Using Email Summaries (Weekly Form Reports)

Would you like to receive a weekly report showing how your forms are performing? Email summaries in WPForms will send you a quick rundown of how many entries each of your forms received (without any need to log into WordPress).

This tutorial will show you how to use email summaries in WPForms.

What Are Email Summaries?

Email Summaries are weekly reports showing how many entries each of your forms have received along with the percentage increase or decrease compared to the previous week.

WPForms Email Summaries example

These reports can be helpful in several ways. For example, if the number of entries isn’t as high as you’d like, then you may want to consider making adjustments to improve form conversions.

Note: If you’re using the Form Abandonment addon to capture partial submissions, those will be included in your entry count.

Disabling Email Summaries

If you’d rather not receive Email Summaries, you can disable this at any time. Just open up your WordPress admin area and, in the left menu, go to WPForms ยป Settings. Then click on the Misc tab.

Select misc tab

On this screen, you’ll see a toggle labeled Disable Email Summaries. You’ll need to toggle this option to the on position.

Disable email summaries

Once you’ve done that, click the Save Settings button to save your changes.

Save settings

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most common questions we receive about using Email Summaries.

What email address are Email Summaries sent to?

Email Summaries will be sent to your WordPress site’s admin email. If you aren’t sure how to find your site’s admin email, or if you think you might want to change it, be sure to check out WPBeginner’s admin email tutorial.

Why didn’t I receive an Email Summary this week?

Email Summaries are only sent out when you’ve received form submissions. We don’t want to bother you if these emails won’t contain any data! So if your site didn’t receive any form entries over the past week, then this email will not be sent out.

Do I still get Email Summaries if I’m using WPForms Lite?

All WPForms users will, by default, have Email Summaries enabled. In WPForms Lite, however, your email summaries will include all-time form submission totals rather than weekly data.

How can I tell which site is generating the Email Summary?

Email Summaries usually contain the website’s domain from which they were generated. In the Subject line of that particular Email Summary, you’ll find the site’s domain.

Email Summary domain

That’s it! We’ve shared an overview and all of the most common questions about Email Summaries in WPForms.

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