Printing Form Entries

Would you like to print form entries submitted by users? For many, it’s helpful to have physical copies of form entries for administrative purposes. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to print entries in WPForms.

Printing Individual Entries

To access an individual entry, you’ll need to navigate to the Entries page in the WordPress admin area. Next, in the Actions column, look for the View option and click on it.


This will bring you the individual entry page. In the Actions box on the right, you’ll see the Print option.


Once you’ve clicked on the Print option, you’ll be directed to a print preview page for the entry. Here you can review the entry, and if you’d like to, you can choose compact printing options. Once you’re ready, click on the Print button.

Click print button

When printing an entry, you might want to make it more compact or display additional fields. To get started, simply click on the gear icon located to the left of the Close button. This will allow you to view more printing options.

Click gear icon

Next, we’ll show you two different ways you can make the entry more compact: hiding Empty fields and Compact view.

Hiding Empty Fields

By default, fields that do not have user input are visible in the print preview page, so you’ll see that the Empty fields option is enabled. However, if the empty fields are showing and you’d like to hide them, you can disable the Empty fields option.


Compact view

Another option to reduce the size of the entry is to click on the Compact View option on the right side of the page.

Compact view

This option displays the entry content in two columns, allowing you to fit more information on a single page.

Now, we’ll show you how to include HTML fields and Section Dividers while printing entries:

Displaying HTML Fields

HTML fields are hidden in the print preview page by default. If you’d like to include HTML fields when printing entries, simply select the HTML fields option.

HTML fields

Displaying Section Dividers

Section Dividers are also hidden by default in the entry preview page. To include them in your entry printout, select the Section Dividers option.

Section dividers

Once you are satisfied with how the individual entry looks on the print preview page, you can click on the Print button to complete the process.


That’s it! You’ve seen how to print form entries from your WordPress admin area.

Next, would you like to save your entries as a CSV or XLSX? Be sure to check out our tutorial on how to export form entries.