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Use our business form templates to support your operations as your business grows. Collect important client information, hire and manage employees, receive files, sell products and services, and more.
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807 Business Operations Form Templates

Bicycle Repair Work Order Form Template

Bicycle Repair Work Order Form

Let customers submit a work order request to get their bike serviced or repaired by your bike shop.

Submission Form Template

Submission Form

Let people upload and submit content and images to your website easily.

HVAC Service Request Form Template

HVAC Service Request Form

Let people submit requests to have their air/conditioning and heating systems repaired or serviced.

Cattery Booking Form Template

Cattery Booking Form

Take online bookings for your cat hotel and get a signature from the owner.

Boarding Kennels Booking Form Template

Boarding Kennels Booking Form

Take boarding kennel bookings online and get a signature from the owner.

Golf Club Booking Form Template

Golf Club Booking Form

Take instant payment for golf club bookings and rent additional items.

Bug Report Form Template

Bug Report Form

Get bug reports from employees easily. Lock the form so that only your own users can access it.

Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) Form Template

Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) Form

Create a Performance Improvement Plan for an employee and optionally email them a copy.

Child Care Registration Form Template

Child Care Registration Form

Let parents submit their kid's information to you while they register for your child care center.

Daycare Registration Form Template

Daycare Registration Form

Let parents sign their children up for daycare and provide emergency contact details.

Preschool Registration Form Template

Preschool Registration Form

Let parents and guardians register their children for your preschool

Lifeguard Application Form Template

Lifeguard Application Form

Let interested applicants apply to work at your pool for the season.

Coffee Bean Order Form Template

Coffee Bean Order Form

Let customers order coffee beans from your website for pickup or shipping.

Coffee Order Form Template

Coffee Order Form

Let people order coffee directly from your store online.

Bed and Breakfast Booking Form Template

Bed and Breakfast Booking Form

Take bookings for your B&B or hotel with Stripe.

Terms of Service Contact Form Template

Terms of Service Contact Form

Ask your visitor to agree to your terms when they submit your contact form.

Team Member of the Year Award Form Template

Team Member of the Year Award Form

Lets employees submit their co-workers for consideration to win company recognition.

Math Custom Captcha Contact Form Template

Math Custom Captcha Contact Form

Stop contact form spam with a random math question field.

Question Custom Captcha Contact Form Template

Question Custom Captcha Contact Form

Stop contact form spam with a custom question and answer field.

Handyman Proposal Form Template

Handyman Proposal Form

Create a proposal for your handyman business and send it directly to your customer via email.

Handyman Quote Form Template

Handyman Quote Form

Publish this contact form with additional fields to get inquiries for your handyman services.

Dentist Appointment Form Template

Dentist Appointment Form

Take dental appointment bookings online and let your patients choose a preferred time.

Poetry Open Mic Sign Up Form Template

Poetry Open Mic Sign Up Form

Let people easily sign up for your open mic night.

Team Member of the Quarter Voting Form Template

Team Member of the Quarter Voting Form

Let employees submit details about other employees that they feel should win an award.

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How can business form templates help me to streamline my workflow?

Our business form templates make it easy for you to create forms to collect the data you need.

Whether you’re looking for lead generation forms to get more sales, or evaluation forms to manage your employees, we’ve created templates that will act as a great starting point.

WPForms also has a library of addons that make it easy to work with your data, export it, and integrate with other services. For example, it’s easy to create a newsletter signup form and connect it to your email marketing platform in minutes.

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Yes! Many of our WordPress form templates will work with WPForms Lite, the free version of WPForms. This is a perfect way to publish simple forms when your small business is just starting out and creating its first business plan.

When you’re ready to upgrade to WPForms Pro, you’ll unlock extra fields and addons that allow you to take payments, export your data, make surveys, and more. All of these essential tools will help you to grow your business faster.

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