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How to Use (AND – OR) Smart Conditional Logic in WPForms

With smart conditional logic, you can show or hide a field based on a user selection. Based upon the information users provide, you can customize the form to fit their needs. This way, users aren’t discouraged with the length of the form or presented unnecessary information. With smart forms, if the user answers one way, then something else happens.

At this time, you have two choices for using conditional logic: AND and OR.

If you don’t like the video, or need more instructions, then please continue reading.

To include a field based upon smart logic, select the field.  Within the Field Options, scroll down to Advanced.  Click to enable conditional logic.

AND Conditional Logic

With AND Conditional Logic, two or more requirements must be met for the condition. An additional field will only be displayed if the conditions of the AND are met.  To add an additional field, select the AND button.

and conditional logic

OR Conditional Logic

When you want to display a field if at least one of several options are selected, use OR Conditional Logic. To add an additional field, select the Add Rule Group button.

OR Conditional Logic