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CAPA Form Template

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CAPA Identification

Issue Description

Root Cause Analysis

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Corrective Actions

The CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Action) Form Template by WPForms is essential for organizations to address and rectify issues systematically.

How Does the CAPTA Form Template Work?

Here’s a breakdown of the fields included in the template, designed for simple understanding and use:

  • CAPA Identification:
    • CAPA Number: A unique identifier assigned to each CAPA report for easy tracking and reference.
    • Date of Report: The date when the CAPA report is officially filed or recorded.
    • Reported By: The name of the individual or department responsible for reporting the issue.
    • Email Address: Contact email of the person or department reporting the issue, ensuring a line of communication for follow-up or additional information.
  • Issue Description:
    • Detailed Description of Issue: A comprehensive and clear explanation of the problem or non-conformity that has been identified.
    • Date of Identification: The specific date when the issue was first noticed or identified.
    • Source of Identification: A dropdown menu to select how the issue was identified, such as through internal audits, customer feedback, or regulatory inspections.
  • Root Cause Analysis:
    • Investigated By: Name of the individual or team assigned to investigate and analyze the root cause of the issue.
    • Email Address: Direct contact email for the investigating party for queries or additional information.
    • Root Cause: Space to document the fundamental cause of the problem identified through the investigation.
    • Supporting Evidence: An upload field to attach any relevant documents, photos, orreports that support the findings of the root cause analysis.
  • Corrective Actions:
    • Action Description: Details of the corrective actions planned to address and rectify the identified issue.
    • Responsible Person: The name of the individual or team member accountable for implementing the corrective actions.
    • Planned Completion Date: The targeted date for completing the proposed corrective actions.
    • Status: A dropdown field to update the current status of the corrective action, such as pending or completed.
    • Additional Comments: An optional field for any extra notes, observations, or recommendations related to the corrective actions.

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