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How to Set Up Confirmation Messages and Thank You Emails

Modifying the message users receive after submitting a form is simple. You can immediately respond with a customized thank you email message to reassure users that their message has reached you. In this tutorial, we will show you how to set up user email confirmation messages.

You might be wondering what the difference is between confirmations and notifications.  A confirmation is one that happens within the browser window.  A notification is an email message that a user receives.

Confirmation Messages

When a user completes a form, there are 3 types of confirmations you can display. This will reassure users that the form submitted properly.

To configure your form confirmations, go to Settings » Confirmation.  From there, you can see the different types on the right-hand preview panel.

confirmation message type


On the right-hand preview panel, modify the confirmation message.

User confirmation type message

When a user submits your form, they will see a confirmation message appear like this:

thank you confirmation front end

Show Page

If you’d like to take users to another page after they submit a form, use the Show Page option.  Then just select the confirmation page you’d like to take them to.

confirmation type show page

Go to URL

The last option for confirmations is to redirect users to a URL.  This can be useful if you want to take them away from your website, or to take them to some location on your site that isn’t a Page, such as a Post or a custom post like a calendar listing.

confirmation type go to url redirect

Thank You Notification Messages

If you’d like to send users an email notification upon form submission, go to Settings » Notification and select Add New Notification.Settings Notifications Add New Notification

A popup modal will appear. Enter a name for your new notification

add additional form notifications in WPForms

Now to send an email to the user, click on Show Smart Tags.  From the list, select Email.

email smart tag

You’ll notice a short bit of code appear in the Send to Email Address options, such as {field_id="#"}, where # is replaced with the specific field number on your form.

Note: If you are sending the entry results to multiple addresses, separate each address with a comma.

After this, you can customize the message that users will receive.

customize notification message

How to Send Users a Copy of Form

In order to send users a copy of their form submission, you’ll first need to add them to the Send To Email Address as shown above.  Then it’s time to review your message.  By default, WPForms includes all fields as the body text of the notification.

Email copy of form to user

How to Email Users an Invoice Number

If you need to include an invoice number in a receipt to clients, you need to add the Entry ID smart tag within your form message.  Within Message, select Smart Tag and scroll through the list to select Entry ID.  Include this in with your customized thank you message that will be emailed to users.

email users entry id invoice