Introducing the Updated Mailchimp Addon for WPForms

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It should be easy to use WPForms and Mailchimp together.

We know Mailchimp is an extremely popular email marketing service, so we’re excited to introduce you to the Mailchimp 2.0 addon for WPForms.

If you thought it was simple using Mailchimp and WPForms before, just wait until you see what’s new with the addon.

Mailchimp 2.0

You asked for it, we delivered.

The new Mailchimp addon is here and it’s bringing with it some really cool new features to make connecting your forms to your email marketing service even easier. And on top of being easy, your Mailchimp connected forms are also getting a whole lot smarter, too.

Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing services out there. In fact, Mailchimp is one of our most widely used addons.

mailchimp addon in wpforms

And the addon has worked. But since Mailchimp’s list of features has grown quite a bit since our last addon update, we realized there was a lot of room for improvement on our end.

That means that a lot of the new features you’ll find in this Mailchimp addon refresh are features that weren’t available in Mailchimp previously. But now that those features exist, we didn’t want to limit what you can’t control with your Mailchimp email lists because your forms weren’t smart enough to do it for you.

Mailchimp 2.0 works with the strength of Mailchimp and so much of the functionality that it now offers. With WPForms and the Mailchimp addon, your small business website is going to be unstoppable.

Powerful New Actions

You can now set up your forms to do more actions automatically in Mailchimp, including:

  • Unsubscribe – Opts contacts out of your email lists.
  • Archive – Removes contacts from your marketing audience without losing data.
  • Delete – Erase personal information of a contact and anonymize their data.
  • Record Event – To track activities contacts engage in outside your emails.

These new actions let you really take control of your forms and your Mailchimp audience.

wpforms mailchimp addon available actions

Previously, you could only perform one Mailchimp action through your forms – subscribe people. But now, there’s so much more you can do to make your forms even more effective.

Assign Tags to Subscribers

Because Mailchimp lets you use tags, we’ve now made it easy to automatically add any tag or tags from your Mailchimp account to a subscriber when they fill out your form.

Under Tags to Add in your form’s marketing settings, you’ll now find all the tags you’ve created in your Mailchimp account, so you can sync them with email automation on your forms.

When you’re building a new connection between a form and Mailchimp, simply select the tag you’d like to use from the dropdown menu. Or, you can create a new Mailchimp tag right through your forms.

tags in mailchimp addon

As your small business grows, staying organized becomes more and more important. And for a lot of people, tags are vital for internal organization.

Mailchimp’s great at audience management and tags are a huge part of that offering from them. So we knew we needed to make it super easy to label your contacts with tags on your form.

Add Notes to Subscribers

With Mailchimp 2.0, you now have the option to automatically add a note to a subscriber’s profile in Mailchimp.

mailchimp notes

Leaving a note within a Contact’s profile page in Mailchimp is a great way to help inform yourself or your team during future interactions with the contact. These notes live in a Mailchimp activity feed in their profile but are only visible to you.

You can even use Smart Tags in notes, to clarify things even further.

For example, you could insert our {user_ip} tag if you’d like your subscriber’s note in Mailchimp to contain their IP address.

activity feed in mailchimp

We made this update because we want to give our users and their team access to as many of the helpful features Mailchimp offers as possible, and we think you’ll love getting extra insight on your subscribers.

Mark Subscribers as VIP

You can now easily mark subscribers as a VIP in Mailchimp right from your forms.

mark subscriber as vip

Once you enable this option on a form, all subscribers created through that form will be marked as a VIP in Mailchimp.

This lets you designate up to 5,000 important contacts as VIPs, so you can segment them and send targeted email marketing campaigns.

Update Subscribers

We heard you when you asked for this one.

With this updated Mailchimp addon, you’ll now see a checkbox under your form’s marketing settings to enable Update the profile if this contact is already in an audience.

update profile wpforms mailchimp addon

This new feature updates a user’s profile in Mailchimp if they’re already an existing subscriber for that audience.

What’s extra cool about this? It allows for people to resubscribe to a list.

Previously when a subscriber who already existed returned to that form, there was no way to change their info. This meant that if someone who had previously unsubscribed tried to resubscribe through your forms, it wouldn’t resubscribe them and add them back as active in a Mailchimp audience.

This just wasn’t intuitive, so now people can resubscribe through your forms without having to contact you, or worse, disappearing forever.

We love this new feature because it’s built to help you keep your Mailchimp audiences extra organized. Plus, this helps you maintain a healthy, active email list.

Map to Custom Fields

Want to send any form field value into Mailchimp? Now, you can!

You can now map form field values to any Mailchimp custom field. And, you can add as many custom fields as you’d like.

Mailchimp lets you create custom fields, and WPForms now lets you send data into those fields from your forms.

With Mailchimp 2.0, you can connect any form field value to custom fields you’ve created in Mailchimp easily.


For example, say you want to collect the birthdays of your customers. You’ve already created a Birthday custom field in Mailchimp.

After that, you can simply map your Date/Time field value from WPForms into your Mailchimp custom field – all within your form’s settings.

custom field mapping wpforms mailchimp addon

We didn’t offer an option to map to custom fields before this update. But we know Mailchimp is feature-rich. So, we wanted our users to be able to utilize the power of both Mailchimp and WPForms, together.

Clarified Audiences

We’ve renamed “Lists” to “Audiences” in the Mailchimp addon to better align with what Mailchimp now calls email lists.

This will help users know which audience you’re connecting your forms with – if you choose to segment them.

We wanted to prioritize this feature so that we could match this new change because we want to make sure things are crystal clear when building your forms.

Improved Mailchimp Groups

We’ve improved our integration with Mailchimp groups (segments) inside of your Audiences.

Much like categories, Mailchimp groups are an excellent way to manage varied contacts in your Mailchimp audience.

mailchimp groups

Previously, WPForms only supported Checkbox group types. But in the time since we introduced the original Mailchimp addon, Mailchimp has added two more new group types:

  • Radio buttons
  • Dropdowns

The Mailchimp 2.0 addon now supports all 3 types of Mailchimp groups.

We wanted to make sure you had complete and granular control over your groups, so you have way more ways to control Mailchimp through your website forms.

Wrapping Up

And that about does it for everything that’s new with the Mailchimp addon.

We think you’ll love all the new features and hope it makes optimizing your website’s email marketing as easy and powerful as possible.

Please let us know if you have any thoughts on the improvements to the Mailchimp addon. We build the foundation of these great updates with your valuable feedback, so keep it coming.

As always, thank you for your continued support of WPForms. We’re excited to keep bringing you these awesome updates and will be continuing to work on some fun things for you just around the corner.

Jared and the WPForms team

P.S. Don’t have a WPForms Pro license? Click here to get started today and experience the all-new Mailchimp addon yourself.

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