How to Use WPForms With a Business Account

Are you looking to use the WPForms plugin on your site? With’s Business plan, you can install and use plugins on your site. However, it’s important to note that some options will appear differently than in a setup.

In this tutorial, we’ll discuss everything you need to know to successfully use WPForms with your Business plan.

Why Does Handle Plugins Differently From

Most sites aren’t allowed to install plugins, which makes their Business account level unique. However, this also means that wasn’t originally intended to handle plugins in the same way that installations are.

This means that while you can still absolutely install and use WPForms with a Business account, plugins as a whole will be managed a bit differently.

Note: If you’d like to check out a more in-depth discussion of vs, please see WPBeginner’s comparison article.

Installing WPForms on Your Site

To install the WPForms plugin, you’ll first need to log into your WPForms account. Once logged in, open the Downloads tab and click the Download link to download the core WPForms plugin.

Download the WPForms plugin

Once that is complete, you will have a zipped folder named that you’ll need to upload to your site.

Now that you have the WPForms file, you can return to your WordPress site and navigate to Tools » Plugins in the left menu. plugins

Then, in the upper-right corner of the Plugins page, click the Install Plugin button.

Upload a plugin on a WordPress com business site

To upload the plugin, go ahead and click on the Choose File button and select the WPForms zip file you just downloaded.

Note: You will need to keep the plugin files zipped in order to install them on your site. If the files are unzipped, you’ll need to compress them before you can install the plugin.

Choose file to upload

After your files are uploaded, click on the Install Now button to begin the installation process.

Install Now Button

Once the installation completes, you can activate the plugin by clicking the Activate Plugin button.

Activate Plugin in

Now that WPForms is installed on your site, you will be redirected to the WPForms dashboard, where you can verify your license, install addons, build forms, and more.

Checking for WPForms Updates

While some plugins, such as those installed through the Plugin Directory, may automatically update for you, many other plugins (including WPForms) will need manual updates from your site’s WP admin area.

To access this admin area, click on the WP Admin option in the left menu.

Note: If you’d like to add your forms to a page or post, be sure to stay in the WP Admin area.

Open WP Admin from WordPress com

To see if an update is available for WPForms, open Plugins » Installed Plugins.

Plugin area in WP Admin

Within your installed plugins, scroll down to find the WPForms plugin. If an update is available, you’ll see a yellow alert prompting you to run the update.

New Version in

There is currently no way to view available updates from the main dashboard. Please be sure to check the plugin area regularly (about once a month) to see if any updates are ready for you to run.

That’s it! You should now be able to set up and use WPForms with a Business plan.

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