Viewing and Managing Coupons

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Wondering how to track and manage discount codes on your forms? WPForms makes it easy to view and control your coupon usage directly from the WordPress admin dashboard.

This tutorial will cover how to view and manage coupons with WPForms.


Viewing and Managing Coupons

You can access all WPForms Coupons in your WordPress admin area. To get there, navigate to WPForms » Payments and select the Coupons tab. This will display a table with all your created coupons, their details, and the forms they’re associated with.

Coupons table

The table contains these fields:

  • Name: The name you gave the coupon.
  • Code: The main code customers use.
  • Amount: The discount value.
  • Usage/Limit: How many times it’s been used and the total use limit.
  • Forms: The form(s) the coupon is linked to.
  • Start Date: When the coupon becomes valid.
  • End Date: When the coupon is no longer valid.

Editing and Deleting Coupons

To edit a coupon, simply click on the name of the coupon you want to modify.

Click on the coupon name to edit

You’ll then be directed to a detailed view of the coupon, where you can make your changes.

Edit coupons

Note: The Code and Amount fields are locked and can’t be changed. But you can modify all other fields as you wish.

After making your changes, don’t forget to hit the Update Coupon button.

Update coupon button

If you need to delete a coupon, simply click on the coupon’s name to access the Edit Coupon page. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Delete Coupon.

Delete coupon

Note: If a coupon has already been used by a customer, you won’t be able to delete it. In such cases, the Delete Coupon button changes to Archive Coupon. This option disables the coupon but doesn’t delete it from your site.

Viewing Coupon Usage

To track coupon usage on your site, go to WPForms » Payments and select the Overview tab.

Payments overview tab

Here, you’ll see the total number of coupons used over a period. Clicking the Coupons option will change the Payments Summary graph to show the coupon code usage.

Coupons Option in Payments Overview Page

From the payments entry table, you’ll be able to track the specific coupon that was used and the form it was applied. To learn more about viewing coupon usage, check out our viewing and managing payments tutorial.

If you’d like to learn more about creating and using coupons with WPForms, be sure to check our guide to installing and using the Coupons addon.

That’s it! Now you know how to view and manage coupons with WPForms.

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