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Pre-Employment Application Form Template

Gather crucial applicant details effortlessly with the Pre-Employment Application Form Template.

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Are you looking for a way to enhance your hiring process and ensure you capture all crucial details from potential candidates? The Pre-Employment Application Form Template from WPForms is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Customizing the Pre-Employment Application Form Template

This customizable pre-employment application form template is designed to simplify the initial stages of the hiring process, helping you gather essential information efficiently.

  • Personal Information: You can collect important personal details, including the applicant’s name, email, address, and phone number. This ensures you have accurate contact information for further communication.
  • Position of Interest: The form also includes fields for the position or job title the applicant is applying for, helping you categorize applications easily when you are receiving a flood of applications.
  • Availability and Start Date: You can also determine the applicant’s availability and preferred start date to align their timeline with your hiring needs. In addition to that, you can gather information about the applicant’s education level and qualifications as well as previous employment details.
  • Check References: Include a section for professional references to gain insights into the applicant’s qualifications and work ethic. Request the reference’s name, email, and phone number for a comprehensive background check.
  • Resume and Cover Letter Attachments: Streamline the document collection process by allowing applicants to upload their resume and cover letter directly through the form. This feature ensures you receive all relevant information in one go.
  • Authorization and Signature: Maintain transparency and compliance with checkboxes for authorizing background checks. The applicant’s signature acts as a record of consent and formalizes their submission.

With the Pre-Employment Application Form Template, you can boost your hiring process with a well-organized approach. Ready to simplify your pre-employment applications? Sign up with WPForms today and gain access to this template along with a variety of other customizable form templates for your site.