Disconnecting Google Sheets Addon

Would you like to disconnect Google Sheets integration from your WordPress forms? WPForms provides the option to remove your connection from the Google Sheets addon.

This tutorial explains how to disconnect your Google Sheets connection for a specific form or completely from your site.

Note: The Google Sheets addon needs to be installed and set up on your site to follow along with this guide.

Removing Connection for Individual Forms

If you’d like to disable Google Sheets connection for a single form without disconnecting your account, you can do so from the form builder.

For this, open the form you wish to remove its connection. In the form builder, go to Settings » Google Sheets to access the addon’s settings page.

Google Sheets settings

To remove a connection, click on the trash icon next to the connection name.

Remove connection for single form

An overlay will appear, prompting you to confirm your selection. Click OK to continue and delete the connection.

Confirm selection

Removing Your Google Sheets Connection

If you’d like to disconnect the Google Sheets addon from your WordPress site, go to WPForms » Settings. Then select the Integrations tab.


Next, click on the Google Sheets addon to open its options. To remove your connection, click the Disconnect link.

Disconnect Google Sheets connnection

An overlay will appear, prompting you to confirm your selection. Go ahead and click OK to disconnect your account.

Confirm disconnection

Note: After disconnecting your account from the Google Sheets addon, all connections you’ve set up on individual forms will also be deleted.

That’s it! Now you know how to disconnect your Google Sheets connection in WPForms.

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