best shopify alternatives

12 Best Shopify Alternatives & Competitors in 2024

Are you looking for the best Shopify alternatives that can help you create a more personalized strategy for your eCommerce business?

No doubt, choosing the right platform for your store can feel overwhelming. You have so many options, each with its own set of benefits.

I want to help make this process easier for you. So in this guide, I’ll discuss some of the top Shopify alternatives that might be a great match for your business.

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How to Create Your Own Custom Form Templates in WordPress

How to Create Your Own Custom Form Templates

Have you ever wanted to build your own form template that you can reuse again and again?

WPForms lets you turn any form into a custom template. You can completely personalize your template however you like, then save it and use it to create forms to use all over your WordPress site.

In this article, you’ll learn how to turn a form into a template in WPForms.

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11 Memorial Day Coupon Code + Marketing Ideas for 2024

Do you need some coupon code and marketing ideas for Memorial Day? 

Memorial Day is a popular American holiday that honors active and fallen service members, and it marks the beginning of the summer season. 

So, if you’re looking for ideas to inspire your 2024 campaigns, keep reading. In this article, I’m sharing 11 creative ways to incorporate Memorial Day in your marketing strategy.

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CRM Statistics, Trends, and Predictions

90+ CRM Statistics, Trends, and Predictions for 2024

Wondering how CRM is changing so you can up your marketing game? In this article, we share some of the top CRM statistics and facts to help you better understand the current trends in customer relationship management.

From the growing use of mobile and cloud-based solutions to how Artificial Intelligence is shaping the CRM industry, we’ve compiled stats from only the most recent studies and reports to help you make more informed business decisions.

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10 Easter Marketing + Coupon Code Ideas for 2024

Are you planning to run sales and offer discounts to celebrate this Easter holiday? Then you’ll need to create some Easter coupons, first.

Coupons are a great way to promote your sales events, especially when sharing fun, Easter-themed coupon codes with your audience and website visitors.

So, keep reading! Today I’m sharing my favorite festive Easter marketing and coupon code ideas for 2024.

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