Enabling Quantity Selection in Your Payment Forms

Would you like to allow your users to choose multiple quantities of a product on your payment form? WPForms allows you to enable quantity support on some payment fields.

This tutorial explains the steps to enable payment quantity in WPForms.

Before getting started, make sure WPForms is installed and activated on your WordPress site and that you’ve verified your license.

Creating a Payment Form

To start, you’ll need to create a new form or edit an existing one to access the form builder. In the form builder, go ahead and add the field(s) you wish to display on your form. For our example, we’ll add the following fields:

  • Email
  • Single Item or Dropdown Items
  • Stripe Credit Card
  • Total

To create a payment form, you’ll also need to integrate your site with one of the supported payment gateways. For more details, be sure to see our tutorial on creating a payment form.

Enabling Quantity for a Form

Note: Enabling quantity is only supported on the Single Item and Dropdown Items fields.

After creating your payment form, select the Single Item or Dropdown Items field to open its Field Options.

Select field to open Field Options

Under the General tab, scroll down and toggle the Enable Quantity option to the on position.

Enable product quantity option

Note: If you’re using any of the following addons: PayPal Commerce, PayPal Standard, Square, Save and Resume, or Coupons, be sure to update them to the latest version. Otherwise, you won’t be able to enable the quantity option.

After enabling it, you’ll see a dropdown in the preview area next to the payment field. This dropdown will allow users to choose a number representing the quantity they wish to purchase.

Quantity field dropdown

Note: If you’re using the Dropdown Items field, it’ll also look and function the same way.

Below the Enable Quantity toggle, you’ll see the Range option. This setting lets you control the minimum and maximum number a user can select for a particular payment item.

Quantity range

Note: The minimum number you can set is 0. While the maximum number supported is 9999.

If you’d like to align the quantity dropdown next to the payment field, simply reduce the field size. To do so, right-click on the field, then select Field Size and choose the Small option.

Update field size

Note: If you’re using the Form Pages, Conversational Forms, or Lead Forms addon, you won’t be able to adjust the size of your form fields.

Reducing the field size will align the quantity dropdown next to the item price.

Field Next to price

Testing Your Form

After customizing your payment form, be sure to save your changes. We also recommend testing your form to ensure it looks and functions properly.

When you preview your form in the frontend, you’ll be able to choose a quantity from the quantity dropdown.

Viewing the quantity field

The quantity dropdown will only show numbers within the range you set during its configuration.

If you’ve enabled order summary in the Total field on your form, users will also see a summary of the items before completing their payment.

Payment total with summary enabled

Note: Want to learn how to display an order summary on your payment forms? See our guide on using the Total field for more details.

Viewing Your Payment

When viewing payment entries with quantity enabled, it shows the item price and multiplies it by the quantity the user selected.

Viewing Completed Payments

This helps you to properly manage and track your sales. To learn more about viewing payments, be sure to check our tutorial on viewing and managing payments.

That’s it! Now you know how to allow users to purchase multiple quantities of an item in your payment form.

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