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Employee Performance Review Form Template

Perform insightful performance evaluations with the Employee Performance Review Form Template

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Make the most out of your organization’s employee performance reviews with our customizable Employee Performance Review Form Template. Pre-designed for detailed assessments, this tool provides valuable insights into employee’s achievements and growth areas while performing quarterly performance evaluations.

Utilizing the Employee Performance Review Form Template

Designed with different performance review formats in mind, this form template comes with multiple key components to help you make your performance reviews insightful.

  • Quarterly Evaluation: Effortlessly select the quarter relevant to the review to align assessments with your organizational timeline.
  • Overall Comments: Provide a broad view of employee performance through a dedicated section for overall feedback.
  • Goals Tracking: Assess if the employee met their quarterly goals, helping in tracking progress and aligning individual achievements with organizational objectives.
  • Performance Highlights: Highlight notable achievements and outstanding contributions, recognizing and appraising positive performance.
  • Areas for Improvement: Identify specific growth areas to build targeted development plans and support continuous improvement.
  • Next Quarter Goals: Determine the number of goals for the upcoming quarter. To assist next quarter’s performance reviews, you can record and track future objectives for continuous employee development right in this employee performance review form.

Empower your quarterly review process with the Employee Performance Review Form Template. Take the first step towards a more seamless and effective evaluation process by signing up with WPForms today.