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How to make WPForms available to Editors

Managing the WPForms plugin by default is restricted to user that have full site administrative privileges. This is by design and recommended for security purposes.

However, in some scenarios, you might want to to allow site Editors access to manage your forms and entries.

The capability that WPForms checks for is wrapped in a filter so it can be adjusted if needed. The code snippet below can be placed in your theme’s functions.php (or equivalent) and will make WPForms available to site Editors.

 * Change WPForms capability requirement.
 * @param string $cap
 * @return string
function wpforms_custom_capability( $cap ) {

	// unfiltered_html by default means Editors and up.
	// See more about WordPress roles and capabilities
	// https://codex.wordpress.org/Roles_and_Capabilities
	return 'unfiltered_html';
add_filter( 'wpforms_manage_cap', 'wpforms_custom_capability' );
Note: If you’re using multisite, you will need to use a different capability (editors don’t have the capability for 'unfiltered_html' on multisite). For example, 'moderate_comments' would be a good option (assuming your site is using default Editor capabilities).

Please see the WordPress Codex if you’d like more alternative options.