How to Add a Likert Scale Field to WPForms

Would you like to allow your users to choose from a scale of options? With the Likert Scale field for WPForms, your users can easily select from a range of choices within a single field, such as “Agree”, “Neutral”, or “Disagree”. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to add and set up a Likert Scale field.

Requirements: You will need a Pro license level or higher to access the Surveys and Polls addon and use the Likert Scale field.

Adding a Likert Scale Field to Your Form

Before we get started, you’ll need to install the Surveys and Polls addon.

Then, go ahead and create a new form or edit an existing form.

After opening the form builder, you can look under the Fancy Fields section to find the Likert Scale field. Simply click the field to add it to the form, or drag and drop it into your form’s preview area.

Once the field is added, you can click on it to open its Field Options panel.

Add Likert Scale field to form

Within the Field Options, you’ll be able to customize your Row and Column options. For this example, we want to collect opinions about one of our products.

Your row options can include questions, statements, or anything you’d like to collect data about. In our row options, we’ll add statements that the user can choose to agree or disagree with. We’ll add two statements: “I believe this product was a good value” and “I would recommend this product to others”.

You can add or remove options by clicking the plus (+) and minus () buttons. Since we only included two statements, we’ll remove the third default option.

Add row options to Likert Scale field

For the columns, you’ll need to include a scale of options. We’ll use the default agreement scale for our example, but you can include any options you’d like.

For inspiration, here are some other common Likert scales:

  • Likelihood: Very Likely, Likely, Neutral, Not Likely, Very Unlikely
  • Satisfaction: Very Satisfied, Somewhat Satisfied, Neutral, Not Very Satisfied, Not at All Satisfied
  • Importance: Very Important, Moderately Important, Slightly Important, Not Important

Our Likert Scale field is now ready to use. Once we save our form and embed it on our site, here’s how it will look:

Likert Scale field example

Customizing the Likert Scale Field

Now that you’ve completed the initial setup for your Likert Scale field, you can use additional customization options depending on your needs and preferences. In this section, we’ll show you how to display a single row option, allow the user to select multiple options per row, and change the field style.

Display a Single Row Option

By default, the Likert Scale field is designed to hold multiple rows with a single option for each row. However, WPForms lets you easily customize this.

Additional options for Likert Scale rows

If you’d like to only include a single row, you can check the option labeled Make this a single-row rating scale. This will remove all row options, so be sure to include your question/statement in the field label.

Single row example for Likert Scale field

Allow Multiple Selections Per Row

You can also choose to Allow multiple responses per row. This will let your users choose more than one option for each available row.

Single row and multiple selection example for Likert Scale field

Change Style of Likert Scale

The Likert Scale field comes with two built-in style options: Modern (which is the default style) and Classic. To switch styles, you can open the Advanced Options section and use the Style dropdown.

Change style of Likert Scale field

Modern Style:
Modern style for Likert Scale field

Classic Style:
Classic style for Likert Scale field

That’s it! You can now add and customize a Likert Scale field for any of your forms.

Next, would you like to learn how to analyze the data you’ve collected? Be sure to check out our tutorial on the Surveys and Polls addon to learn how to view entry statistics, generate reports, and more.