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Employee Investigation Form Template

Streamline investigations, enhance collaboration, and improve decision-making.

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Effectively managing and documenting employee investigations is a cornerstone of a robust HR strategy. That’s why our Employee Investigation Form Template is a comprehensive tool for your organization, as it’s designed to streamline the investigation process.

How to Use The Employee Investigation Form Template

The form template starts with the Submission Information section. Here, essential details such as the investigator’s name and email are captured, ensuring a clear record of the responsible party. Fields for the name and employee ID of the employee being investigated are included here, too.

Next, the Investigation Details section covers these key components:

  • Date of Investigation: Establishes a timeline for the investigation, which is crucial for tracking the sequence of events and ensuring a thorough examination.
  • Description of Incident: Provides a structured space for a detailed account of the incident under investigation, fostering clarity and consistency in reporting.
  • Names of Witnesses: Documents the individuals who witnessed the incident, if any, facilitating future inquiries or cross-referencing of information.
  • Evidence: Includes a section for describing and attaching evidence related to the investigation, reinforcing the importance of a fact-based approach.
  • Findings: Summarizes the investigator’s conclusions regarding the incident, creating a clear and concise record of the investigation outcome.
  • Recommendations: Proposes actionable recommendations based on the investigation findings, guiding the next steps for HR and organizational leadership.

With the Employee Investigation Form Template, you’ll streamline investigations, enhance collaboration, and position your organization for informed decision-making in the face of employee-related challenges.

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