How to Install and Set Up the Offline Forms Addon

Would you like your site’s forms to be available offline? This can be especially useful if your site’s visitors lose internet service while filling at a form. With our Offline Forms addon, offline submissions will be saved so visitors can submit their entry as soon as their internet connection is restored.

In this tutorial, we’ll discuss how to get our Offline Forms addon up and running for WPForms.

Requirements: You will need a Pro license level or higher to use the Offline Forms addon.

How to Enable Offline Mode for a Form

Before we get started, be sure you’ve created a form and installed and activated the addon.

To set up offline mode for a form, you’ll need to open the form builder and go to Settings > General. There, you can check the box labeled Enable offline mode for the form.

Enable Offline Mode in WPForms

No extra settings are required, and your form is now ready for offline submissions.

How Offline Mode Appears to Visitors

Now that you’ve turned on Offline Mode for your form, let’s see how this will look in an embedded form.

When connected to the internet, visitors won’t see any difference to your forms. However, if a visitor is filling out your form and loses their internet connection, they’ll see a notice at the top of the form:

Offline mode message in WPForms: You appear to be offline right now. Your data will be saved in your browser, even if you close this page or browser. To complete your submission, you'll need to return here once your internet connection is restored.

As noted in the message, the visitor must return to the page with the embedded form when the internet connection is restored. This will give them the option to complete the submission.

When the user submits a form without an internet connection, the form will refresh and they’ll receive the following notice:

We saved your information from your previous attempt to complete this form. You can restore your saved data when your internet connection is active.

Once the visitor’s internet is reconnected and they return to this page, they’ll be asked if they’d like to go ahead and restore their form entry for submission:

We've saved your information from your previous attempt to complete this form. You can restore your saved data when your internet connection is active.

If Restore is selected, the form fields will be re-filled with the contents the visitor tried to submit earlier.

Entry contents is restored by Offline Mode

Now that the internet connection and entry contents are restored, the form can be submitted normally.

Entry from offline mode is added to Entries page when internet is restored

Offline mode will even work if multiple entries are submitted in the same form. For multiple offline submissions, the visitor will have the option to restore each entry’s contents and submit one by one.

That’s it! You’re now able to set up offline mode in your forms and collect entries even when visitors lose their internet connection.

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