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ATV Bill Of Sale Form Template

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The ATV Bill Of Sale Form Template, designed with WPForms, streamlines the process of documenting the sale of an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV).

How Does the ATV Bill Of Sale Form Template Work?

The ATV Bill Of Sale Form Template requires the WPForms Pro license since it uses the Save and Resume Addon and the Signature Addon to share the form between the seller and buyer and obtain digital signatures from both parties. Fields include:

  • Seller Information:
    • Name: The full legal name of the individual or entity selling the ATV.
    • Address: The physical address of the seller.
    • Phone: Contact number for the seller.
    • Email: Email address for sending any sale-related communication.
  • Buyer Information:
    • Name: Full legal name of the person or entity purchasing the ATV.
    • Address: Physical address of the buyer.
    • Phone: Contact number for the buyer.
    • Email: Email address for the buyer to receive sale-related updates.
  • ATV Details:
    • Make: The manufacturer of the ATV.
    • Model: Specific model name or number of the ATV.
    • Year: Manufacture year of the ATV.
    • Color: The primary color of the ATV.
    • VIN: Vehicle Identification Number, unique to the ATV.
    • Odometer Reading: Current mileage displayed on the ATV.
  • Sale Information:
    • Sale Date: The date on which the sale is finalized.
    • Sale Price: Agreed selling price of the ATV.
    • Payment Method: How the payment is made (cash, check, etc.).
    • Deposit: Any advance payment made prior to the final transaction.
  • Warranty and Condition:
    • Condition: Current state of the ATV (new, used, etc.).
    • Warranty: Details about any warranty provided with the ATV.
  • Signatures:
    • Seller’s Signature: Space for the seller’s digital signature and date when the seller signs the form.
    • Buyer’s Signature: Space for the buyer’s digital signature and date when the buyer signs the form.

Sign up with WPForms today and access the ATV Bill Of Sale Form Template. It is an excellent template for individuals or businesses engaged in selling ATVs, ensuring a comprehensive and legally sound bill of sale.