explain the formula to use when calculating your score. If formulas aren’t your thing, the WPForms Surveys and Polls addon includes a Net Promoter Score template you can use to automatically calculate your NPS.

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Akismet vs recaptcha

Akismet vs reCAPTCHA: Which Is Best to Stop Spam?

Looking to fight spam on your WordPress website?

Comment and form spam can be a problem with WordPress. Fortunately, there are great tools such as Akismet and Google reCAPTCHA, that can help you beat spam. But which one is best for your website?

Both tools are effective but they work differently. In this article we’ll compare both and share our verdict!

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How to increase the max file upload size in WordPress

How to Change Max File Upload Size in WordPress (3 Easy Methods)

Are you looking to Increase the max file upload size and WordPress?

While most hosting services allow for reasonably large media file uploads, there may be occasions when you’ll need to upload larger files than permitted.

In this guide, we’ll show you two different ways to increase the max file upload size permitted on your website.

We’ll also show you how to increase the max file upload size allowed on your WordPress forms. Jump right in!

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Best WordPress SMTP plugins

7 Best WordPress SMTP Plugins to Improve Email Deliverability

Are you looking for the best WordPress SMTP plugins?

To send marketing, transactional, or sales emails to users, you need a WordPress SMTP plugin to send emails with higher deliverability. An SMTP plugin will fix your email deliverability and help manage your outgoing WordPress emails. This article will look at the best WordPress SMTP you can use on your website.

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how to create surveys that show one question at a time

How to Create Surveys That Show One Question at a Time

Do you want to create surveys that show one question at a time? Interactive forms that show one question at a time are an engaging and more accessible way to conduct a survey. Surveys that show one question at a time improve the overall user experience as they are easier to navigate. In this article, we will learn how to create surveys that show one question at a time. 

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Best Zapier Alternatives

9 Best Zapier Alternatives for Better Productivity

Zapier is a powerful tool that helps to connect and automate the features of different apps and services. But while it’s powerful, it isn’t the right tool for every situation.
There are better tools for WordPress websites, and some tools that are just more affordable than Zapier. In this article, we’ll cover the best Zapier alternatives, and leave you with the one we think is the best!

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