Fires on form load to display the field properties such as labels, sublabels, and descriptions.


(array) Sanitized field data.
(array) An array of field properties such as labels, sublabels and description.
(array) Processed form settings/data, prepared to be used later.



More Information

The wpforms_field_properties filter is applied to an array for specific form field properties. Each form field will have it’s own unique name, such as wpforms_field_properties_email, wpforms_field_properties_html, wpforms_field_properties_name, wpforms_field_properties_address, wpforms_field_properties_password, wpforms_field_properties_stripe-credit-card, wpforms_field_properties_credit-card etc.


In this example shown below, the function will have the field Description display above the field itself but only for the form ID 225.

 * Move the field description above the form field.
 * @link
 * @param  array $properties Field properties.
 * @param  array $field      Field settings. 
 * @param  array $form_data  Form data and settings.
 * @return array
function wpf_dev_field_properties( $properties, $field, $form_data ) {

    if ( absint( $form_data['id'] ) !== 225 ) {
        return $properties;
    } {
        $properties['description']['position'] = 'before';

    return $properties;

add_filter( 'wpforms_field_properties', 'wpf_dev_field_properties', 10, 3 );

Snippet References: How to Position the Field Description Above the Form Field