Introducing the new google sheets addon

Introducing the NEW Google Sheets Addon for WPForms

We’ve just launched a new addon for WPForms… the Google Sheets addon.

You can now automatically send form entries to a spreadsheet directly and take your entry management to the next level.

With this addon, you can focus more on important business tasks and leave it to WPForms to maintain your spreadsheets.

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what is a wpforms hidden fielld

What Is a WPForms Hidden Field? (Discover Hidden User Data)

Would you like to collect more data from the people who fill out your WordPress forms?

WPForms includes a Hidden field that lets you learn more about your users without showing them additional fields in your forms. In this article, we share our favorite tips and tricks for learning more information about your users.

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How to Customize the WordPress Password Reset Form

Are you looking to create your own WordPress password reset forms?

By creating a custom password reset form, you’ll provide a stronger user experience by customizing these user pages to match your website theme, display your logo, and offer additional content. If you run an eCommerce company or a membership site, having consistent branding across your website is especially important.

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How to prevent bots from submitting your forms

How to Prevent Bots From Submitting Your Forms (3 Ways)

Spam can be a tricky issue to deal with in WordPress. If you’re having some trouble getting rid of form spam, you’re not alone. Millions of WordPress websites are affected by bots filling out their forms.

Fortunately, there are a few reliable tools that can help. In this guide we’ll talk about three of the best ones and show you how to set them up.

Jump right in!

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How to show a confirm email address field on wordpress forms

How to Show a Confirm Email Address Field on WordPress Forms

Are you wondering how to add a confirm email address field to your WordPress forms?

Users entering inaccurate email addresses when they submit forms can make it impossible for you to respond to their messages. This is bad for business and your brand.

Adding a confirm email address field is a smart way to fix this. Here’s how!

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Designing form layouts

Designing Form Layouts: 7 Best Practices

Looking to improve form conversion on your site?

Form layout is an important factor to keep in mind. Here’s our breakdown of some of the most important form layout principles to keep in mind as you design your forms. We’ll also show you an easy way to implement these form layout principles on your WordPress website.

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