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How to Automatically Send a WordPress Order Form Email Receipt

Do you need to automatically send out a WordPress order form email receipt to your customers from your WordPress website? By doing this, not only do you save yourself time from having to send out separate email receipts, you strengthen the relationship you have building with your customers. After all, anytime you automatically provide information […]

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The Easy Way to Capture Leads From WordPress to Salesforce

Want to automatically add your WordPress form entries to your Salesforce CRM? WPForms allows you to easily connect your WordPress forms with Salesforce, so you don’t have to export entries manually. In this tutorial, we’ll show you to how to easily integrate WordPress forms with Salesforce. Integrating WordPress With Salesforce Here are a few benefits of connecting […]

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How to Redirect Users after WordPress Form Submission

Do you want to redirect users to another page after they successfully submit a contact form? Perhaps you want to send them to a thank you page or a custom landing page? In this tutorial, we will show you how to redirect users after a WordPress form submission. WordPress Form Redirection After Submission After a […]

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