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NPS Calculation Form Template

Use this functional template to calculate the Net Promoter Score for your business.

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Are you looking for an easy way to calculate the NPS (Net Promoter Score) for your business or product? While NPS is useful to determine how willing your customers are to recommend you to others, calculating it can be a little tricky. But not anymore!

How to use the NPS Calculation Form Template?

With WPForms’ NPS Calculation Form Template, you can simply enter the numbers in the respective score fields and the form will automatically calculate the details for your business.

The template is also fully customizable. While it covers everything you need to calculate NPS, you can customize it to suit your business needs.

To use this template, you need responses from your customers and to collect responses you can do an NPS Survey. An NPS survey asks customers to rate a business on a scale of 0-10 in terms of how likely they are to recommend the business to others.

Once you have your responses, you just need to add the total responses for each score to the respective fields of the NPS calculator and the calculator will give you the results right away.

According to Bain & Company, which created the NPS, the score can be measured as follows:

  • 0-19: Good
  • 20-49: Favorable
  • 50-79: Excellent
  • 80+: World Class

Are you ready to calculate the Net Promoter Score for your business? Get started with WPForms today to calculate NPS with the NPS calculation form template. Signing up with WPForms also gives you access to hundreds of other pre-designed templates.